The things you do

by Posh
The things that you do make me wonder
About how much I really mean to you
The things that you do make me suffer
Deep inside bit by bit
Every time when I'm alone I'm happy
And your presence turns my happiness into sadness
I can't stand you anymore
You took me for a fool 
And I saw you as an Angel

Honey you lied to me and said you loved me and only me
And me as your fool I believed you 
Honey you promised me the world
And me as your fool I built our life in that world
Honey you changed 
And me as your fool I stayed the same

Well, let me tell you something now
I'm done. I woke up
Yes I was asleep 
The dream I was having finally reached The end 
No more tears
No more lies 
No more games
And finally no more you. 
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