SARA :'(

by Neeraj premkumar
My name is VICTOR and am an ex-police officer.. I quitted my job to care one and only daughter SARA.. My wife died in an accident infront of us.. At that time SARA was 6 years old.. From that time I was the only person to take care of SARA.. she is my world..

SARA will ask about her mother.. But at that time I will lie to her that "MUMMY IS WATCHING US FROM HEAVENLY PLACE,SHE WILL BE BACK TO US SOON" ill say dis whenever she asks..

years passed away.. when SARA was EIGTEEN YEARS OLD. At that time she was doing her high school..

Once i got a call from the school management saying that SARA is mentally ill and they said to give her proper treatment..

I was shocked after hearing this news..

So I decided to take SARA to the hospital.. They checked properly and said Sara was affected with ANXIETY DISORDER..

I asked to doctor that what is ANXIETY DIORDER??

Doctor said : An anxiety disorder may exist if the anxiety experienced is disproportionate to the circumstance, is difficult for the individual to control, or interferes with normal functioning.

People with anxiety disorders also have other physical or mental disorders such as: depression, eating disorders, substance abuse, cancer or heart disease as examples. like panic attacks, frightening physical symptoms, flashbacks of traumatic events, nightmares, obsessive thoughts or where even someone can become housebound.

Doctor said SARA is affected by it.. I was totally shocked and couldn't able to speak a word..

From that day I was totally upset and took more attention towards SARA..

she used to laugh, cry, when she sleeps.. I couldn't able to tolerate . I was dying to cure Sara but doctors said that they couldn't help Sara.. To sleep well Sara started to take SLEEPING PILLS.. First she took little dosage.. but day by day she increased the dosage of pills..

Once Sara tried to commit suicide.. By gods grace I stopped her..

I used to smoke and booze everyday.. once I was admitted in the hospital because of one of my kidney failure..

Doctors searched to replace one of my kidney but my blood group is so rear AB-(negative).. none of them came to help me..

I was so worried that if am dead there is no one to take care of Sara..

My health and situation got worse day by day..

After two days I opened my eyes.. I heard doctors voice saying" WE HAVE SUCCESSFULLY OPERATED AND REPLACED YOUR KIDNEY" I was so happy and asked to doctor that from whom he got kidney..

Doctor replied: Sara! (by crying)

I was totally shocked and asked how?

Doctor said: Sara came and spoke with me.. she said "I CANT SEE MY MOM ANYMORE BUT I CAN FEEL HER PRESENCE IN MY DAD" so I should save his life.. she signed and gave one of her kidney to her dad...

I cried a lot and I cannot speak anything.. I went to Sara I hugged her and cried.. At that time I felt my WIFE'S PRESENCE IN SARA.. :'( :'(
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