The Little Squirrel

by soma avijit bose

The squirrel glanced at me as I just rescued it from being

into pieces under my boot- I was jogging within a greenish
complexion and suddenly this happened.

I lifted it into my hand and it started to shiver,it was his

of presence a monster like me as it realized that I did not

to its world-I hoped so.I gently kept my fingers down on
earth and

left it on grass.It regained its strength and went hopping

another direction.

Few days later,a crest of a nearby hill started to crack and
an earthquake happened.I tried of being safe and started running

towards a ground.But bricks,woods,trees-all became out of

so quickly and started to fall.I felt that I was already
under some ruins and lost my sense.

Still I got a chance to be alive.After sometime I regained
my sense and heard a thin voice of some people who were calling me,they pulled
my one hand out of a tiny cracked hole and removed some bricks,woods and mud
from the surroundings to take me out of the debris.

"You will be okay,'they called for a doctor."What
if this squirrel does not roam around the cracked hole", one of them
pointed out a squirrel and I discovered that dark brown small pretty creature
whom I saved once.They were geologists and doubted

that there might be any living thing under the bricks and
this small squirrel's suspicious movement made them sensed that.Instead I felt
sad of being hurt,I gave a thankful smile to it.

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