by M.D Khamil

“When was this footage taken?” said Richard McQueen one of FBI best male agent on the team while having a cup of coffee as he carefully watching the recorded tape.
“On the 10th December 2014, around 20:24 hours.” Replied the security guard.
“What is she holding?” he added.
“A spoon. We didn’t know how or where she got it. We never had any case on missing spoon when our guards sending in and taking back those eating utensils. Last time when we checked, there was a hole in the corner of her cell. But we doubt the spoon came from there because there was no evidence of the spoon taken out from the wall. The only possibility where she got it was on this other footage taken on 17th October 2014.”
Richard was looking at the footage anxiously.
“The guard accidentally dropped the plate and all the food and drinks was a complete mess. See that? She got up from her bed and helped him pick up the spoon.” The guard explained the situation to Richard.
“Now this was the suspicious part, see the guard getting closer to her while having his back facing the CCTV? Look at the movement of his left arm. He was giving something to her. Now they both get up, you see the spoon is still there on the plate and he went out of the cell. Do you get what I mean?” said the security guard.
“Yes, the suspect brought an extra spoon.”
“Bad news that the suspect had died. He killed himself to escape from telling the truth that he was the one who gave the spoon to her.” Richard took another gulp of drink from his coffee while focusing on the footage.
“Now let’s get back to the first footage I showed you.” Said the security guard.
“This one a little bit extreme. Are you ready?” Richard nodded in the response of the guard’s question. There on the footage Richard saw the woman stab the security guard on his throat several times, she was sprayed with blood from his throat.
“Her cell is the nearest to the entrance door. See what happened.” Richard was sweating, not because he was nervous but because of the hot coffee steamed on his face.
“She has the key? How did she get the key?” wondered Richard.
“The same day the guard gave her the spoon. Now she’s out there, no one knows where she is now. It’s been a year since her escaped but until now the cops can’t find her.”
“I would like to have a copy of these tapes, so that my men can continue further investigation on her. What’s her name again?” said Richard.
“Melina, Melina Earhart.”


It’s been a month since Lisa Bateman experiencing and hearing noises in her house late at night. She thought it was only her hallucination but the more she tried to convince herself it was only her imagination, the more stranger things happen inside her very own home. At first she was hearing voices, then someone moving stuff around the house, then hearing someone showering and cooking. It gave her goose bumps because these things only happened late at night. She couldn’t sleep well at night because of hearing this unusual occurrence inside her house.
There was one time she thought she was going mad because of her imagining things. Plus, she was quite stress at work and her boss demanded so many assignments to finish before dateline. She took sleeping pills as a last resort. When she woke up in the morning, Lisa was so shocked to see the kitchen. Someone been eating her food and the dishes was left unwashed. Lisa walked around the house to check what else has been used or touched by that mysterious person. The clothes. Someone has worn her clothes in her own dress room. The one she wanted to use today to go work. Lisa was trembling, how easy that person snuck into her house without her realizing it. She made up her mind to do something about it.
At work, Lisa was a discreet person. All her colleagues shot her a weird glare. No one has ever talked to her since she started working at the company a month ago. She’s a magazine editor and been receiving two appreciation gifts from her company because of her outstanding work. She didn’t want to receive any, as she was afraid of her fellow colleagues would be jealous of her, those who have been working much longer at the company before she stepped her foot there.
Lisa lived in Transville neighborhood, in Charles Street, Dalton. It was about ten miles away from her workplace. Along the way she saw a dark building, looking so evil in the eye. It’s an old asylum made in the early 1900 and still operational today. She heard rumors about the missing woman in the area and sometimes she still heard people making jokes about it that she was coming back to slit someone’s throat if you stay alone at home. How could anyone be so cruel to make fun of such things? She thought sometimes to herself. Sometimes, there are many stories that people did not know behind the tragic history of someone’s past life. Lisa Bateman, as a magazine editor, once included an article in the magazine regarding to unsolved mystery. But she got many negative reviews from readers; someone even threatened to kill her for publishing such a crap article. “It was all a myth! Story created to scare little children to behave!” said one of the readers on an email feedback she received. But that wouldn’t stop her from finding the truth on this odd hobby of her. She came back home late usually around eight or nine o’clock in the evening. She never wanted to bring her work at home; she would rather have it done at work even if it costs her precious time for her own special treatment.


Lisa arrived home at 9.08 pm. She was breathing hard, and said a little prayer that she would not encounter any strange things tonight. She walked around the house to make sure everything was left as it was before and most importantly, there was no one hiding to make silly pranks on her. Everything was okay; she unlocked the front door and entered the house. Inside, she switched on the lights. She was looking at the living room, and only made a move when she thought everything was fine. She had a very mixed feeling right now. She was feeling not safe at her very own home. There was intruder came inside her house since she moved in the neighborhood. But she never wanted to call the police, not until she found out who is living with her this whole month. Brave, but a stupid thing to do.
She went upstairs to refresh her self in the shower, and only came down to eat her late dinner when she felt hungry. Lisa was just out of the shower when she heard footsteps coming slowly toward her bedroom direction. Quickly, she switched off the light and hid inside the closet. She was peeping through a hole in the closet and saw a female figure but couldn’t see her face clearly as it was very dark. She could only see her by the help of the streetlight. She was holding a knife in her right hand and an apple cut in half in her left hand. She tried to stay as quite as possible but then a dress wrapped in plastic hung inside the closet dropped to her feet. That woman walking slowly toward Lisa’s direction with a knife in her right hand ready to stab her if she opened the closet.
God saved her tonight when a telephone rang downstairs and diverted her attention. She quickly headed to the door and managed to look once more toward Lisa’s direction to make sure nothing was hiding inside the closet. She then went downstairs, running quickly to pick up the phone as Lisa heard her loud footsteps as she was wearing high heels. Lisa carefully went out of the closet and reach up for her mobile phone. She’s calling the FBI department. A number she found inside a phone book, just in case things like this happened. She tried calling the phone number but she couldn't reach it. The line was busy. So she called the police instead. Just when Lisa was about to make the call, the woman came back. Lisa decide not to hide inside the closet, she crawled under the bed and stay hidden. The woman came again. This time she switched on the lights. Lisa watch her every movement. Her instinct was correct, she headed for the closet. The woman opened the closet and picked up the fallen dress. Lisa heard the woman whispering something not really clear what she was saying. The woman was wearing a pair of red high heels. Prada. She then quickly walked for the door and switched off the light.


Lisa: "Hello? 911?"

911: "Yes ma'am is there anything we can help you?"

Lisa: "There's someone in my house."

911: "What do you mean there's someone in your house? Are you robbed?"

Lisa: "No. Someone is staying inside my house."

911: "Ma'am we cannot help you if you can't tell us what's going on."

Lisa: "Someone broke into my house and stay here. Sleep here. Use my bathroom. Eat my food."

911: "Where are you now ma'am?"

Lisa: "I'm upstairs in my bedroom. I'm watching that person now from behind the door, but I can't see that person. I can see lights flickering. That person is watching television in the living room downstairs."

911: "How long that person have been there?"

Lisa: "About a month. Help me. I'm scared."

911: "Can you tell me where do you live? Give me your address."

Lisa: "Charles Street, 707 Dalton, Transville.

911: "Okay we got your address. Wait for us to reach there for about an hour."

An hour passed and police sirens was heard from outside of Lisa's house. She took a peek from the window, they were three policemen cars and some FBI agents. They formed a formation and ready to break into the house, equipped with guns and safety jackets. The phone rang and she answered it.

911: "Where are you now ma'am?"

Lisa: "I'm still upstairs in my bedroom."

911: "Don't go anywhere ma'am, we'll come to get you."

Then the door was opened. All the policemen were pointing their guns toward her. Lisa saw a young lady in her late twenties covering her mouth, was shocked to look at Lisa. She wore a pair of red high heels like the one Lisa saw earlier. A man staring hard at Lisa Bateman. Someone called him agent McQueen. He had a photo with him and keep looking back at the picture and Lisa. Then she saw a police woman holding a phone. She came to her and said something.
Police Woman: Ma'am, we're going to arrest you. You're breaking an entry into someone else's house. We have just received an information that you're the missing woman from the Crater Hill Asylum from last year.

Lisa: . . . . . .

They took her away. She didn't remember anything. Who was Lisa?

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