The Last Dance

by Summer
This is not a story of a girl who fell in love with her best friend(a boy, of course). But sure it started that way.

February 13, 1994. I am not fan of memorizing days, like the day you had your first kiss or the day you graduated in high school or the day you got your driver's license. But February 13, 1994 got stuck in my head for a long time now, and I am not sure I can ever forget that day. February 13 is my birthday. But it was only during 1994 when three surprises changed everything I knew about people, living and love.

-*-*- Second Surprise -*-*-

Beautiful? No.

Sexy? No.

Smart? I don't know and I don't wanna know.

If I could burn her alive, I would. But I was a good girl in everyone's eyes, so I had to act classy.

Looking at your crush (at the same time, your best friend) from your window is magical. I felt that for as long as I can remember.

Still watching my crush from the window, I asked my brother: "Why would Marco kiss a stranger?"

I looked back and my brother was already sleeping. I glanced on my watch. It's four-thirty A.M. I walked down the stairs. My mother and father were drinking coffee.

"Are you supposed to be decorating the whole house? It's my birthday. Remember?" I asked.

"Of course, we remember," my mother said. "We are not celebrating here. We're gonna go to a restaurant!"

"And my first gift," my father said, his eyes growing big. "I invited Marco!"

So it was all my fault. Two nights ago, my father asked what I want as a gift. I said I want Marco to be there. He didn't know I have a crush on Marco. My father said he will try. Supposed to be a joke, I said to my father that he should ask Marco to bring a girl. I said that because Marco is talkative but very awkward to girls, so I was not expecting him today at the front of my house kissing a girl that I never saw my whole life.

Then someone knocked on the door. My parents smiled to each other and pointed to the door. So I opened the door and found Marco outside, alone.

Marco looked normal: no new clothes, no gift and he was wearing a wide smile that made me smile too. He never dressed for the occasion. He looked like a gangster, but with lesser bling. He only had a silver ring around his middle finger. And it was not his, it was his brother's. Poor guy.

"Good morning, Lisa," he whispered. "And a happy birthday!" He saw my parents and greeted them a good morning and my parents greeted him back.

"I saw you with a girl, from my window," I asked, sounding sad.

"I walked here alone, " he looked dead serious. "Don't joke around. It's your birthday. I won't hurt you."

I swear I saw a girl. Was I imagining things?

"Oh thanks, God," I stared in his eyes, wondering if he really was saying the truth. "I was thinking, 'Who would like Marco? He's not that likable.'"

I hate when I misplace jokes. And this is one of them that went beyond worst. He never did cry, at least not on my presence. And now, he did.

I was gonna say sorry when a girl suddenly appeared from his back. She's in a red dress, and wearing a silver necklace.

"I'm Kristen. Marco's girlfriend. This is the first time I meet you and I already hate you."

-*-*- To be continued... -*-*-
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