Tawdry Meat

by Yellow Black

Joe and his uncle Joseph lives in cottage at the edge of the village. Joseph masters the techniques in natural healing and cures villagers of all their elements. Hence, villagers fondly call the cottage - a Sacred Cottage.

Joe runs a business of confectionaries in the village. He has a friend, Tom, who he likes and believes-in a lot. Tom, too likes Joe a lot and gives him suggestions on business and be a helpmate during the need.

Tom once shares a word on popular belief that the villagers have - The smile of the Nitid Moon; which infers, if one wishes whole-heartedly for something that he needs to the waxing moon, through its phases, the Nitid Moon would smile on full moon day, if the wish’s accepted. Joe liked the gossip very much, and started wishing moon everyday, as he sat on the ban of the river.

Joe had only one wish - Meet his love-of-life, the soonest.

On a full moon day, Joe finished his work early and reached the river bank waiting for the moon to rise. The first ray of the soothing moon has lit the sky and beautifully dropped a reflection in the fresh-stream. He waited long wishing for a smile on the moon. With no signs of smile, he calls it a retreat. As he turns back, he sees the nitid moon smiling, so ecstatic that he couldn’t endure, his eyes refused to blink, his muscles are devoid of oxygen, a shivering heart murmured the beauty of the moment. Just, when all his four senses were awestruck, a mellifluous “Hello!” made him realize, its a girl. Rebecca was her name, Joe gets it, when her friend calls her. The river bank got some new energy which Joe never experienced, there’s a scent in the air that tickled the heart. Before he could respond, the girl left the place.

The next day, Joe was lost in the thoughts of the girl. He had no interest in going out for work. “Who is the girl? Where was she from”. He thought his helpmate Tom would know. But, Tom didn’t.

Tom and Joe went in search of the girl all around, waited on the same river bank for so many days. But, couldn’t trace the girl. Joe was so dejected. Tom, then thought of the Holy Giant, the giant with magical powers.  

Tom said, Holy giant would help find the girl with his magical powers. Joe instantly accepts the idea. 

They then started their journey to the woods. That’s where the Holy Giant lives. The journey is not an easy one, however. The place they’re headed is also the dwelling of the cannibals. 

Joe is in a love-high. His determination wouldn’t care for any snag on his way. Even if they’re aplenty. 

On their way, they see an old house. They think that’s the place where the holy giant lives, as the house has weird architecture. The house is unusually tall and has big tall glasses. The gate is around 50 feet high and are decorated with snake heads on the latch. 

They entered the gate and looked around to find if there’s anyone who could help. As they look around,Joe spotted a huge eye leering at them from behind the glass. Before he alerts Tom, they hear a high-pitched voice asking, “Who are you What are you here for?” Tom responded, we are here to meet Vilondy (the Holy Giant’s name). The voice asked them to enter.

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