Well if you know me!

by Neeraj premkumar
First let me introduce the character of the story..

My name is CHRISTOPER and iam working as a COP In L.A..

It was a breezy and drizzling night.. I saw the time and it was sharply 11.40pm ...after my dinner.. I went to my room which was there in 1st floor... I rested myself on the bed.. I kept my PISTOL under my pillow and my mobile nearby... I Closed my eyes and was about to sleep..

Suddenly i got a call from a UNKNOWN NUMBER..

I answerd the call..

Me: hello..

Unknown person: Is this Mr.Christopher?

Me : Yaa.. Tell me..

Unknown person: I don't want to mention my name sir.. But I got a news that someone is noticing you now.. And he is going too murder you THIS NIGHT.. Please be carefull sir.. Don't go out of your house at any situation.. He cuts the call by telling this..

I got lightly shocked but not nervous.. I got up from my bed nd just rested myself on wall..

I watched the time and it was sharply 11:53pm.. It was very quiet and I was the only person in house.. Soo after that phone call I did not sleep.. I was just sitting in my bed.. Slowly I Closed my eyes for a minute.. it remained silence..

Suddenly i heard a BANGING sound from the door which was in my the ground floor.. I was shocked since the banging sound was too high..

I rapidly took my pistol And came down.. I switched on a small light which was nearby the door.. Then suddenly the banging sound stopped.. I opened my door rapidly and peeped out.. no one was there.. I reloaded my pistol.. Slowly I went outside without closing the door.. And saw both sides no was there.. I slowly walked near my gate and saw.. Still noo one was there...

Suddenly i got a phone call from the same UNKNOWN NUMBER Saying..

Iam sorry to say this sir.. THE PERSON WHO PLANNED TO MURDER YOU HAVE ALREADY ENTERED INTO YOUR HOUSE SIR..May your soul RIP sir.. He cuts the phone...

I was shocked to the core.. And I held my pistol tightly in right hand and went inside carrying my mobile in my left hand...

I entered the hall.. Suddenly the lights were turned OFF ...
i went inside the room rapidly and searched for the switch to turn the lights ON...
When i went near the switch suddenly i was pushed down with a force.....
I got shocked and with anger i shouted "WHO THE F**K IS THERE... IF U HAVE REAL GUTS COME AND FIGHT WITH ME FACE TO FACE" after saying this rapidly all the lights were turned on...
I heard a huge noise saying "HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTOPHER"... i was shocked and totally suprised.... i saw the the time and it was sharp 12... Finally i cut the cake and asked my friend how he planned it...
For that he replied "I WAS THAT UNKNOWN PERSON TO CALL U AND SAID YOU LIKE THAT" i laughed and asked another question "HOW YOU CAME INSIDE??? for that he replied "WHEN YOU WAS STANDING NEAR THE GATE AND YOU WAS WATCHING AT THE ROAD.. YOU NEVER NOTICED ME SINCE I WAS STANDING LEFT SIDE NEAR THE DOOR... I RAPIDLY RUSHED INSIDE ... WENT NEAR THE BACK DOOR OPENED IT... AND MADE OUR FRIENDS TO COME INSIDE... Atlast you came inside ... I was standing near the switch and turned OFF THE LIGHTS FOR A THRILL he ends... i laughed to the core and hugged my friend and said "THIS IS MY BEST B'DAY SUPRISE EVER AND I CANNOT FORGET THIS IN MY LIFE" finally all were happy :)
i laughed to the core ...
Let others and the author know if you liked it

Liked it alot?


January 25, 2016 - 22:58 Intresting, I was relieved at d end
Neeraj premkumar

Neeraj premkumar

May 9, 2016 - 20:04 Lol.. Thankyou

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