the devils walk:chapter-1

by crystal123
"Hey sweetheart! wake up, it's time for you to go to school !"called my mom. I was really tired from the continuous home work and not to mention my medical class .There was way too much too learn, that even, If I stayed up the whole night I wouldn't be able to memories it all .

Ooh !! sorry .Hello , I forgot to introduce my self .My name is 'Emma'. I am a medical student of very prestigious medical university.

Beep! Beep ! Beep!!!!

Oh my god, I just looked at the the clock, it was already 7:45. I only have 15 mins to dress up for my university . I quickly went to the bathroom , I had a bath , I washed my face, and I changed my clothes . When I finally had to put my socks on , I couldn't find them. I looked under the bed , in the cupboard but I still couldn't find them so I called Mom and asked "Mom have you seen my socks?" mom replied "Yes honey I have, they are in the laundry" . I replied"OK! Thanks mom."

It was a cold and cloudy day,as I walked out my front door, the grey reflection of the sky fell into my eyes ,it showed me a sign that 'SOMETHING WRONG IS GOING TO HAPPEN TODAY', when this intuition came into my mind I tried to erase it but I couldn't do it .As the cold and dry wind brushed passed me, fear loomed in my heart."Is it a sign of something, WHATS WRONG WITH ME !!!!!!!"this thought bought fear into me, but I tried to erase it so started walking towards my destination, the university.My friend Mayo must have been waiting for me at the main gate of the university.
. While I was walking, I started to think whether my six-scene is right or wrong.

Half way to the university, I heard a roaring sound of an engine, as I looked behind me the car swiftly passed by, while splashing dirty water on me which was from the road side.The only thing that I saw from the black window of the car was a glimpse of a boy. I got angry at him and shouted at him to stop the car. He stopped the car and he stepped out of it . I was 'AWE'-struck by looking at such a handsome face.

He came over to me with a smile and he humbly apologized to me and he said "I am sorry, I am in a rush and I am going to be late for my university class." after that he left .

As soon as I reached my university gate I found a girl standing in front of the gate with big brown eyes and brown curly hairs as she rolled it in her hand. That is my friend , Mayo-chan , who was standing there with an angry face. When I reached Mayo-chan she started yelling at me.....
"Why the hell are you so late? " I replied "Well, you see something weird happened to me".
Then she said "Hey! Tell what happened".I replied "I will tell you when we get back to class".After that we started walking toward the main hall of our university from the parking lot of the university .After walking few steps forward my head suddenly turned to right and then I saw the same car .The same car that splashed water on me about an hour a go....



guys i have just completed the first chapter of my series,
if you like then give me a comment on it .

:) love t o hear it from you GUYS!!!

Its a kinda like shoujo manga series. Its about love life romance and odd and even end of life.

hey guys for I did some changes in it please read it again. please tell me!!!!!
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