by lynda
" Isn't it time you have to get married again Deck, Mrs Jackson said to her 28 years old widow son with a 5 years old beautiful daughter Ella. Is time to give your daughter a new mother." Forget all those scares my son, Mr Jackson intruded, you are a handsome and a wealthy guy that any single lady will like to have in her bed. Get a new wife and a mother for yourself and for my granddaughter dear.

" Dad, i have said these severally, I don't need a wife. I can take care of my child. Ella is my love and my daughter, and am happy alone with her. Nanny can help with other home chores for her. " But you know our little princess is selective and also not in good terms with all the nannies we've gotten for her so far. And they don't last for a month to remind you of that. " Then you should keep on searching till you get the right one dad.

Miss Eva, are sure you can work at Jacksons mansion?, because they are prominent and wealthy well know family, and on top of it, they are strict and mean and always live by all this family traditions said Mrs Beatrice Paula, the director of kingdoms nannny agency. But dear you are only 25 years old and beautiful, if you still insists,then I have no say to refuse you of that. Just be prepared, you will start work next week Monday as soon as your résumé is transferred to them. Thanks aunt Paula said the young and beautiful Eva paula.

Good morning sir, Eva said to Mr Jackson, am from kingdoms..... " agency I bet said Mr jackson.come inside and sit down. Luca! Luca!, " yes sir shouted the handsome male servant," go and inform Deck that the new nanny is here.

"Were is she Luca?said Deck". " I bet she is at the garden sir". Deck approaching the garden, saw Eva, and said to himself, so there are still ladies with fragile physique? I asked for a mother or matured nanny. And not a baby or.... Pretty nanny.Did I just say pretty?

" you are....." Eva sir, I am miss Eva Paula said Eva, am here for the nanny' job. Then you must be Mrs Beatrice Paula ba....by niece?" Yes sir I am, said Eva. Just call me Mr Deck, Deck said to her, and you should know I have a stubborn little daughter Ella. Daddy! Daddy! Ella shouted running towards her dad. " speaking of the devil, there she is said deck. " wow! Little princess said Eva.

" Daddy who is she? Asked Ella. " Baby, she is your new nanny, miss Eva said Deck. " little princess, come forward said Eva, and she came forward. Eva gave her a present and scrolled her curled hair, you are pretty my angel. "Same are you shouted Ella, Deck's ears were surprised to hear that from his daughter's mouth. You look like my barbie dolls. Ella showed Eva around the building, the garden and her room.

A month later, Deck went to work, both Mr and Mrs Jacksons. Eva was doing some home chores, and Ella was bored playing alone. To Ella's greatest surprise, Eva took Ella on her arms and ran out to go play under the rain at the garden. They were playing, laughing, running and hiding behind the statues. Deck, Mr Jackson and his wife coming back from work heard people laughing and singing.At first they doubted the noise was coming from there house, but since they have no neighbour living beside them, " it must be from our house said Mrs Jackson. When they were approaching the garden, what they saw was unbelievable and so appealing to them, to see their granddaughter so happy and playing as well. "You must be a blessing said Mrs Jackson referring to Eva, "no dear, she must be an angel said Mr Jackson". " Deck was so shocked and happy seeing her daughter smiling and laughing with Eva, and as well dumbfounded and lost at the sight of Eva. His parent saw what was going on and decided to leave without him noticeing.

Eva was so drenched and soaked with water, every of her curves were now visible and irresistible, her nipples showing and the lines of her thighs being visible under her cotton mini gown. He was eager to taste her and feel her skin under his mattress. As they stopped playing, he got himself back. Ella said to Eva" miss Eva I know you love my dad, I use to see the way you looks at him everyday, and the way he looks at you too, like his doing now. She turned towards him, Deck coughed and hugged his child and went inside, while Eva was there blushing and smiling.

Dear son, we will be going to visit your aunt Elizabeth this evening with Ella, and we will stay for 3 days, Eva is around to tend to your needs said his dad. " why so suddenly dad? That we didn't even discuss about it, are you sure is not necessary to take Eva as well?." No son, since Luca is on vacation, let her stay and help with the chores and cooking as well.

It was 6pm, and Deck is back from work, Eva was putting a red short see through cotton dress. Not knowing that Deck is back, was cleaning Deck's room. Deck came into his room, saw her and gazed down at her breast. He was head on and hard between his legs. He went to her and kissed as if it has been decades he kissed long. He touched her breast that made Eva escaped a moan and asked for more. He kissed and suckled her breast until the tips of her breast turned red.he slowly undressed her, and took her to the bathroom. They showered touching each other, Deck paused for some minutes and asked if he should go on with his deeds. Ella said to him, " honey I have been prepared to do these with you." So you are a.....v.., no u can't be, said Deck. " yes I have not done it before Deck, you are the first man am even kissing said Ella. " you must be joking dear, which world do you come from? Said Deck.

Ever since you came to my household that I started loving you , Eva will you marry me and take Ella as your own, I want you as my woman and mother to our children Ella. " I will Deck, love you, Ella and children to born in future.

Then Deck slowly went inside her, feeling all her breath, sweat and skin. He went in slowly and faster till them both were exhausted and tired

Two months later, Deck and Eva got married and every one at Jacksons mansion were all happy, and little Ella was so happy to call nanny Eva her mama. And also happy that her new mother will give her a new baby since she's a month pregnant.
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