Three Orphans finding home

by M smiles
There were two boys who their parents died in a car crash and so the government sent them to their aunt and her husband. But since his death of cancer, their aunt gone more abusive to them each day goes by..

Charlos, the big brother, and his brother,Charlie could not stand no more so they ran away,

They stole things and money for food and shelter for a few years now. Charlie never cared as long as his brother is with him but Charlos never obviously wanted this kind of life. Although he will get their parent's property ones Charlos turn 18 and that will take another 5 years. and charlie is 11 years old.

When they were walking down the street, they saw a kid getting beat up by an adult. the kid was wearing a cap with a dark blue coat. The he? or she? looked very young.

It bothers them to see a kid getting pushed like that. remembers them about their aunt. so they run to help. charlie pushes the guy with all his strength and charlos pulls the kid and they both run away as fast as possible.

They stopped at back of a motel to take a breath.

"Hey kid, you okay?" Charlos asked breathlessly. The kid nods. charlos can't see the kid's face while shes looking at the floor breathing for air.

"What,r you doing out here all by yourself? And why did that man beat you?" Charlie spoke. The kid kinda liked his atitude. But she was very shy that her head pointed down. Charlos roles his eyes as a signal of dislike. He think this kid is wasting his time.

The kid then just pull out the wallet she stole from the guy.

"I..I got caught pickpocketing.." she said.

"wow..thats kind of brave of-" before charlie finishes his sntence, charlos interrupted.

"No it wasn't. You know, you shouldn't be out here all by yourself. You should be grateful you had a family and now you're stealing? Your parents would be ashamed!" he said it.

"Charlos!" charlie sounded him.

"I don't have a family.. They're..all gone." she said looking up at the both of the boys. "where do you live?"

"pretty much everywhere.."

"whats that suppose to mean?"

"finding a spot to sleep was the hardest. Especially when it rains.." she said with the felt of grief. Charlie then pulled charlos a metre away from her."could you excuse us for a minute? Thanks"

After a minute,

"What'r you, nuts? We're not bringing that kid! We don't even have a house yet" charlos disagreed charlie's plan to take the kid along to their trip to Houston which where their parents told them through mail where the bank held their money. And they also will earn a house once Charlos had grew to 18 years old.

"Yet! But so does him. Hes alone charlos. I feel bad. And you know what I meant by, 'alone'.." "Besides, he is a pickpocketer." Charlie persuades his brother.

"yeah. And he got caught the first time we met him!"

"Well..maybe its just a coincedence"

"it was." The kid's sudden presence startled both of them.

"I rarely get caught swapping anyone's pockets. Well probably because of my smooth hands. Feel it. I insist" the kid gave her hand to them. Turns out its smoother then they expected.

She heard they called her, 'he'. They thought shes a boy probably cause of the cap she wore that covered up all her hair. But she doesn't mind. In fact, its better so they would think him as a boy, hes stronger and braver.

Charlie looks at charlos. Hoping for him to except the kid. Giving him the puppy face. That always gets him. Charlos sighed heavily. "find! Whats your name? And Would you want to come with us?"

She felt so happy inside her and smiled widely.

"My name is Misha and yes! I would love too. Thank you.."

Charlos twitched his eyebrows."Misha? Is that guy or girl's name??" Misha froze.

"Err..its for both sex. I'm 9"

"whatever. Come on. Oh and, don't get too comfortable cause its not easy to kick you out. If theres any trouble, especially to my brother charlie, your dead meat. You Got that kid?" he pointed his finger to her. She nodded with hesitation and gulps.

After a day staying at a motel, they went to the train station. They had to sneek into the train cause they don't have enough money to buy three expensive tickets.

But before the train moves for another half an hour, they went for lunch.

The two brothers couldn't eat properly while Misha's eating her meal so fast which distracted them. Charlie pitied how hungry she was. And of course, she was the first to finish her food.

"Burp!~" misha covers her mouth with a slight blush."excuse me.."

Charlie chuckled.

"huh, someone's hasn't been eating for a week"

"or a year"charlos added. Misha felt embarassed.

After a few moment of chilling, charlie saw the train was starting to move. Their conversations got carried away. Charlie alerted them and they rush to the train that has started driving away even faster. They run and try to catch up. Charlie jumped in first, then charlos but Misha couldn't run more faster and the train is getting away.

"shit." charlos had to jump off the train and pull Misha's hand. The force was strong until her cap flew away. Her long dark brown hair was revealed. Charlos couldn't believed it. At least he push her in anyways into the train and close the door shut. They all breathe for air.

Misha started to feel worried and scared. Charlie couldn't stop looking at the both of them. Also worried whats going to happen.

Charlos gasp cynically.

"you lied to us on the very first day we met you."

He said without looking at her face.

"please charlos, i can explain"

"Then explain! You did three things that made me pissed."

Misha felt so scared she couldn't bare to look at the older boy's face.

"One, you almost made us worried to left you missing the train, second, you lied to us!,.."

Misha felt her tears gleaming in her eyes. But she won't let it fall. She won't let anyone see her weakness. She waits for the third confession from him.

"and third, meeting and excepting you in the first place turns out wasn't such a good idea!" charlos then walk away. Not looking back at her. Misha shut her eyes tightly. She knew whats gonna happen next. She knew she had to go..

Charlie sat next to her when charlos went into another side in the train.

"please Misha.. Don't mind what he said. Hes just a bit full about our live. With all the crap he had to deal with and meeting new people was not in his list for now. But.. He'll be fine and when he turns 18 we'll get what we deserve. Including you. You hear me?" charlie pats her shoulder.

Misha smiled. Maybe hes right.. And maybe she shouldn't start being more cautious and ready. Following them is the only way to change her life..maybe. She hope so..

The destination to houston took about two days on the train and Charlie tried to chill charlos out and told him to be positive. And gratefully Charlos did thought he had been a little harsh. But theres still a question about her that he wants to badly. Why did she had to lie??

It was night when they got out of the train and continue to find a motel nearby.

They stayed at room '920'. Charlos bumps himself on the bed. "god..I'm tired.. And hungryyy....!" He mumbles on the pillow.

Charlie shakes his head. "find..I'll buy some dinner. I'll be back in a moment" charlie almost walk out the door until his brother called out for him."charls! I want pie. Buy me some pie!" he shouted delightly. "whatever man"

Misha smiled how close their relationship are.. Must be fun to have siblings to look out for each other.

The room then surrounded with silence. Charlos realized Misha is here also when he sees her grooming her hair. He felt a bit of guilt for scolding her before So he came up to her and apolagised. "its fine Charlos..i understand how you feel."

"thanks Misha." he rubs at the back of his neck.

"But.." she hasitated. Charlos waited next to her.

"whatever happens next,..I'll always be ready"

Charlos tilts his head a little automatically. "what do you mean?"

"if..i mean, if you really do kick me out, i'll be ready. After that, i hope there will be no harsh feelings between us." charlos froze.

"Look, Mish, i never meant it that and im sorry. I won't throw you away. You need to understand, people around us have never treated us very nice and that made anyone untrust worthy to me. But i guess your cool. In fact, there is no problem for you to be a part of the family."

Misha felt grateful,happy and better. She have never met a person whos serious and strict but so generous in the inside. Not to mention how happy she even felt when he started to call her nickname as, 'Mish'

Few years passed and charlos has turn 17. They had been working to together perfectly. Motel to motels, places to places, pickpocketing, stealing, fail trying to get a job, and sometimes they sneek into bars and have a drink. Sometimes got caught of under age, but mostly people would just ignored it.

But since they grew up older, Charlos sometimes couldn't stop staring at the girl while shes not looking. Her white pale skin and her pink plump lips. But worse, everytime he accidently stare at her curve young adult body. For years charlos only thought of her as a close friend or even a sister. He couldn't just stop thinking how beautiful she actually is. But it is one of her specialties of picpocketing. Which is stalling.

One day, things suddenly got a bit serious..

They try to steal man's wallet while he was depositing money from the ATM. As usual as their plan, Misha stall the guy first, but surprisingly she got a bit focused and got caught swapping her hand for his wallet. The guy grips her hand strongly that she almost screamed. And for emergency call, they have to shout,


Charlie snatches the wallet from her gripped hand, and shout, "Mine!!" to distract him. They fat man try to chase him out and when charlie met his brother on another point, they quickly switch identical wallets and let charlie has the empty one. As a trick for the man.

Misha runs away with laughter and accidently bump onto charlos untill they fall back into a deep steep and fainted.

Misha woke up first and felt something heavy ontop of her. It was Charlos. Hes still unconcious. She push him next to her and free herself but suddenly charlos pulled her waist when she was about to get up. She blushed of how close their faces are.

For the first time, Misha was aroused of how charming he looks especially with those light freckles around his nose and cheeks. His pointed nose..those beautiful natural eyelashes and most gorgeously, the lips...

Misha snap herself. She shakes her head to get it all off of her mind. Her face was red. She untangle his strong arms and move away.

He finally wakes up when Misha shakes his shoulders with all strength."wake up!"

"yeah what? Im awake! Im awake!..

"Mish? What happened?? Are you okay?" he asked

"yeah,.. Im fine. We kinda fell into a steep."

"oh. Well c'mon. Charlie must been waiting for us. Are you injured?"

"okay.. No, im fine" Misha lied. Her ankle was a bit sprained.

When they get up, Misha felt like a sudden electric shock of pain on her leg "ow!!" and accidently pulled charlos's shirt and they both fell to ground on top of each other. Without charlos's elbows held the ground, their lips would have attached. But anyhow charlos wanted to do that..

He snaps his mind before getting into weird places. But he still don't feel like getting up or move away. Instead he stayed in that possition

"you said you were fine!" he said.

"errr..oops! I sprained my ankle?.." she pretended to just noticed It on purpose.

Now charlos had to get up and check it. He gently try moving her ankle.

"ow! Ow!! Careful. You might break it.."

"no, i won't. Now sit quietly will you? Im gonna turn it slowly."

"it might, when you have a hand the size of a hulk.." she mumbled.

"i heard that"


She watched how careful he turns her ankle and massage it."no try massage it here.."

She pulls his hand to the back of her ankle.

for a sudden, this time couldn't look away from her eyes. He stares it with a nice smile. Their chained together. Charlos uses his hand to pull their face together and kissed.

Misha automatically sits on his lap and wraps her arms around his neck and continue kissing how they ever wanted to do to each other. But before charlos's lips move down to her neck, his phone rang and they automatically stopped what they're doing.

They looked at each other with wide eyes And realized what they just did. They both move away from each other with hearts pumps so hard.

Charlos quickly answer his phone. It was charlie. Hes been worried in sick for them at the motel.

Misha cannot believe what she did.

When Charlos hung up, he feels his hands shaking. But he had to tell her that they had to go.

"err...we- we have to go. Charlies been waiting for us" he said. Trying to keep himself together. Misha nods without face to face with him. "okay."

They head back to the motel without a word. The only word that came out was,

"where the hell have you guys been??! I've called you hundreds of time!" charlie scolded.

"we've accidently fell into a hole. Its okay. Were fine now. Now i'm tired. I'm gonna wash myself and get to sleep." Charlos immediately goes to the bathroom.

A few months passed, Charlos and Misha haven't talk ever since their incident after the fall. And the kissing. They both pretty much tried to avoid each other or it'll turn weird and awkward. Charlie noticed whats going on between them. Although he tried asking but they never tell the truth.

Charlos have no idea how did this had ever happened to him and Misha. And he thinks, if it wasn't for him pulling her into the smooch, none of this awkward silence would've happened..

Misha got the feeling it was her fault. If she hadn't pushed themselves into the hole, none of this would have happened. Charlos would just treat her normally and laugh about ridiculous things. But now, Misha hated this. She want the old days back. But she kinda noticed Charlos was avoiding to talk to her. She felt sad. Maybe, if this goes on, he would became uncomfortable around her and things could get even more serious.

But shes too shy. Shes too scared to ask, to talk, to fix this.. She fears if it happened again, on her old foster home. No.

Misha starts to feel like crying. She don't wanna be alone again..

'what should I do?...'

One day they're going to add more money in their pockets so they saw a victim nearby the motel. A gift shop.

Misha as always was going to stall the cashier but turns out no ones at it. She thought this was going to be easier. The brothers stood opposite in the corner of the shop.

But something unexpected happened. She got caught by a stubby customer.

"Vegetables!!" she shouted that signal this time. The signal means to tell them to run.

Misha did it by accident. She thinks she can get away by herself. She bit the man's hand try to escape. But the other customer came to stop also. They called the police and handcuffed her.

The boys waited for her at the motel which is safer than getting close to the shop. They knew that she supposed to be back by now. but hours passed and it gets them worried so they go out to search for her and see if shes okay.

Misha turns out was put in a cell. The cops got her and the boys never knew where is she. Misha know they're gonna find her somehow. They had too. Misha fears if her thought was wrong..

A week passed and the brothers didn't show up. Misha cried alone. She admits that they're not gonna come. Maybe they didn't even looked for her. Misha sobs. All of this happens because of what happened between her and Charlos. The reason had to be that..

Then she heard a scratch from the wall. Then its starting to crack. Misha move away. Afraid of what more bad luck would happen to her now.

But it turns out, it was Charlos who came right in through the hole.

Misha cried into tears and hugged him tight.

"whoa..okay.. Finally we've found you. I was so worried."

"i thaught you'd never came.."

"Now why would you think we would do that?You know i'm not a hypocrite"

"Well yeah beacause...i thaught maybe you hated me. I'm sorry for what happened before. I got a little carried away and-"

"is this about the kiss?"


"oh..hate you because of it?oh, I thaught we both felt how delicious it was. And just, you know, its just wether you agreed about it or not. Heheh.." charlos rubs the back of his neck.

Misha blushed but at the same time her stomach feels like colourful butterflies.

She smiles, "i..liked it"

(1year later..)

They had what they ever wanted, a true home for a true family. Misha and Charlie work as waiters at a restraunt next to charlos and charlie's dad's company. Its not big and that succesful, yet.. And Charlos still has to learn about running it and put it on the top of success.

Its the middle of the night. Misha goes downstairs to fetch some milk. Suddenly, Charlos came from behind and wrap his arms around her waist. He just couldn't stop touching her cheeks with lips.

"were you following me?" misha said sweetly.

"I realized you weren't beside me"

"you're annoying" misha giggled. Turning her head to him and kissed. She wraps her arms around his neck. Charlos pulls her closer. Riding his hands on her shiney brown hair.

"i love you"

"i love you too"
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April 1, 2015 - 17:15 wow a good story love is always there with everyone it do common but the way you wrote it is wonderful pss Mary you are beautiful .. wow
Manahill Naik

Manahill Naik

April 2, 2015 - 10:07 Haha.. I never thought you were romantic Mary lol :P
Manahill Naik

Manahill Naik

April 2, 2015 - 10:08 but its a cute story :P
M smiles

M smiles

April 7, 2015 - 12:58 Thanks guys :D haha nah.. It just came up to me. Im not romantic :p


April 16, 2015 - 02:28 This is cute <3 full of imagination <3

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