Thankful sorry

by Manahill Naik
I hear so much
So I say too much
I haven't kept
A dictionary in my pocket
I havent paused
I have just said
What I have
 Never meant.
Human hearts
Break apart
Human souls
Could never hold
The pieces together.
It's destiny
Etched between 
The spaces of the lines 
On our palm
But words, you see
Can change allignment
Of the stars above 
But words, you see
Can color the faded horizons
Can suck the soul
Of the star that shone.
I have stood beneathe
 The wet sky
I have taken shelter
From rose petals
I have savoured the dew drops
On your fingertip
I have breathed the essence
That the roses spared
But what I've said,
I've never cared. 
One day
I saw the Sun smile
Through flaxen tears
 That were hardly seen
One day
I saw the dragonflies
Hum songs of broken hearts
One day
I saw you
Hiding your scarred fingertip
I looked down
Beneathe my pretty hair
Dressed with rose petals
And beneathe the golden bracelet
That my wrists held
And I sang the world my story
Over strumming guitar strings
Then I told the world "I'm sorry"
Which I truly meant
And I held you by your fingertip
That had begun to heal
And I parted your hair with care
And I whispered "Thankyou"
Which I had never said
But then,
I had truly meant.
For all the words I've said
I had never cared
Say all the words
 You've never said
And when you truly care.

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