The necromancer's prophecy-Escape

by Artemis Stone
Sky wake up suddenly sweat trickling down from back of his neck. He took deep breaths to calm himself down.

It was just a dream,

Sky tried to reassure himself but it was all so real. He felt the pain, the pain of dying. He knew it wasn't real but somehow he couldn't convince himself.

He jerked his head sideways and found himself lying on a cot inside a cottage. He could smell bamboo and so he knew what it was made of.

Their was a small table beside the cot where he was lying. On it was a kid full of water. At least that's what he though it to be. And so without much consideration he drank the contents empty. He was covered in bandages. His legs, hands, and bruises were covered completely and his clothes were kept folded in the top of the table under the wooden jug.

The room was practically empty except of those things. Sun was shining in through the window at his back and the door was on his front showing him that he was in a middle of a clearing and the breeze entering from the window told him he was in a mountain.

His legs and arms didn't ached as it was some time ago. But he didn't cared about it. The thing he was terrified with was that dream. He had another vision.

The last time was years ago when he was seven and he hadn't realized that it was a vision until his parents really died. But the whole wasn't truth as he wasn't the one who killed.

But this was something else. An army of demons! This was something that could prove to be really dangerous. But what if like the previous vision there could be some changes?

Sky sat up on the cot and then stood up. Surprisingly he didn't had any difficulty after all he had gone through.

Slowly he unwrapped himself from all the bandages and then wore his clothes. Then instinctively his hand went to the pocket for his wand but it wasn't there. He panicked and began searching around.

Calm down. Someone had been kind enough to leave me water. That someone might have my wand too.

He went out of the cottage to search for that someone. The view he was hit with was breath taking. He was on an mountain top for sure. There was a stream running below and a waterfall just behind.

While he was enjoying the view he didn't noticed the cottage starting to burn. But when he turned he saw smoke coming from inside. He rushed inside only to see the wall beside him had caught fire on its corner. He quickly got hold of the jug and threw what was left in it to extinguish the fire.

It didn't worked though. It appeared like the water seemed to pass the fire and nothing happened. That seemed to convince him of his fears.


Sky knew that he needed to get out of there soon but before that could happen the whole cottage erupted in fire. Sky was trapped inside. He was grateful for whoever helped him but taking away his wand when he wasn't even fully capable to fight was a bad decision.

Using his hands as a cover he jumped the roof fell down on the floor. But sky was fortunate that he made a safe landing and was completely unharmed.

The whole cottage collapsed on from of his own eyes. His one part of his mind thought bad for whoever was the owner and the other part made him alert.

There was no one all around but Sky was sure that it were the orcs as the fire wasn't in any hurry to go. And only orcs could cause such things. He ran the other side trying to be as far as he could away from danger that he was sensing.

As he was heading down he tripped because of a branch lying on the floor. At first he cursed but then was shocked to see how fortunate he had been. As he stood back up he saw a shuriken stuck to the tree's trunk. It was covered in purple liquid. In an instant it made all sense.


Sky's father had taught him enough to recognize any kind of poison and this seemed to be made by orcs. Sure enough two of them were following him shouting something which felt like,

Come to us and we'll make a feast out of you!

They had their long swords on their hands and probably wouldn't hesitate to kill him. Without losing a second Sky started running through the woods. He had no idea why was he being chased by two fully grown orcs but he wasn't about to stop and ask them.

Sky was struggling because of the branches that hit his eyes and hand or face like someone was slapping him. At the beginning of the chase the orcs were well behind but as it progresses Sky started to loose control and the healing started to wear of as he experienced the pain once again.

He stopped when he was well hidden in high grasses. He was huffing bit didn't lost his alertness. Suddenly from our of nowhere a sword slashed at him. Fortunately Sky was fast enough to duck and the tip missed him by a centimeter.

Standing in front of him was one of the orcs that was earlier chasing him. As he backed away he felt the sharp tip of another sword in his neck. He stopped.

He was captured with no way to escape. Both of the orcs were smiling showing their horrible yellow teeth to him. The one of them raised his sword to attack him, but before he had a chance he fell to the ground. The other one was shocked to see his friend slowly turning black turning to ashes.

The a moment later he too fell to ground. Behind it was a dark hooded figure hovering a meter above the ground.

The same one who followed him the previous night.
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