Part 3 - Meeting The Big Boss

by M.D Khamil
“According to my directional senses, we should go south.” Arthinin was closing his eyes trying to locate the location of the Bermuda Triangle.
“Okay, we should go now. Immediately. ” Arthilis insisted.
“Lord Arthilis, where are you going?” asked Arthinin.
“The Bermuda Triangle?”
“My lord, in your current state you cannot do anything with your human body. Eventually if you force yourself to walk or run on that two legs of yours, you’ll drain all your stamina and become weak. That’s why I’m here to help.” Arthinin shape shifted into a gigantic eagle that looks like a phoenix in Dhirthilin, only that it didn’t have flaming feathers and wings.

“Hop on up and ride on my back.”
Arthilis rode on the Knight Angel’s back. He seemed fascinated by Arthinin’s ability to shape shift into anything.
“Hold on tight, I’ll be travelling twice as fast as a bullet train. Make sure you don’t pluck on my feathers, my lord.” Advised Arthinin.
“What’s a bullet train?”
“Uhh, it’s kind of human transportation. You’ll see. Anyway you ready?”
“Yes. Let’s do this.”

Arthinin ascending up from the ground slowly waving and flapping its wings with such great intensity. One moment, Arthilis thought they were leaving the ground hovering up slowly. Then in a second, they were already kilometers away up in the air. With the speed twice of a bullet train, Arthilis and his Knight Angel zoomed away heading south to Bermuda Triangle. Along on their journey, Arthilis witnessed many things he had never ever seen before, skyscrapers, the technology that the human used, transportation, nature and the animals. Arthinin even tried to point out with his massive eagle beak that a bullet train was just below them. Arthilis in the other hand swore that, when they were taking over an air plane to get ahead of it, a lady saw them through the window pan and screamed till she passed out.

“We’re almost there my lord.” Alerted the Knight Angel. In the far distance, thick dark clouds was formed and lightning stroke was thundering godly.
“We need to get past through that. It’s the first gate to expel invaders. Behind this gate, we will be seeing the Ifrits.”
“Arthinin are you sure this is safe?”
“My lord, don’t worry, this gate cannot penetrate my light shield.”

The Knight Angel soared forward like nothing. It was an easy journey. Then the atmosphere started to change shape. The fog and mist had gone. It was now a clear vision of a thousand Ifrits guarding the Bermuda Triangle. A hideous eerie looking Ifrit came forward nearing them. This Ifrit, probably the leader among them all, he had two big horns on his head. His eyes were blood red, skin was as green as algae. Sharp teeth and fangs, looked like they’re hungry for blood. The body was very muscular, sharp nails with one hand holding a chained spear and the other looked like a smokey shadow black staff.

“Hmmm . . . I smelled an Angel. And a human. What business an Angel have here?” said the Ifrit. Arthinin asked Arthilis to step down from his back and stood on the water. Arthinin had transferred some of his energy to his master so that he could stand and walked on water freely. The Knight Angel now shape shifting to it’s former self. The Ifrit leader was taken aback by the Knight Angel’s appearance. He even took some step back away from Arthinin. You think Ifrit was scary? Not until you saw Arthinin. As a fire angel, Arthinin was entirely made of arthuen, his flaming wings, his burning horns and deep red arthuen skin made anyone who never seen a real angel before would think of him as the devil.

“Leader of Ifrit! I come here to meet your master!”
“I’m afraid I cannot do that, Knight Angel.”
“You dare to defy an Angel!?” replied Arthinin. Arthilis never seen his Guardian Angel that angry before.
“It’s not like that noble one, we wouldn’t dare to defy Angels because we know the consequences would be very unforgivable.”
“Then know your status Ifrit!”
“We will escort you noble one, with your human friend to see our master.”

The Ifrits escorted both of them to Satan’s unbreakable fortress. There, they were brought to enter the huge Triangular golden door entrance and next to the chamber where Satan would meet his guests. The Ifrit told them to stay for a moment while he tried to called his master. Soon after Satan appear to meet them, sitting on his skull like throne. He definitely looked different. Arthilis thought he might have shape shifted to human formed. He wore denim jeans from Tommy Hilfiger, a pair of converse shoes and a white T-Shirt with writings I heart NY on it.

“It’s been a long time since I have an Angel as a guest. The last time I accepted one, it costs me my Ifrits.” Said the Satan.
“Satan, we’re here to ask you for some information.”
“Oh. If you’re talking about stuff in the after world business that has got nothing to do with me. I don’t want anything related to that troublesome work again. I see you brought a friend. WAIT. I think I know you. Your energy seems very familiar.” Satan pause for a moment trying to remember back.
“You’re Arthilis! The God of Fire!” The moment the Ifrits heard Satan said that they were all kneeling down.
“See what you did to my Ifrits? You scared them. Anyway, what’s wrong with you? I sense you have lost almost of your power? Did you do something bad?”
“Satan!” Arthinin yelled. “You don’t talk to a God like that!”
“Oh, you mean former God.” Replied Satan.

“WHY YOU . . .” Arthinin was about to strike Satan, but Arthilis stopped him.
“Arthinin, calm down. Satan, we’re here not to fight. We’re here for some information. We promise not to bother you or to relate you with anything what may come forward".
“I’ll give you any information that I know but since you’re in my house, you need to be more respectful to me. Stop calling me Satan. That’s very rude of you two. I have a name, and it’s Lucifer.”
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