The Girl With The Gift

by M.D Khamil

“I can’t think of anything else.
It’s the only way.”

“Mrs Marr, why wouldn’t you want
to take her to the asylum?” said the pastor.

“My daughter is not crazy. She’s
just . . . . . abnormal.”

“She needs to be put into
somewhere safe and . . .” Pastor Gabriel stopped half way.

“And experimented with my
daughter? I called you here so that I thought you could help me.”

“I really am trying to help you
but if you won’t cooperate . . .” the pastor couldn’t finish his words as Mrs
Marr interrupted.

“You don’t understand. She must
not leave this house or terrible things will happen.”

“What terrible things?” But Mrs.
Marr only stood quietly while gazing deeply into the pastor’s eyes.

“Where is she?”

“I locked her up in the

“What? You’re abusing her! What
kind of mother . . . . .”

“Don’t! Listen, I love my
daughter. So much. There’s one thing you need to know about her.”

“Tell me.”

“She can move objects made out of
metal with her mind. She cannot control her ability and cost my husband his
life. I used to hate her, called her demon. But my husband always protected
her. Until that faithful day, my husband died in the hands of my own daughter.”


Pastor Gabriel had nothing to say
but only nodding and followed Mrs Marr to the basement.

“Pastor Gabriel, before I forget,
do you have any metal object on you? If you do please remove them now before I
unlock the cage.”

“I’ve got my watch and my metal

“Put them inside the wooden box.”
He did as what he was told. In front of him, Gabriel saw a home made cage, entirely
made out of wood. It looked real steady. Mrs Marr switched on the extra light
and the basement now fully lighten up. There was a girl sitting at the far
corner of the cage, she looked about sixteen. Black straight hair but she
looked really gloomy.

“What’s her name?” asked pastor

“Melina.” Suddenly a phone rang
upstairs. “I’m sorry pastor Gabriel, I need to pick up the phone. Is there
anything I can get you?”

“A cup of coffee would be great.”

“Sure. Maybe you can try and
convince my daughter there to . . . . . find some peace in her mind.” Mrs Marr
went upstairs and leave the pastor alone with her daughter.


“So Melina right? How are you?”
But there was no answer. Gabriel tried to talk persuade her again. “Is there
anything I can help you with?”

“I want you to leave now.”
Gabriel was stunned.

“I cannot I’m here to help.”

“You cannot do anything to help
me. I want you to leave now before she comes back.”

“Melina, you know I can’t do

“Please. If you care for me, you
need to leave this house now before it’s too late.”

“Too late for what? What do you
mean?” Melina was now crying, she was trembling.

“My step mother, she lied. She
killed my father because he gave his attention more toward me, to protect me.
She caged me so that I won’t tell the truth behind the crime she did. Please
leave now or she’ll kill you. You’re not the first one to come here. Many
people she invited here but never made it out back alive. Please go now I beg
you!” Gabriel was completely shocked to hear Melina’s story. He knew she was
telling the truth from the honesty of her tears. How long the girl had
suffered? This has to end.


To be continued . . .



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