Sarah and Me

by Jefrizza
Sarah Gloom, gloomy as her name. Walking back and forth beside a creek full of hideous things you won't even dare to look at. It is scary and yucky. But in Sarah's happiest times, this sorrowful body of water once admired by people has been her comfort zone.

She looked beneath the dirty water, "your beautiful face is forgotten but i do not." she said. Seeing her own reflection, a sudden feeling changed her face expression. it's as if someone is actually staring back at her. she eagerly pulled her face away from that sight.

Halfway from staying away, a sudden movement of the water shocked her. it twisted a bit and started to go up and down, side by side. a monstrous thing is hidden inside the creek. A thing you'll have Goosebumps at.

Sarah smiled, "Is this thing a trap?" she walked away a bit, "did a cat died here?"

My eyes grew wide and looked up at her closely. I am beneath the gruesome creek but I am not a cat. I died, yes, but I am never an animal. Stupid, Sarah! The movement of water is because of me.

I pulled out myself from the water and went near her. Sarah's eyes is never normal at this state, she looked horrified rather than happy. "why fear me Sarah, you have been my constant companion here." i whispered.

"w-what..w-what are--" her consciousness went out from her. She collapsed and now her body lied on the edge of the pathway crossing the creek. I tried to stop her body from falling down from where she is standing but I cannot.

Good thing she didn't fell down the creek or I will have an additional neighbor stealing away my food when humans came passing by and throwing things out the creek. Those stupid eels, they don't consider my existence at all!!

I sat down beside her body. I wanted to touch a human's face ever since I saw them up the creek. This is the first time I went up here. Maybe Sarah's life has something to do with me. She called me up!

I crossed my finger at her cheeks but an electricity shocked me. It feels the same when eels are releasing their
strength for me not to eat them up for their cruelty. Now I remembered how hungry I am. Without anyone knowing, I can borrow this body, can't I? I will return it right after eating. I am hungry too much!!

But do I need to borrow Sarah's unconscious body? If she collapsed after seeing me, how ugly I might be?!

I looked down the creek just how Sarah did few minutes ago. I don't look bad, just a pale face as white as the stones painted in pure white paints. I swayed my hair, yeah it looks disgusting for it was soaked long in a dirty creek.

My eyes were full black unlike Sarah. The pinkish lips she had doesn't look like mine that is a bit violet. There are lines of black roots surrounding my round face. Why does Sarah need to collapse when I almost looked like her?

Or am i just saying we looked alike?

The truth is.. we only had one similarity and that is the silver metal placed at out left hand fingers, exactly on the one right next to the shortest finger. But I cannot buy my food if I don't borrow her body! One thing I am sure of is that only Sarah can see me. I tried this scene many times to those passing by but they never felt my existence at all. I am just a spirit to them. but of course, I am not. I am not a spirit, I am a water ghost! Stupid passer by's!!

None can see me so I borrowed Sarah's unconscious body. The heat within her seems familiar to me. I stood
up and looked again beneath the creek, this was her last position. Now, I looked Sarah a lot.

I went and swayed my hand, no Sarah's hand, and smiled at everyone I passed by. Do I look--I mean, does Sarah looked pathetic by just smiling? I hear them murmurs after my smile, I mean after Sarah smiles.

A store on my right says there are 'fish feeds for sale' and so I went inside. I tap my waist pocket and noticed that a
money enough to feed me is inside. "good morning!" I said.

The cashier of the store was shocked when I grabbed one from the fish feeds and tried to taste a bit of it.

She turned away, "why would Sarah eat that?" the casheir said.

"this thing, how much is it?" I ask--Sarah asked.

The cashier was disgusted as her eyes is saying, "you ate them all up?!"

I nod, "Sarah is hungry--I m-mean me" I said. Phew, why am I confused with who is Sarah and who am I?! I am here, inside Sarah. for now, I am Sarah. I am me but for a while named Sarah. I cannot remember my name either.

"you should ate foods, not feeds." she said.

I took out money, "foods, feeds, letters O and E are the only difference!" I said. She shook her head a little and gave
me back another type of money.

I went out happily singing, I am full now. I can go back--"hey Sarah?!" someone called so I turn around.

"me?" I asked.

He nod, "yeah..?"

I looked at him, his eyes looks similar to someone I knew--yeah, Sarah! This man looked like a reflection of Sarah.

"when I wasn't a water ghost, have i met you once?" I said.
those words alarmed me, why do I have to say it?

"water ghost?" he laughed, "you're stupid!"

I act frantic, "hey don't copy my way!" I said, "stupid Sarah-look alike!"

His aura changed, "HEYY SARAH!" he said, "when did you learn that?"

My brow met halfway, "is Sarah a baby not to curse?" I said.

"you grew weird!" he said, "now hop in and we will go home. all this time, I am searching for you only to know you
came here at this store?! aww, to buy what? do you have a fish or something?"

"I ate fish feeds!" i said.

he shook his head and grabbed my wrist, "the engagement will start an hour from now." he said, "where on earth did you learn that humor to eat a fish feed--" he stops when he saw what i am holding, "--you ate fish feeds?"

I nod, "who do I have to marry?" I said.

"stupid sister, of course Prince Lycarie, your fiancée!" the man forcefully sat me at his car, "he was your dream guy, the prince you planned to have forever with.. ahhss, it sounds pathetic to repeat!"

Prince Lycarie.. Prince.. Lycarie..

Realization come to me, "my fiancée, yes!!" I said.

"now you remember?" the man laughs and starts driving, "stupid, really!"

"Prince Lycarie.. the man mom chose for me. The man i hated for long but the night before our engagement, i fell
for. Love must have been humorist." i said.

I clearly remember his name and who is he to me, "my stupid fiancée--"

the man suddenly stopped the car that made my face hit the mirror in front "Chinette?" the man said.

Chinette? have i changed appearance for him not to notice I am Sarah?!

"nevermind." he said, "I just missed your bestfriend."

I looked outside the car, i can cry whenever I want to. I now remember a day when I was alive, i have a reason to miss my alive world. But why can't I cry?

Is it because I only remembered Prince Lycarie and not my whole life?!

"She must be resting in peace, giving you her blessing!" the man driving said, "But if she's alive, she is too much unfair! she must have atleast contacted us and told us she is fine."

Chinette? who is she? I wonder.

"here you are, twin siblings!" an aged woman come near as when the man who looked like Sarah parked his car. the woman seems like someone I loved when I was alive. am I lesbian before?!

She looked at me, "and you beautiful bride!" she said, "thirty minutes is the only time remaining for you to
change before the engagement party. You never learned, don't you?" she stared at my eyes, "why do you seem like my daughter Chinette--oh sorry about that!"

Chinette.. again?

Three gays pulled me inside the dressing room and for some time, put colored paints in my face. are they gaypainters who thought my face is a canvass? I don't think this is ethical, to paint my face!!

"now you're done!" the gayest of gays said, "now wear the dress!"

i looked at the dress, it suited me--i mean Sarah. Her yellowish complexion is an exact match to the dress. But how can i walk with those shoes? I haven't tried once before when my existence fills the inside that creek.

But I cannot say another word or so, I was again forced to change. force to stand, and walk down the way to the
room where elegant dresses and face fills the atmosphere.
They seems all happy. I do felt the same way, I am happy
too but it hurts knowing that I just borrowed Sarah's time and body to feel this. Do I need to stop this sudden cry inside of me and gave back Sarah's body again?!

"here she is!" announced by the voice I don't see the owner.

Wearing pale yellow knee length dress, nothing seems extraordinary. But why are these people gathered at this ball seems frantic at the moment? It wasn't a princess, not president nor ambassador who appeared. It's me, I mean Sarah!

The aisle is wide open as I walk. It was just Sarah. Simple makeup, blonde hair curled down and a heels. Perhaps, sarah's appearance here has been long awaited by the people smiling at her and by the prince standing on the
other end of the aisle.

Looking at his eyes, I remembered how i felt when i saw him for the first time. It was a dreamy rainy afternoon and he was looking straight the street when my mom told me he is Prince Lycarie, my husband-to-be.

Now I remembered my mom too, the woman I met when I came here. I missed her now. My dad died before I died--and I remembered that time.

It was after the engagement party when I went out and
visited the place where my childhood memories are living in, the beautiful park.

I was laughing, reminiscing memories of my days before I became engaged. My laughter seems vivid and clear, and man I was thinking of is the same man I'm facing now. and then in the middle of my laughter, I suddenly lose my balance.

Beside that creek people are hating now, a creek once admired by all.

The water is deep & I can't breathe inside, I called for help, but none came. until a little by little, I drowned and then I woke up another day learning to treasure dirty garbage thrown by passer by's at the creek to be my food.

"you are beautiful.." Prince Lycarie said but when he looked at me, "was it you... Chinette?"

I remembered I was Chinette, I am Chinette.

But I feel a sudden sadness when I saw my image at Prince Lycarie's eyes, I am not Chinette but Sarah now.
And to much to my shock, another memory came back.

The girl I was with that time is none but my only friend, the girl I am hosting in now.

But why didn't Sarah saved me from that incident then?!
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