The Legacy chapter 1

by SMLilith
Chapter 1 The spirits the dreams and the screams

Eighteen Years Earlier in Father Van Moores Point of View-

“You must do this. Otherwise we will have to push him into becoming a hunter at a young age.” I explained quietly. Katie cried silently as she stared at Daniels limp body in the coffin while holding Johnathon in her arms. This was something that we never saw coming. The fact that Vlad knows who John really is- I must take on his identity if John and I ever meet. But for now, we just will need to hope that we meet after a long, long time after this event.

“I understand Father Van Moore. I understand.” She said quietly. I sighed and I look at John. This baby cant fight against Vlad. I cant see a good ending for him if he fights Vlad. Never will that happen.

“I must go now.” I say quietly as I get the other hunters to take the coffin that Daniel is in and make sure he is burried in a safe place.

“Goodbye Dan.” Katie says as she breaks down and cries in pain, sobbing over the death of her soul mate was the one thing that she never wanted to do at the young age John was. I walk to the door after the hunters leave with the coffin. I turn around and look at her.

“Dont forget what we said. Never let him know what you really feel or he will know the truth on everything.” I say then I leave. Knowing that this may have ended Daniels life- but what Vlad did was declare war on the realm of magick itself.

Unknown Point of View-

I sit in my chair as my witch pours me a glass of wine. I glare at her with fury in the pit of my very soul. I raise my hand and slap her in the face, watching the glass tip over and fall on to the floor and crack like a skull. I look at her in pity. My anger boils in fire and I wish I could take down whom tried to kill me over six-hundred years ago. That son of a bitch.

“I'm so sorry my Lord.” She said quietly. I laugh at her loudly, but my eyes then turn black and glossy as the star filled night. I wish she could just let me hear the endless torment of how she despises me for killing her family. It was a shame though, the witches in her family coven were strong- but not strong enough.

“Do not patronize me you bitch!” I yell in irritation. She looks at me and glares. All she could do is just stare with anger in her eyes and I know that she knows that theres nothing she can do but two choices- she could either disobey and die by my hands, or listen like the good dog she is and keep on working for me as my personal hybrid. Either way, I despise her as much as she despises me.

“Have you located Van Helsing?” I asked.

“Yes. From what I've gathered he doesnt remember anything.” She explained. I take a deep breath and I stand up.

“I'll be leaving to see that bitch of a mother of his. Do not leave this room until I come back!” I tell her loudly. Then taking my leather jacket and slowly putting it on and leaving the office. She better give me a reason to not snap her damned neck.

Johns Point of View-

I'm in my room all alone. All I can see are the spirits of the dearly departed walking in my room. My dad never comes to see me and it kills me inside. Why dad? Why can't we meet, even though you died when I was still a baby?

“Van Helsing.” Someone calls out from the crowd. I look towards the people in my room and I see a man with black hair, dark blue eyes and pale skin. He wears armor from what seems to be from the fourteen-hundreds and he looks so sad.

“So the day has finally come. To fight him one last time.” He says then vanishes out of the room. I wonder who that was, who was he talking about? The people that were walking and talking in my room then started to fading away. I laid back down and tried to close my eyes but then I hear a scream from someone and I sit back up wanting to know where that came from. I look and see nothing but the spirits fading away. I just sit in silence then lay back down and fall asleep.

“Wake your ass up John! You’re going to be late for school!” Mom screams from right outside my bedroom door. Oh God. She sounds like a Siamese cat clawing at someone for stepping on their tail.

“Say that again and I will.” She says hissing in telepathy.

 “Don’t start reading my mind.” I say snapping at her as I get out of bed to hit the shower.

  “Maybe if you just looked normal I wouldn’t have to be near you to keep you in line.” She says acting as if she were a cop. If she was she’d suck as one since she drinks more than she looks out for people crossing the street.

  “I heard that spawn!” She yells out in anger. I sigh before hitting the shower.


Once the hot water hit, I was in heaven. I felt like just standing there. I took the wash cloth and washed myself slowly, then taking my shampoo and conditioner and massaging my hair gently and rinsed myself quick. I get out of the shower and I dry myself off, then getting dressed I'm wearing a black V-neck T-shirt and neon purple jeans with black sneakers and a dark blue denim jacket.

   “Finally you’re ready to get out of here.” Mom snorts out just starting with me as always.

 “Finally you’re admitting to getting paid to screw around in this house.” I say. She lifts up her hand and smacks me in the face.

“Watch it boy. I pay the bills so I do what I want to get the money, you got that?” She says growling at me. I just sigh and yes her to death. I leave in my dad’s old pickup truck which is in pretty good condition since I’m not the only one driving it. Hint, hint on my drunk of a mother.


I’m driving down the road close by the school when I see cops all over this one store. I don’t give any mind to it and keep on driving by. When I get into the parking lot and park the truck I hear someone scream.

 “He’s here! Everybody ready?” Randy screams. I get scared immediately and am so tempted to pull out of the parking lot and get the hell out of here but I’m already surrounded. When I get out of the truck I see Randy and his friends- which is most of the football, soccer, and basketball team that do pot with him.

“Well, well look at the freak that keeps showing up uninvited, how are you doing since that little present we sent you and mommy?” He says, snorting.

 “Look you ass, I’m just here to get the day over with so please don’t start a fight-” He cuts me off.

“You have no business coming to our school, right guys?” He asks the guys. They nod looking at me disgusted and ashamed that I even exist.

“Well Randy I guess I’ll see you in class.” I say running past them. On my way into the school building, I hear them scream out in frustration at their failed attempt.


I get into the first class of the day when a girl approaches me. She just happens to be Randy’s girlfriend.

“Hey John I’m sorry about Randy. I didn’t think he would’ve done that. I thought he would have kept his promise to not go near you but I guess not, because of what happened before I broke up with him.” She explains. I hear Mr. Manning, our history teacher, telling us to sit down and get ready for a pop quiz.


I’m in the middle of the quiz when something told me to look up at the black board. When I did there wasn’t anything on there. That is, until I started seeing something spill out of it. I tried raising my hand to get Mr. Manning’s attention but all of a sudden he walked out along with all of the other students. That’s weird… I stand up and walk to the black board. I touched what was spilling out and examined my finger- it was blood. I freaked out and ran out of the classroom but instead I find myself on a battlefield. A Priest and a man with long black hair and a mustache, dressed in very expensive clothing fight against each other.

“You’re a fool for fighting me Van Helsing!” The man screams out. The priest just glared and kept fighting with his sword. With all his might he hit the man with his sword but something happened. He screamed out in pain and collapsed onto the ground looking up at the man who still stood perfectly.

“I told you my dear, Van Helsing. You are but a fool for trying to win. Goodbye my friend.” He says. He walks away as the priest lies dying. I feel the pain that the priest feels building in my chest, I look down, blood is spilling from me. I try to scream but my voice is put on mute, I feel a hand go over my mouth-

 I wake up shaking. My skin clings to the sheets that once protected me from the harsh cold, hanging on from the sweat beads that cover me. Every night this happens. Every God Damned night. And the worst part is that I don’t understand it. It plays over and over again, willing me to learn and see right but all it does is send my mind into a dazed state.

I peel my sheets away from my body and set my feet on the stone cold wood. A shiver runs up my spine as a noise sounds behind my door. Click Click Click… The sound of hurried footsteps reaches my ears before my sense have time to react. I try and ignore it but I’m too scared to think about anything else but that sound of the footsteps, but then it went silent and everything becomes quiet.

That’s another thing I don’t understand. It’s like someone watches me whilst I sleep at night. I’ve long given up on trying to pursue whoever it is. I never make it to the door in time to hear where the footsteps go. Maybe sometimes it’s just best to leave the unknown in the dark. Literally speaking for me.

Whilst some might be scared about a stranger glancing over them when in deep slumber, I find it reassuring. They never do anything to me, it’s almost like they stop it from happening. I can’t be sure though. My guidance towards the situations rests on how much sleep I’ve got. I glance my eyes over to the clock that perches on the end of my desk. At this moment, about 5 hours. Not too bad I guess. If they had woken me with 3 hours of sleep I might not be as gentle about it.

Trying to clear my mind of any worry, I place absent thoughts in my head and as I lay in bed I hear this very fearful conversation going on between mom and an unknown man.

  “Where’s Van Helsing?” The voice asked and I'm wondering who that is- probably a spirit that's talking to other spirits, but then I hear moms voice.

“You leave this house now Vlad. Theres nothing you can do to get him. Dont even try.” She says. Then after that moment I see a man pop right in front of me and he says something but I can't hear what he's saying and all I see is his lips moving, then everything goes black.

Johns Moms Point of View-

Another night of pretending to be someone else. It hurts me completely but I have to. Otherwise, I'll have to come clean about his father, Dan. I go into the fridge and I take out an apple so I can distract myself from thinking of what I have done over the course of eighteen years of Johns life, when I then hear that damned voice.

“Where is Van Helsing?” A voice calls out from behind me. I turn and look, it's Vlad.

“You leave this house now Vlad. Theres nothing you can do to get him. Dont even try.” I say. Vlad laughs and claps his hands quietly. He walks forward then stops and picks up an apple from the counter beside him and takes a bite from it.

“You know how bitter it will turn when I rid him from this world right?” Vlad asks. I glare at him. Oh god I wish I could fight him!

“We will defeat you Vlad!” I say loudly. Vlad smiles small and he takes another bite from the apple.

“Such pity I have for you my dear enemy. Such pity.” He says. He then looks up and turns into a page turning fear.

“Well I see I will have to leave since someone just jumped in.” Vlad says baring his fangs. I turn and look, it's Ian!

“Get out now before I make a move on you.” Ian says growling underneath his breath. Vlad laughs and turns to the door.

“I will see him dead again Ian. I will make sure he doesnt have a chance to be reborn.” Vlad growls like a demon. Then vanishes without a trace. Ian sighs and walks over to me.

“I'm sorry I couldnt come earlier Katie, I had to take care of some things.” He said. I sigh and I knew exactly what he meant by that. He had to get John to forget that he had heard the conversation and put him into a deep sleep.

“Thank you Ian.” I say then walking to the kitchen door.

“I wish I was like you Ian, someone that could protect John and not fear for my own life.” I explain. Then walking out of the kitchen and upstairs to check on John. I open the door and I see he's asleep. That's good, at least he doesnt have to deal with Vlad- at least for now. I close the door. I hope things get better soon. For Johns sake. As well as for mine. I walk down the hall and I open the door to my bedroom and walk in slowly. Everytime I walk into my room, I see Dan and how he used to work on his art when he waited for me when I was doing something.

“I'll always be here for you Katie.” A voice called out. I turn around and I see Dan. He smiles and then vanishes without a trace. Tears rolled down from my eyes. His voice did something that didnt usually do. It pierced my heart like a killer stabbing me in the heart and ridding me from the life that I wanna live. Your life was taken and I wanted to live in that life, why Dan? Why did you have to go? I scream out loudly and everything becomes still as a corpse. Nothing will change, I know that no matter what I do Dan. You wont be able to come back into my arms. The pain I see is the pain of when Vlad said that he killed you Dan. Goodbye Dan, because I know I will never see you again. Because- because your at a dreams distance from me seeing you again. I straighten myself and I run my fingers through my long black hair. I wiped the tears from my olive green eyes and I take off my shoes. Then going to my bed and sliding into the covers and I try to fall asleep as I tried to not think of the fact that I lost my beloved soul mate Daniel Johnathon Haven Stone.
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