Shadows From Behind - Episode 7

by Dahmie
“Are you here?” Chief asked again due to her silence
“Um, what do you say?” Bola asked backed with a shaky voice but tried hard to hide it
“I said, can you kill me?” Chief asked again
“Kill you? What do you mean by that? Why would I want to kill you?” Bola asked confusingly.
“I don’t know, I just want to confirm incase there would be a moment whereby I seriously made you angry and you got so annoyed, could you go to the highest length of killing me?” Chief asked her again. He seemed trying to force out the truth from her.
“No! Why would I want to” Bola said lighting up with a smile so as not to spoil everything
“Really?” Chief asked for reassurance
“Yes dear, why would I want to? You mean so much to me why would I want you dead?” Bola said
“Hmm, I trust you” Chief said teasing her
“Thank you” Bola said and burst into a little laugh.
Chief Olapoju’s question greatly shook Bola, she never believed Chief could ask such a crucial question and to make it worse, his timing was so wrong, just after getting relive from Lekan’s treat, never did she expect it. She woke up at different intervals during the long night all due to thoughts of chief’s question which was now causing her sleeplessness.
“Good morning dear” Bola greeting chief who was already awake and was sited on the verandah reading his newspaper.
“Good morning sweet” Chief replied
“Gosh, Chief have told you to stop calling me sweet” Bola nagged
“Hahaha, well OK, Good morning chewing gum” Chief replied teasing her.
“It’s in you” she said and laughed
“You don’t seem to know why I love calling you sweet, do you?”
“Why do you?”
“Come over here first” Chief said gesturing to her to come sit on his laps
“You want me to sit on your laps?” Bola asked a bit puzzled, “my weight could damage your legs” she added
“Hahaha, am stronger than that” Chief assured her
“Alright” she said and gently sat on his legs and rested her head on his chest.
“Good, now this is also one of the reason why I call you sweet” Chief started
“It is?”
“Yes, it is, you see, when I was young, I loved sweets a lot, I so loved it that back in the days, I would cry for sweets, if my patents didn’t give me sweets, I would cry terribly and as I grew older, in every of my prayer I would tell God that everything in my life should be made up of sweet things and you know you are number one in my life, so sweet to have around”
“Really, Chief you making me blush” Bola said smiling as chief continued to tease her.
“Hmmm, sweet sweet” chief teased and poked her
“Ouch, chief stop it”
“Sweet sweet”
“Stop it na”
As they continued, they were interrupted by Joy, the maid
“Ma, sir”
“Yes, what do you want” Bola answered her
“I come to tell you that breakfast is ready ma”
“OK, thank you” Bola said and turned back to Chief “let’s go and eat”
“What are we eating today?” Chief asked
“Bread with fried egg”
“Hm, did you remember to add lots of pepper to the egg as I love?”
“You sure can bet I did”
“Really? Alright then, let’s go”
They got to the dining and sat to a beautifully prepared meal of Bread with fried egg spiced with lots of pepper and onions, there was also orange juice to go along with it.
Just as they were almost midway into eating their breakfast, Joy came in again,
“O yes! what’s it now?”
“Em em, small oga” Joy quietly stammered
“Huh, small Oga, what happened to him?”
“Small oga Korede, is come back home” Joy announced the arrival of Korede into the house sharply.
On hearing this, Bola drop the fork in her hands and turned to look at chief who was just staring at the maid, she couldn’t read what exactly was on chief’s mind after hearing Korede’s name but most of her guess is the he is now angry
“Sit down there” chief commanded Bola as she tired to leave the table silently
“Go and call him for me” Chief commanded again but this time, it was to the maid
“Sir, you say?” Joy asked
“Go and call him for me” Chief said more loudly
“OK sir” Joy said and ran out to call Korede.
“Chi….Chief” Bola called
“Quiet woman, I will handle him properly this time” Chief assured her.
“Good morning mom” the voice of Korede broke the little silence that just built up
“Korede” Bola called out from her seat, she was shocked at the sight of her son who has left home for more than 3 weeks
“Good morning sir” Korede greeted Chief
“Hm, young man, where have you being and where are you coming from?” Chief sighed and asked but Korede kept quiet, he just starred sickly at his mother.
“Look at you” chief said breaking the silence “you left my house without any notice for weeks and you return looking haggard, oh! I am disappointed in you young man” Chief said
“Am sorry sir” Korede quietly said
“Please get out of my presence before I loose my anger” Chief commanded him and he quickly rushed to his room
“Chief” Bola called
“Hm, woman, did you see your son? Did you?” Chief said, his voice getting louder at each word he pronounced
“Chief, am sorry, I will speak some sense into him” Bola pleaded
“You better do, you better do so in time also cause it would be more of a disgrace to you than to me”
“Ok Chief”
“Oh God, now have lost my appetite, excuse me I have a meeting to prepare for” Chief said and exited the dinning hall for his room.
Bola couldn’t think in one direction, she didn’t know where to face, Lekan wanted her son, Chief her husband feels disappointed to have her son, her son wishes for another father, she was at a crossroad, and she couldn’t place things in order.
To be continued
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