To The Younger Me

by Anjana Suman


Keep flying.

The castles inside your head are real.

So are those dragons.

But slay them with your smile.

For life ahead is not easy.

You will fall to the darkest of pits.

The many hands extended to pick you up may be only doing so to mock you once you are out in daylight.

Find the right ones and you will be safe. There are a lot of them than you think.

But know this, child, Anjana!

It's alright to make mistakes.

It's ok to be judged.

It doesn't matter if you have to cry yourself to sleep each night.

You can trust the wrong people. You can ignore the right ones.

Because how else will you have those wounds which taught you so much!

How else you would know the value of trust and love!

You will fall. But most importantly, you will learn to rise again.

That time, you will know who you really are.

You are a snowflake, child!

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