To the Other Station

by Saahib
Her breathing was out of control when she reached the station.. She was clearly hyperventilating.. Her face was marked with fear and beads of sweat. For a while she looked around suspiciously as if she was afraid of getting caught and she indeed was.. She was there at the station because she managed to elope not with any human but with her Handbag which had all the dollars which she received as wages after working her ass off as a waitress....
Yes she was a waitress and her name was Maria. Maria James to be precise ( James as husband ) she run away from her own house because she was annoyed and angry with her life but more than she was annoyed with her life she was tired and sick of her husband who wasn't only a chain smoker or a drunkard but an unfaithful brat too.. He had that habit of drinking heavily and to gambled her hard earned money.. She was into marriage for 3 years now and she have tolerated his bad habits on the ground that despite all his bad behaviour he was faithful to her but her tolerance took the last breath the day she caught him red handed with the other woman.
That day on the evening of 27december 1998 she was working on an evening shift when she recalled that it was her,s and James wedding anniversary.. She told it to the manager and he being a nice man allowed her to go home and celebrate without cutting her salary.. She was glowing with excitement when she entered the house. she was thinking that for this day she will bake a nice cake for James and would surprise him but the low moaning and heavy breathing coming from her,s and James room taken her aback.. Her heart started racing in her chest and though she was sensible enough to sense what must be going on in there she denied to her the reality for a while then slowly she walked to her room and through the keyhole peeped inside and that was enough to have a nervous breakdown.. His husband James was with some white girl and they both were fully engrossed in lust.. Her eyes got filled with tears, she sensed something breaking inside and it was her heart. for a while it occurred to her that she should expose him and that white bitch but then she walked away, silently crying.. She left the house as she came without disturbing and exposing anybody.. Her manager saw her coming back wanted to intrigued but he didn't dare asking any questions.. It was written all over her face that she was betrayed.....
After her evening shift she had to go home and she went. Her expressions were blank and dark when James opened the door. He was in a fine mood and Maria was able to make out why but she didn't ask any questions.. She made the dinner as usual and then made James a drink.. The only exception was she mixed some sleeping pills in his drink.. He being in fine mood ate till he was full and then gulped down the wine slowly.. Maria was relieved when he finished his glass.. After dinner he inquired a bit about her work and then he went to bed.. Just after a while he was snorting and that was the moment she has been waiting for..
She unlocked the closet and took out few of her valuables.. It was some jewellery that her mother brought her along with it she took all the money that she has been saving for quite a while in case they had a baby. After taking it all she peered at her husband who was sleeping peacefully and then unconsciously shed some tears.. It was hard for her to believe that she loved this man once.. She kept staring at him for a while then manipulating her emotions she walked out from her house. After crossing a mile or two she started running until she was on the station and now she was hyperventilating... She had this very clear in her mind that If she get caught the consequences will be gruesome. She knew that James would either beat her to death or either imprison her in the house as a punishment of running away from him and she wasn't ready to take that risk. She boarded the first train then the second and finally the third.. When she was clearing her breath in the fourth train she was fully relieved as she knows she has came a long way. Now there wasn't any chance of James finding her as she was miles and miles away from her own hometown..
She was taking some deep breaths when the seat next to her got occupied. It was a guy who sat beside her.. He was tall, dark and funny sort of. He was continuously smiling as if life was some easy task to deal with.. She managed to avoid looking at him. After a while the ticket checker came and first he inquired a guy where he intended to go. His answer surprised Maria when he said "take me to the last station" smiling. The ticket checker nodded and then asked Maria the same question. Her answer was the same "take me to the last station" the only difference was she was not smiling.. Now it was the guy who was surprised. Ticket checker nodded again and then hand them each a ticket to the last station..
After the ticket checker was gone the guy next to Maria cleared his throat and then introduced himself " Hi my name is Klaus" Maria managed to fake a smile. He smiled back but his smile was genuine. "And you? He was intrigued .. Katherine she lied..
But on your T shirt you name is Maria.. It was so blunt a revelation that she was taken aback for a while.
. It's not my shirt. She panicky replied.. Yeah that's why you are wearing it. He laughed and took out an expensive cigar from his pocket. Can I? He asked smiling.. Sure! She was sarcastic.. It's mine.. In case you are wondering.. He said. Once I was happy and well off in my life it's the only memory I have of those happy moments.. He seemed lost in thoughts.. Why are you telling me this? Maria inquired. I don't know his smile died a lil.. I have no idea.. He then shrugged!
Maria looked out of the window. The train was moving faster. She had no idea where It would lead but she wasn't fearful now.. Klaus was leaning on his seat now. His face was tensed but his lips were smiling.. After a while maria broke the ice..
I run away from my house, from my husband, from my life I am here because he betrayed me because I was annoyed with my life with him..
You feel free now? Klaus asked in an understanding tone..
I don't know.. For this moment I know I feel nothing..
Trust me its better to feel numb then to feel betrayed.. He said smiling..
Maria took a deep breath.. She felt lighter at heart now and she was amazed at it.. After a while she turned her head toward him and asked
What about you? Who betrayed you?
Life! He said lightly..
Life betray us all doesn't it? She was philosophical in an instant..
He stared at him at this and she stared back
Be particular klaus..she said there..
Klaus took a deep breath and said.. Once upon a happy time i had a job, had money, had girlfriends.. I lived, I fucked, I enjoyed and one day stock market crash.. I lost money, lost a job and lost girlfriends as well. End of story.. He finished and then rest his head on the seat again and all the while he was staring hard at Maria who got really uncomfortable at the mention of his girlfriends.. To keep the environment light she fakes a smile and said "very impressive" he had a hearty laugh at that...
The train was crossing new paths now.. For quite some time Maria watched the scenery then she started dozing.. After few whiles she was sound asleep.. As she was sleeping her handbag slipper through her hand.. Klaus get hold of her handbag before it could fall and then gently put it back on her lap.. Night was almost falling now.. As maria was sleeping in a sitting position her head keep moving to and for until it rested on klaus, s shoulder.. He laughed and then started humming a delicate tone until he too was sound asleep...
When he woke up the train was on the halt and his cabin is empty. Panic stroked him hard.. His thought were clouded with Maria.. Has she left, gone? To ease his troubled soul he stepped outside the train and there at the station he saw her.. She was standing near a tea stall and in her hands were two cups. Af if it was his right he approached Maria and inquired in an authoritative tone.
Why didn't you wake me up when you stepped down the train?
Did I have to? She said playfully, smiling
No.. He sighed and continued.. I just got worried about you.
Isn't its too early to get worried about me? She asked sipping her tea
Perhaps..! He was confused..
She smiled and then To save him from any more unease she hand him his cup of tea and there standing together they sipped their tea to the last drop without saying any other word.
After an hour they were in the train again.. Both now were so comfortable with each other that they didn't wait the other to strike a conversation instead they took turns and revealed all that they all been hiding or repressing for so long.. When the train stopped at the last station they knew so much about each other that they were no more strangers..
As the train stopped they both stepped out together.
This place is quite familiar to me. I know about an inn here.. Klaus s said..
What makes you think i will go with you? Maria,s expression were light..
Where else would you go.. It's quite dangerous here for a single girl.. Klaus said in a hard tone..
You are being possessive.. Maria was amused..
I won't deny it.. For reason unknown I feel quite possessive about you.. Klaus honestly answered..
Maria remained bemused for a while then walking toward him she seductively replied
That is what makes you a perfect man to commit adultery with.
Before klaus could understood and spoke she sealed his lips with her,s and kissed him passionately.. Firstly klaus was bemused then he tightened his grip on her and they remained there kissing for a long while..
At the inn they booked a room with two beds first and they they shifted in a room with single bed.. They have decided that they will stay in a live in relation.. They also have made it clear that both will find a job and at night klaus will help Maria with the dishes..
And what if someday we get bore of each other.. Klaus asked her, playing with her hairs..
Always remember we have many other stations to go to..Maria replied kissing his chest hairs.. If one of us ever get bore of the other we can always leave..
I won't let you.. He said playfully
Maria smiled and said
And that's make you a perfect man to.. But she couldn't complete her sentence because klaus sealed her lips with a kiss..

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May 23, 2015 - 02:10 Awww this is so sweet!! LOL revenge is sweeet. Hahaha jkjk. I liked the plot, very nice :)

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