Uptown Lovers-Chapter Eight

by Stredwick
Uptown Lovers

Chapter Eight

Morgana and Stewart drove down along with theirfriends. Bev was riding with Jovita and her boyfriend, Tim Ledley. Melissa was riding with her boyfriend, Kirk Overton. A lot of college students were also going down too. All along the Bog Walk Gorge and leading out of it they saw an assortment of fruits put out for sale. They stopped at Faith’s Pen and had jerk chicken, bammy and festival. Friday night they partied non-stop and Morgana had gone to sleep with Stewart.

On Saturday morning Morgana came across Bobbette. Morgana was down by the hotel’s pool when she came down. Bobbette had on a light blue bathing suit. Morgana was lying in one of the beach chairs.

"Look who the wind just blew up, little Morgana Simmonds."

Morgana had to laugh at Bobbette calling her little. She knew that it was a demeaning word. She was taller than Bobbette and probably outweighed her by at least twenty pounds. Bobbette might have broader hips and bigger breasts, but that was all. She certainly couldn’t match her in looks and she knew that she had a great figure. In her dark blue bathing suit Morgana knew she was attracting the same amount of attention as Bobbette.

"I don't see what's so funny, Bobbette. I hope you're not down here alone.”

"Listen girl, you don't have to worry because I’m not going to take away Stewart from you."

"You've tried many times already and failed," Morgana shouted.

"You go to hell, Morgana. Anytime I want Stewart I can get him,” Bobbette shouted back as she moved away.

Morgana spied Stewart and beckoned him over.

"I just had a quarrel with your friend, Bobbette. She's too feisty for my liking.”

"I don't know why you two girls can't get along," Stewart said as he came over to where she was. Comparing the two women now, he had to agree that Morgana was better looking than Bobbette but both women had great bodies. He was sleeping with two of the most gorgeous women around so why spoil it.

"She said that anytime she wants, she can get you. I want to know what she meant by that.”

“I don’t know what she’s talking about. Maybe she’s just teasing you.”

“From I’ve returned home that girl has been giving me a hard time every time she sees me. It reminds me of how April used to behave towards me.”

"I hope that Bobbette isn't giving you the wrong impression. You know it's only you I have eyes for. As for April I’m glad she’s away. Since she went away I haven’t heard from her and we were only social friends,” Stewart said, hugging her.

"Let's go for a drive around Ocho Rios. Maybe we can go to Dunn’s River Falls.” He scooped her up into his arms.

Brad and Dania were also partying in Ocho Rios as wereRick and most of the members of the sports club of Newman and Graham Limited. Morgana had come across both men down there. They were all so very busy in the office that it was hard for her to keep track of what jobs they were working on. It seemed as if both men were going steady with their respective woman. She was glad, at least none of Stewart’s predictions had come true.

Stan Lubsy had also come down too. He had killed Weston Nelson as he drove home on Thursday evening. As the man waited at the intersection of South Avenue and Constant Spring Road, he had ridden up and fired three shots at him. He saw when he slumped over the steering-wheel and the now out of control vehicle slammed into the car in front of it which in turn slammed into another car causing a small pile up of traffic. He had ridden away and returned the motor-cycle to its owner after paying the balance of the five thousand dollars rental fee. He then got into his car and drove to Leta’s Hideout. While there he heard the news flash and learned that the man’s name was really Winston Nielson and not Weston Nelson. Stan showed no sign of emotion, he simply finished his beer and left the bar.

Now he was down in Ocho Rios partying with Natalie. He had collected the balance of the money from Bishop and decided to enjoy some of it. They had their supply stashed away in their room.

Bishop was also down in Ocho Rios partying and meeting some clients. He had a woman with him, Dawn Lunan, who was his steady these days.

Stan thought he knew the tall guy dancing with the good looking woman of medium height. It was Linton Marsh, but the man pretended that he didn’t know him, brushing past him both at the nightclubs in New Kingston last month and now here. He knew Linton because sometimes he and other boys used to come and play football and other games with them in Maverly. He and Natalie were taking a breather and watching the happenings around them. One of the main reasons why he had come down was to see if he could get some money off one or two rich persons. He observed the jewelry the girls were wearing and was disappointed. He had a good eye for expensive jewelry. He shouldn’t really have expected to see the girls wearing a lot of jewelry as they normally wore them on more formal occasions.

Sometimes if he didn't get any work he would go on the plazas. He would identify his victim from early then he would begin to stalk them and then make his move.

He looked over at Linton again, his girl only had on a watch and he couldn’t see if she had any rings on her fingers. Linton didn’t have on any jewelry. He could swear that he had seen him wearing chains and rings at Corners. Maybe he had left them in Kinston or in his room down here. In any case he wasn’t ready for Linton yet.

He would watch and if there was no improvement in

his behaviour towards him he would hold him up one of these nights probably marking up his face just as a reminder not to show off on him. He would make him give him all the jewelry he had plus pay him to spare his life.

Robert Parsons reached Ocho Rios and headed for the hotel his woman was vacationing in for the weekend. He was entering the hotel’s lobby when he saw her coming towards him in her bathing suit. He took her in his arms and kissed her.

"How was last night, Bobbette? Sorry I couldn’t make it again.”

"I tried to relax and didn’t leave my room. I tried watching television, but got bored and went to bed."

"I got held up in town. I just couldn't make it out here after that meeting. Let’s go to the room and talk.”

She put her card into the door, turned the lock and they went inside. She turned on the air-condition unit.

“You want me to order something for you?”

“I’ll have a beer.”

She called room service and ordered his beer plus a glass of orange juice for herself.

“The whole of Kingston, St. Andrew and St. Catherine is down here. I’ve run into so many people I know.”

“It shows that people are getting richer that they can afford these types of holidays. Ever notice the type and quality of vehicles on the road.”

“You can say that again. My car seems ancient compared to some I saw when I was coming down.”

“If you behave, very soon you’ll get new wheels.”

She came up to him and hugged him.

“Haven’t I been a good girl, darling?”

“I want you to keep it up.”

Their drinks arrived and they were having it.

“So have you gone into the water?”

“I’ve been down by the beach and been in the water, but I didn’t go far.”

Robert knew that like himself Bobbette was a good swimmer as they had swam in friends’ pools and when they went to the beach.

Robert climbed into his bathing trunks and finished drinking his beer and Bobbette finished her drink.

“Let’s go and have a whale of a time, Robert.”

“Yeah, let’s go and really enjoy ourselves.”

Bobbette closed the door behind her and the two of them left for the beach.

Brad entered the nightclub and saw Morgana dancing

with Stewart.Her curves were out of sight he thought as he and Dania started dancing. His interest in her had waned somewhat. He didn’t think he had tried to romance her enough to be a serious rival to Stewart, but he would work to put that right. She could really dance, not that Dania couldn’t dance.

Brad saw Rick and Celia enter the nightclub, hell he thought the whole of the sports club must be down here. Out of the corner of his eyes he saw Bev dancing with a guy. It was Glen Norman.

He saw Glen’s girlfriend, Leona, sitting in a corner and watching them. He didn’t think Glen was making a play for Bev, not with Leona around, although he too had heard the rumors about them. That gave him an idea, if he started pursuing Morgana, Rick would almost certainly try to dip in. Why not get him to start dating Beverly?

"I know where your mind is, Brad. Why can't you concentrate on us?”

"What do you see me doing except dancing with you?"

"I'll go to my room and pack. Don't forget that I drove myself down here.”

Brad didn't want to get angry, but if she wanted to go she could very well go. He felt for a showdown with Stewart over Morgana. He knew that it would be a difficult task to woo her away from him. Nevertheless he knew of women who had been in love with a man and had been wooed away by a persistent suitor. That’s all it took, Brad thought, persistence.

As the song ended Morgana saw them go. She had seen them quarrelling and wondered what it was all about. She had heard that Brad was seeing other women, but doubted if it was true. Stewart left her to refresh himself and she saw Rick coming over.

"It seems like the whole office is down here. So how are you?”

"I'm fine, I think that most people are down here, trying to enjoy themselves.”

"All the members of the sports club are down here having a whale of a time."

"I hope you and Stewart are enjoying yourselves.”

"We are and I’m sure you and Celia are too."

“We are. I saw Bev and some of her friends partying last night. Is her boyfriend still abroad and is she seeing Glen now?”

Morgan didn’t know the reason for the questions and wasn’t willing to give out more information than necessary, said.

"He’s still overseas, and she and Glen are only social friends.”

To Morgana's relief she saw Stewart coming over.

Rick greeted him and went over to Celia and they started dancing.

"What were you and Rick talking about?"

"It’s nothing important."

"How do I know it’s not important?"

"Because I said so," she said sharply, grabbing him and they started dancing.

Stan and his woman were at the same nightclub as

Linton. They had used some of the marijuana and would finish it off before they returned to Kingston on Monday evening. They were really dancing. This was the life, Stan thought. He would try to do this maybe every other month.

Linton and Flavia were dancing up a storm. All around them

were steaming bodies on the dance floor. The crew was also down in Ocho Rios. They had booked en-bloc in the same hotel and had

gotten a big discount. Some crew members had gone to other nightclubs, but Linton and some others had agreed to go to the hotel’s nightclub. In bed Flavia hadn’t been shy although she told him that she didn’t have a lot of experience he being only the third man she was going to bed with. Linton had taught her a few things he had picked up in his many sojourns in the bedroom with North American women.

Sunday, Morgana and Stewart climbed Dunn’s River Falls. They saw Brad and Dania. Rick and Celia were also there as were Robert and Bobbette and a host of college students including Bev and her friends. Glen and Leona plus other members of the sports club of Newman and Graham Limited were also there. Morgana got some cutting glances from Bobbette. In the evening it was non-stop partying.

They decided to come into Kingston on Easter Monday and attend some carnival events although the real carnival was slated for the coming weekend. Even Bev was beginning to smile again showing that she was happy after the ordeal she had undergone with Rory.

Bev was at home that Tuesday evening and she was considering Rick’s proposal that they become friends. Celia had returned to their hotel for something and they had danced together and she had given him her number. She knew she wasn’t in need of a boyfriend now. She had made that resolution. All she wanted was somebody to talk to. She knew she had a sufficient amount of people to pour out her troubles over Rory to. Rick had told her that he and Celia were breaking up. She also understood that Brad and Dania were having problems. She knew that Brad liked Morgana and maybe Dania was jealous of her.

She had told Rick that she didn’t want to get into any fracas with Celia over him. From that first visit to Morgana’s office when she had first been introduced to Brad and Rick she had taken a liking to Rick. But she had her principles and didn’t believe in casual sex. She had once read in a book where women didn’t talk to men unless they were formally introduced. She had been formally introduced to Rick but he belonged to somebody else. She would talk to him, but only go so far with him until she heard from Rory and he did something about Celia. And what about Glen? They had danced together in Ocho Rios and once again Leona wasn’t pleased, but she felt it would be unethical of her to fight Leona and take Glen away from her.

Brad was at home sitting on the steps of his balcony. He had encouraged Rick to start talking to Bev seeing that the girl was lonely. He was now ready to fight Stewart for Morgana. He had danced with her in Ocho Rios. He couldn’t say that he hadn’t enjoyed himself with Dania. But her jealousy was driving him against a wall and he felt that Morgana liked him. Why had

she not found out about Stewart’s various cheatings? At the party up at Blake’s house there had been a big rumor that he had gone to sleep with Bobbette. A lot of people at the party and some of those who knew about their relationship were whispering it about the place. Even when they had been down in Ocho Rios he had heard that last year, Stewart had been down there with April. He wasn’t sure where they had gone the previous two years that Morgana had been away. He’d probably talk to her one day next week. He wouldn’t tell her anything about Stewart. She would have to find that out for herself.

Morgana was sitting in a chair on Stewart’s patio. She had spent the whole day Saturday with him just talking and lying around.

“I’m glad we can relax like this and not have to jump into bed every time I come down here.”

“Live with me and you’ll find out everything about me.”

Morgana laughed.

“Stewart, you’re very persistent. How many times must I tell you that I can’t live with you unless we’re married?”

“Suppose I left all the marriage arrangements to you.”

Morgana laughed again.

“I suppose you’re still happy about what you got last week.”

“You got it good too, baby.”

“But seriously though, why are we engaged?”

“Because we love each other and it’s the usual thing to do before getting married.”

“You know how much time has passed since we got engaged. I’ll soon become a laughing stock.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because here I am sleeping with you and you wouldn’t

mind if I could live with you. I’m just wearing this piece of diamond and I don’t know what your intentions are.”

“I’m not forcing you to sleep with me. But as I said nothing ever comes before its time.”

“I’m not going to wait much longer though and there won’t be another sexy weekend between us until you make things official.”

“I hear you, madam. Everything will soon be all right.”

“I hope so, I’m going home. I’ll probably call you tomorrow.”

They shared a short hug before she went to her car and drove away.

Flavia Mc Queen couldn’t say that she wasn’t enjoying Linton’s company. The Easter weekend trip to Oco Rios had

opened her eyes to some of the things Jamaica had to offer to visitors from home and abroad. They went clubbing with the crew almost every night that they were down there.

She had moved some of her things to Linton’s apartment. She had, however heard some disquieting rumors about the crew.

Evette Argyle and Kimmesha Walters had left the crew and their boyfriends, Denson Rivers and Malcom Senior had brought in new women in Debbie Dixon and Reva Lloyd, to replace them. She had heard that the two women got the boot because they weren’t fashionable enough. She had to agree that both women looked out of place. Jackson West had also left the crew when he lost his job at the bank and his girlfriend, Suzanne Alfred, broke up with him. She had heard that ex-crew members were to be shunned. She had told Linton that she had a meeting that evening and couldn’t go clubbing with him. She was therefore taken aback when her cell phone rang and his number came up. It was the Monday of the second week following the Easter holidays and of course Carnival.

“You’ll have to cancel the meeting you have for this evening.”

“Who says? Linton, are you crazy? When I lose my job, who is going to employ me?”

“I want to go clubbing tonight.”

“I’m sorry to disappoint you, but you’ll have to go alone.”

“No, I don’t think that will do, but I’m putting you on notice that the crew won’t look favorably on any crew member attending any function alone.”

“Why did Evette and Kimmy leave the crew?”

“Their guys dropped them, they said they simply weren’t measuring up. I think it’s the right thing they did in bringing in those two girls to replace them.”

“What about Jackson West?”

“Jackson lost his job and his woman simultaneously. He was due for the boot, but he left before he got it. Look at it this way, Flavia. When the crew goes to a resort we have to pay for our food and accomodation but we men share the liquor tab. It would be hard to expect a guy who’s not working to do likewise.”

“So you aren’t going to change your mind?” he again insisted.

“No and if that’s what it takes to get booted from the crew, so be it.”

Linton smiled to himself. In the crew it was the men who did the booting.

“Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow then,” he said and they both ended the call.

Flavia knew now that she couldn’t afford the crew. It was simply too expensive and time consuming. She had other things to do besides partying every night and suppose she was going to school. Linton had his degrees and she didn’t even have one. She didn’t think she wanted to stay around the crew anymore. It seemed to her that you were always on a slippery slope.

Morgana was busy at her desk that Monday afternoon when her telephone rang. It was Bev on the line.

"Hi, Bev, is everything okay?"

"I guess so, I left before you for campus, but I feel a bit tired after that hectic weekend and then last week I don’t think I got enough rest with Carnival and all that."

Morgana had told Bev to put her partying on hold until she finished her studies and if she partied during the holidays to make sure she got home in time to get a good night’s sleep.

"Rick from your office called me. He wants us to start seeing each other.”

Morgana tried to digest what her sister had just told her. So that may have been the reasons why he had been asking her all those questions.

"What did you tell him?"

"Honestly, I don't know. Ever since Rory went back up, I’ve been feeling so lonely and it’s even worse because I’m not hearing from him. We met when we were down in Ocho Rios for the Easter weekend. Last week he kept calling me, but I kept putting him off."

"Do you know that he is living with Celia?"

Deep down, she was wondering if this was one of the cards the rivals were playing, she and now her sister.

"He told me that they were breaking up."

"Listen, Bev, tell him no and that you don't have time for any boyfriends now."

She doubted if Bev would take her advice. She couldn't remember how many times in the past she had heeded her advice.

Bev hung up after telling her that she would think over what she had told her.

She had hardly hung up the phone before Brad pushed his head into her office.

"I heard you giving advice to some forlorn lover."

"I was just discussing something with my sister."

"You know ever since that time we went out for that drink I can’t seem to get it out of my mind that maybe that was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

"As I told you before, it was no date and judging by what my fiancé said to me afterwards, maybe I shouldn’t have gone.”

She didn’t want to tell him that Stewart had backed down from his earlier objection to her going for that drink with him as she didn’t want to give him any further encouragement.

“No harm was done, and I don't see why I can't invite you out again, after all we are all colleagues."

"I don't think that would be wise."

"I'll keep trying and if I see you out with Stewart, I hope he won’t mind if I buy you a drink and invite you to dance with me.”

"I can't read Stewart's mind, but he's a very level headed guy."

"I'm off, I probably won't get off work early but I’ll see you first thing in the morning,” he said and disappeared down the corridor. Morgana was left thinking, was this a plan to move in on her and her sister at the same time?

She had to warn Bev not to get involved with Rick. She knew that the girl was very vulnerable as her friend, Roxanne, had phoned to tell her that Rory had reconciled with his pregnant American girlfriend, Brittany.

Except for that unpleasant encounter with Bobbette, Morgana felt that she had a fantastic weekend. She and Stewart went partying every night and in several clubs too. They had returned to their room and made love for hours, not waking up until after ten o’clock sometimes. Stewart told her not to scream so loudly, but she told him that the walls were sound proof. He told her that he wasn’t so sure. She told him that she was glad that Bev wasn’t next door. In any case, even if she was and heard her, she would only tease her about it. She was only sorry that the girl had to come to Ocho Rios on such a weekend and be by herself and the two men who she wanted to be with were with other women.

After her exertions with Stewart, Morgana knew that she had to go home early and get some sleep. Her mother had teased her about what she and Stewart had done as if she hadn’t had a great time with Val. Still Morgana knew that her mother would have frowned at her and Bev spending a weekend or night with any man while still unmarried. Monique would have realized that although both girls had rented a room together, Morgana would have left to sleep with Stewart.

Stewart was at his apartment relaxing when his cell phone rang. It was Bobbette. Maybe she wanted him to come and spend some time with her. They greeted each other as usual.

“Your fiancé was trying to pick a quarrel with me when I was down by the beach during the Easter holiday weekend.”

“She told me that you and she had a small quarrel.”

“So what are you going to do about it?”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Warn her to leave me alone. Imagine I’m helping her out and she wants to fight me. She should be thanking me. Tell her not to fool around me or else I’m going to tell her some things she won’t like.”

“Like what?”

“That whether she likes it or not I’ll always be a part of her life.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Oh, so you’re becoming ungrateful too. I saved you for her. Has she ever asked you about the whole time she was abroad who was servicing her man? As I said you’d better warn her to leave me alone or else she’s going to get a shock at some of the things she’s going to hear from me.”

Stewart didn’t know what she was talking about. She didn’t know anything about him that Morgana didn’t know. He didn’t

think that she would confess to Morgana that they were lovers. Her pride just wouldn’t allow her to do it. Nor did she knew anything about his other women that Morgana would be interested in hearing about.

“Why are you so quiet?”

“Because I’m thinking.”

“You go on thinking. Oh, did she stay with you when she was down in Ocho Rios the other day?”

“What did you expect her to do?”

“Oh, I see, so you’re trying to be difficult. It’s all right.”

“I don’t see why you have to be asking those sort of questions.”

“We’re in a relationship. If there is somebody else in the relationship, I have to ask about them.”

“I’m not asking you about Robert.”

“Because he isn’t trying to make a fuss with you every time he sees you, except of course the other morning when he came and saw you down at the apartment. Anyway, I’m going to finish now. I’ll probably call you again this week,” she said and ended the call.

Morgana reached home at six thirty that evening. She asked Monique for Bev but apparently the girl hadn’t reached home as yet. Monique left soon afterwards to visit Sally. Morgana went to eat her dinner and when she was finished she washed up the utensils she had used.

She was looking over some work she had brought home when Bev’s car drove in. She heard her knocking on the grill door and went to open it for her.

"Where are mummy and Darren?"

"Mummy's gone to visit Sally and Darren’s over by Gareth doing some homework.”

"Is everything all right with Sally?"

“Sure, she's okay, but is everything okay with you?"

Both girls were in the living room now. Bev put down her books, bags and car keys on a table. She sat in one of the couches opposite Morgana.

"Everything’s okay, Morgan."

"Are you still seeing Rick?"

"We're still friends."

"Have you asked him about Celia? He lives with a woman. Maybe you should think about that. I don’t see how you can be prepared to share a man with a woman, he lives with and will probably marry.”

"We're just good friends. I won't be going any further with him until I know about the true state of his relationship with Celia, if that's what you're driving at.”

Morgana nodded.

"Rick and Brad are my associates and they are very ambitious. Don’t forget that they both have steady girlfriends. Any other girl who chooses to get involved with either of them is asking for trouble.”

She was relieved though to know that her sister was being

sensible about her relationship with Rick.

"As I said, I've told him that I'm not prepared to go any further with him until he does something about Celia.”

"I'm going to have a bath and eat my dinner and we can

talk some more later on,” Bev said and took up her things and went up to her room.

"Yeah," Morgana said as she made her way to her room to complete the work she had brought home.

Stan jumped up, had he been dreaming? The radio was on; beside him Natalie was fast asleep. He turned over on his back, he was wondering if Bishop had tricked him. Could it be that he had been set up? Bishop hadn’t told him why he wanted the two men dead. He had never told him why he wanted him to kill anybody except maybe that hardware merchant in Papine. He couldn’t remember anymore occasions. Suppose the men were rich and their families were prepared to offer millions for the capture of their killer or killers. Bishop could just arrange for his police

friends to kill him and share the reward with them. Did he know that he had the Chinese-man’s gun? He had found one hundred thousand dollars in his briefcase. He had burned up the rest of the documents he found in the man’s briefcase. But all the police had to find to pin a murder on you was the dead man’s gun. He would sell the gun one day this week. He rolled over and got up to smoke some more marijuana.

Brad drove into his home late that night, he was coming

from Randy Chin. He wasn’t sure he wanted to continue his relationship with Dania.He had spoken to Jenna two times since he’d been back. She’d shown some interest, though she had been cautious about it, especially when he told her how jealous Dania was. He knew that she and Robert had broken up a few years now. She had told him about another guy, but that had broken up too so he knew that at the moment she was unattached and available. He’d probably call her one day this week if she didn’t call him.

There was Morgana, try as he might he couldn’t get her out of his thoughts. Damn that womanizer, Stewart, whom she was engaged to. Why did a girl like Morgana go around with a wild guy like Stewart when guys like himself were available? He had heard about the boyfriend she had while in Florida and how she had broken off with him. She had been cool to him and would probably not be willing to share him with two girls. He would call her later.

Brad had a bath and then a light meal. His mother and father had gone to bed. He went to his room and dialed Morgana’s number. Morgana was sleeping when the phone rang. She picked it up and listened. Brad was on the line.

Morgana was puzzled. Why would Brad be calling her at this time of the night?

"So your little sister is seeing Rick."

"Is that what you wake me up at this time of night to

tell me, Brad?”

"You know how I feel about you. Why can't we be friends?"

"I'm sure we're friends. I don't have anything against you."

"Can't we go out for a drink? I don't think Stewart will be angry."

"Go out with you again. I don't think that would be a good idea. What would Dania say if she knew that I went out with you again?”

"We’re breaking up, she's too jealous. I don't know if I want to continue in a relationship with her.”

Morgana threw her hands up in the air in exasperation, her sister and now her. She just didn’t want to get into any relationship with Brad while he was in one with Dania and she engaged to Stewart. She would have to break off with Stewart and he break off with Dania.Which was just not possible at this time and she wasn’t prepared to cheat on Stewart. She was a one man woman.

She picked up the phone and wondered if she should continue the conservation but she knew that he would be very hurt if she cut him off.

“I'm sure you and Dania can work things out. I just don’t want to get involved with you and complicate things.”

Brad thought to himself, she was trying to put him off. But he wasn’t giving up. He had gotten rid of Rick when he went and got himself besotted with her sister. Now it was him against Stewart Brown.

"Well okay then, sweet dreams, but don't forget my invitation. I’ll see you in the morning,” he said and hung up.

Brad smiled to himself, he felt he was getting through to her. Rick could have Bev, he wanted Morgana. Based on what she had told him she had left for the States a year before him and a year after Rick did. He wondered how she had been Stewart’s girlfriend and he had never met her before she went away. But knowing Stewart maybe the man wanted to keep her away from those who knew of his other women and might let slip bits of information to her although that wouldn’t have applied to him, Brad thought.

He also wondered how he hadn’t met her while living in Florida. There had been lots of parties for Jamaicans living all over the State and he had attended some of them. Apart from those parties there were other events which he had attended along with different groups of Jamaicans. There were Jamaicans there from the great trek of the 1970s and even before that and new arrivals were coming to the State for one reason or another.

He went and took a beer out of the refrigerator and drank a quarter of it when the telephone rang.

It was Dania. He wondered what she wanted.

"Dania, what's up?"

"I'm feeling lonely," she said. "Can't you come over?"

What the hell, Brad thought.

"I have to go to work in the morning," he said. "I was just going to bed.”

"Your phone was busy. I'm almost sure that it was Morgana you were talking to.”

Brad was feeling a bit exasperated. What the hell was Dania getting at?

"Listen, just stop your foolishness and get some sleep, at least that’s what I’m going to do now,” he said and hung up.

He finished drinking his beer and went to bed.

To be continued.
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The Scammers -Chapter Two
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After four years, Syd is regretting his decision to become a shopkeeper. His former friends have moved to Montego Bay and are prosperous. Syd is now determined to become as wealthy as they are..

Undercover Soldier-Chapter One

Undercover Soldier-Chapter One
by Stredwick

Bendoo is sent to infiltrate a gang of criminals. On his way to their hideout he intervenes in a dispute between a man and a woman. On learning the woman's name, he wonders if her father is the mastermind behind the gang.

Uptown Lovers -Chapter Fifteen by Austin Mitchell

Uptown Lovers -Chapter Fifteen by Austin Mitchell
by Stredwick

The Morgana Simmonds, Stewart Brown saga continues. They've virtually stopped talking to each other but Stewart isn't bothered as he has other women all too willing to take Morgana's place.