The Living Evidence of Beauty - Introduction

by maryjane
Human imperfection exist when they are in midst of perfection. They make mistake because they don’t think what is best and much better for him – to mankind. We see ourselves in this situation when we are down, drowning, hopeless and being loveless. We did something we don’t know but we are in the flow. We are there, you are there as witness to the living evidence of beauty.
“Hello… Honey… um good morning and I love you so much” reasonably asked MM to his husband. “Oh yes my princess” pressurized answer by Jude “I forgot my phone could it be possible to bring me that at exactly 10:00 am because I had someone to call on for some very important matters about the work.” Jude rolling of his eyeballs while saying; “As usual my dear lovely have forgotten mind that I ever dearest love in the world.” Kidding aside of Jude “Just wait for me there and at your service.” That’s the only line he said.
Every week MM forgot one of the things most imperative that should be in her bag. This is all she discerned but it seems unpremeditated to do for such motivation. Of course, every woman has their own panache of fond someone with. MM was not excused with this issue. Perhaps one of those memories in her mind triggered her to organize the same thing frequent in diverse way as well as the situation she was. In fact, She recognized this stuff but she was fun of doing it all by herself, only herself. She definitely made decisions each time in need when she don’t dearth to turn back home.
“I’m just in a hurry earlier that’s why I fail to recall my stuff and suddenly I noticed it right after I sat on my chair at the office, and I am very thankful for having you in my life because you’re always there every time in need, I-I mean the moment that I really needed you.” She explained to too much. “That’s all I’ve got from you a “THANK YOU!” he demanded to his wife. “Oh common honey, how about the kiss?” he considerately asked MM to do with him. “Oh that’s a lucky you, your wish granted my knight and shining armor.” Then they kissed with a little bit touch of arrows found in the center of a human. A simple kiss went to a torrid one that nobody knows what is happening inside the car. The worlds belong to the couple now. Only for them, no one can claim it to them at this moment. The world was not exempted for destruction and disturbance, even humans lived on earth. Until they are in much, pretty and hot scene when the phone rings.
“Oh my God honey! I need to go now, I-I-I have someone to deal with” she hurriedly fixed herself. “Your hair huh, it’s not even nice.” He uttered in a very mild tone “Thanks honey! And fetch me at 4:00 pm, I have to be home soon with you” she winked her eyes looking to his husband and immediately walked going to the office. Jude gave her spectacular look while she was walking away. Meaningful look that when a man something on his head thinking about.
MM merely glimpsed her phone and she found out that she has three messages unread and one unanswered call from a client. While walking she tried to open the first “Good morning Ms. MM Leigh, I called at your office this morning but it seems you were not there so decided to give you a message and a single ring. We meet at the Grand Molley Hotel for a lunch I hope you’ll be there.
MM quite thinking of this, because it’s not written in her schedule or else she might cancel the other one and check about of which is the most priority. She is a little bit confused about the message to which she would go. But There is something very clear on her mind, that is to get a quota deal with the business man. The decision came out right after she thought the incentive she would get from the said deal. That is why she replied the text messages of the unknown client.
She hurriedly dial the number of the unknown client while entering to her office. Then Suddenly, there is a man's voice gentle, slow and very clear to speak. "Oh! yes Ms. Leigh, I expect your call" said the unknown man. "Yeah... I saw your call and messages but I don't know who you are..could you please excuse me if you tell me your name? I mean your profile sir, before we have a serious conversation about business"MM wants to secured this conversation before it goes to nothing. "Really..? You Didn't recognize me? how about my voice? my voice MM..."? That is the only she heard from the unknown client and she heard a couple beep means the call was ended.
She suddenly felt a little bit nervous that Leigh doesn't know where it is come from. " I knew this man, but I don't know where and when did I met him?"
There is only 2 hours left before the lunch, many jiffy passed by on her mind, unlimited, different moment, event, party relationship. At last! Relationship. "Oh my God!" This is not true! How could this be happen?" A couple question asked on herself. Many question left on her mind, and she doesn't know where to start. Finally, she come up a decision. "I will do it and I can make it for the sake of the company.
Is it really for the sake of the company or it is for her own sake because she knows him really, ever since..."No matter what happen, I can handle this and I never ever fail" The line that she uttered to herself.
And now she decided that she will going to meet the unknown guy. She replied the unknown client that she will come.
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