Part 2: Farewell Wishing Box

by M.D Khamil
Megan and Peter were only standing still staring at the box Peter was currently holding. They were still in awe with the ability the box had. They agreed by that moment, magic was really exist after all.

“Meg, I think before Santa came back tonight, what if we wish for all the things we’ve never had before? Like I’ve been wishing for a new laptop, and you with your new jewellery and make ups even though they don’t look right on you.” Said Peter innocently.
“Hey! That’s mean! But yes . . . You’re right.”

That day, they were lavishly wished for stuff from cheap to expensive luxurious things, exotic food and drinks, clothing and even the most taboo stuff they wished for, wishing for a briefcase full with cash. Their parents were away to work that day, so they had no idea what were their children doing when they were not at home.

“Peter! Do you know what mom and dad wished for? What if we gave them a surprise by granting their wishes?” Megan suggested.
“Well I know what dad likes. He’s been wanting a replica of a warship galley from the 1800 that was named I can’t remember I think Anstiza or Delfin. I’m not sure. How bout mom?”
“Mom has always been wanting a new sewing machine. She loves to make fancy sweaters, pillows, blankets, socks and many more. She sells them at her work place as a side income.”
“That sounds really good Meg! So how about we surprise them when they get back home tonight?”
“Sure! I’ll prepare and wish for a big cake for us to celebrate!”

The evening came sooner as they would have expected. Time flies so fast when good things was around when they were having fun. Their parents arrived home, and as usual, they would come to see us in the lounge and after that they went straight to their bedroom to change clothes and took shower. A hysterical screamed from their parents were both heard from upstairs.

“Megan, Peter!” said their mother. Both Megan and Peter ran upstairs, carefully brought along the cake they had wished for earlier. Peter almost slipped the cake, when he took miss step on the stairs.
“Careful Peter!” pulling his shirt backward.
“Sorry! Now, 1, 2, 3! Surprise!”

“Omg, did I forget something? What are you guys doing? I don’t have any words what to say. Where did you guys get all of this? How do you get so much money?” Their mother said.
“Well mom, we’ve been saving up, all the money you and dad gave us through the years we never used them. We planned this to repay you back for all the sacrifices you’ve done for us!” said Megan enthusiastically, lying.
“You guys shouldn’t have done this, but thank you. I’m very touched by your actions.” Their father replied.

“Well dad don’t cry! Let us enjoy this cake!” said Peter out loud. That night, they enjoyed family time together. The siblings were waiting for their parents to go to bed, because the clock was almost hitting 12:00 midnight.
“Children, you guys have to excuse us, we need to get to bed now. Don’t stay up too late. For now, enjoy the movie.”
“Okay dad, thank you.” Replied Peter.
“Peter! We need to be prepared! Santa could be here anytime soon. Let us leave the box where it stays last night. We need to hide, inside this living room. Quick, switched off the lights and the tv!”
They were waiting for almost two hours when they saw a big figure in red suit and silver beard walking passed the walls. There were little boys helping him out, but they have sharp ears, the elves. After for a quick search one of the elves, found the wishing box on the table just near to the Christmas tree.
“Aha! I found it! Santa here it is!” said one of the elves.
“Shhhhh! Quite you silly elf. You’re gonna wake up the people here!” replied Santa.

By that time, Megan and Peter decided to show up themselves, to the strangers.
“Santa? Is that you for real?” said Megan curiously.
“Oh holy Jesus Christ! We’re doomed!” said the elves in unison.
“No! Stop, relax! We won’t say anything. We promised. I found the box. I saw you last night. Putting all the presents under that tree.” Added Megan.
“Ahh, we’re caught off guards gent-elven. No matter, come here both of you.” Santa called them. The siblings walked toward Santa nervously.

“I’m afraid I have to erase your memories after this, and that you forget we were here before. And I knew you’ve been using the wishing box so many times, because the box tells me so. There’s a difference about being grateful and being greedy. I’m sorry, but some of the things that you’ve wished before will be vanished. But for my appreciation to you for returning this box to me, I’ll leave the gifts for your parents still intact and also your laptop and make ups.”
Megan and Peter looked at each other and smiling.
“Thank you Santa.” Said Megan. The sibling gave the big bearded old man in his red suit a big bear hug.

“Now children, close your eyes.” Said Santa. Santa Clause then clapped his hand in the air and a wand suddenly appeared. He used the wand to pull out a memory in a white light strings and put it inside a tube.
“I have no other choice but to do this. I had to meet Dumbledore later and write a permission letter that I’m using magic in this muggle world for emergency case. I hope Ministry of Magic will understand.”
Then someone popped up and appeared before Santa.
“Dobby? What a house elf doing here?”
“I’m sending you a letter from Ministry of Magic.”
“Jesus Christ! That’s fast! I guess I’ll go straight there and explain what happened.”
Dobby disappeared and all the gent-elven were very worried.
“We will fixed this. Don’t worry. We have to go now.”

Before Santa went to leave the house, he left the siblings a note which wrote, “Until next year, if we ever meet again.”
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