Web of lies

by Chekie
By my side you will finally know

what was, what is and what was meant to be.

The coward will sway away from those wise words

Words that were lashed within this life,

Yet blinded by the beauty of a symphony

Playing the melody known as the masterpiece of life.

I still feel so insignificant with my eyes wide shut

The sun burns my sight with what is expected of man,

To smell courage of the sleeping brave,

To hear the innocence of an awaking day

And taste a heart so magnificently untamed.

But all this time I sit and think of days that were before,

Where is the horse and his rider?

Where is the wind that fiercely blows?

That passes like rain on the mountains?

That touches the corners of your silent meadow?

It has passed in night so dark but reminded by purple skies.

But all this while I am reminded by those voices

As they continue to whisper outside the silent door.

It wasn't her mouth that pulled me in,

Nor was it the depth of her hazel eyes.

The energy that exploded from that innocent glare

Was an hypnotic mirage that will always remain there.

Our lips touched,our bodies rushed

As our souls danced to the music of the full moonlight.

Lead by the symphony of newly found passion

We found ourselves lost within a beat of sudden attraction

The sun reveals truth as she exposes unwanted sight

Awakening questions of what's morally right.

Slowly these forces start pushing us apart

Closing doors of this once completed heart

Wanting something that doesn't belong to you

Determines the depth your heart will go through.

This unwritten symphony shall never be victorious

Or experience emotion so unique and glorious.

Our faces we turn, interrupted our sight

Staring forward to the perception of what is right.

I try to find the courage within to believe that everything will be okay

And maybe we will look back and laugh about it someday

But NOT today, as yesterday has wrecked my heart in two

Trying to understand why it is so wrong to be in love with you!

I’m tangled inside this web of unbarring emotion

Trying to make sense of what tomorrow might bring…

Even If I allow myself to fall in love with someone new

It could never be the way I have loved you.

Staring at all the pieces shattered on the floor

My thoughts rush through all theses empty spaces

I’ve been trying to make believe that it doesn't hurt

But how far can you journey when someone has closed the door?

The thought of letting you go is making me feel so cold

Loosing myself would make me feel even more content

But none of these feelings will ever save my heart from this torment

And free me from this intimate love entanglement.

Your eyes always anchored deep within my soul

As your gaze washes over me like moonlight shadow

Your love awakens me like a vicious untamed hurricane

That has taken my everything without a thought to remain.

The love that has engraved you within this temple of mine

Has resurrected my doubts that my heart will heal in time

Even If I let myself to love someone new

That someone will never fill the place owned by you

Only the night shows my every true emotion

Breathless, but what more did I expect to see?

It’s the sound of poison burning the atmosphere at night

That hurricane chasing my fears from left to right!

There is a fire burning viciously within my heart

This riot of uncontrollable bursting into fears

run from the light, straight into the cold dark night

I feel safe when the sun dies,

leaving me in cold devotion.

The mist defines the craving of self-inflicted misery

But yet the riot inside keeps trying to visit me

The sound of breaking voices disturbing my dreams at night

Orchestrated by this demon, into a soulless harmful symphony.

Demon pressure me to unfold and break to soil

When feeling so hollow, craving more than the sun or the sky

Give me the moment when words can be true

Give me the torch to set my soul to flames because of you

You are darker than a moonless night

You made your web, and I...

Well, I got trapped within your noose.

You stare at me with those eyes of yours ...

But I see nothing

Better yet...

I feel nothing for you,

nothing for you.

Perhaps only the slight tremble within me

Knowing that you easily bite.

Always without warning ...

Always in revenge ...

You have a terrible way of leaving me dry

Like a cracked desert floor

Just know that..

I don’t want to do this anymore.

Just go away,

Please just go.

I am more without you

I am at peace without you.

Find yourself another darkness

Find yourself another pray

You have left me dry.

You foolishly believe I have words to say

Thoughts I secretly keep of you...

A beautiful untold story of your greatness,

Well, there is nothing except regret,

Things that are better left unsaid.

You are my arachnophobia,

The monster in the night.

You are the death of love,

The leader without mercy.

You are the hurricane that comes with no warning,

You are the devil, always so charming.

I don’t want to lash out at you when you claim you love me

When all this time you have been living within your own dream

You’ve lost yourself in there

Trapped within your mental house

As you scrape your nails through the walls

Attempting to escape the fate karma has presented you.

These walls seem darker each time you close your eyes

They seem closer with your every breath.

As your own mental mind is slowly causing your death

But even death will be a pleasant gift compared to what has been presented to you

All your twisted lies seem so promising within your mental mind

And you never noticed that you are the one being unseeingly blind

How does it feel as you find yourself so deeply lost in there?

When you know that you are the only one to blame

The times I wasted my breath on you

Trying to help you open your eyes

Well thats over now

you lie lost within your own mental mind

I wont be there to save you this time.

Your screams won’t be heard at night

Soon you will be forgotten…as you dwell deeper within your mental mind.

The times I blamed myself because our love fell apart

Those times only seem like a cruel joke to me now…

You have a perfect mental mind you know

To make me believe that I was the one who should go.

You’re a master of deceit and lies…something Ill give you credit for..

But you have no claim over my heart and mind anymore.

I once thought that I lost myself within your eyes

As eyes are described as the windows to the soul

But someone conveniently forgot to mention that being blinded by love,

Is how your soul got trapped within the windows of the mental mind.
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April 21, 2015 - 19:04 Longest poem I have ever read but well worth it :)

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