Never let you go...

by basy
I still keep on thinking why it should be you,

The girl in my heart who is stuck as glue.

I'm begging u please know someday,

And hold my hand in my life to stay.

You are the only one in my heart,

For whom I've been waiting for,

I felt it today,

It was really magical.

I heard the voice of your heart in mine.

But i don't have dearness to reveal it to you.

Because if you go away from me,

My heart will loose its beat,

The rhythm of my heart will become a mine.

I will never let you go.

Always my heart finds love in you.

Even if you don't tell it to me,

I hear the voice of your heart in mine.

The second when you hold my hands,

I felt the whole wold was under my feet.

I saw the love,the true love in your eyes,

That took away my heart and breath from me.

I know the love,true relationship within us will throw away the distance between us.

Even if no words could explain,

The love I've for you is endless.

It never matters you express or not,

I can understand.

My heart beats for you,

Every beat has your name as its rhythm.

If you go away from me ,

My love ends but still ,

I continue a life without love.

Life without love is like,

Sky without stars,

And ocean without water.

Please dont leave me alone,

I beg you please know someday.

Don't you see the love in my eyes,

Don't you feel the love I've for you.

What stops you from getting into my heart ?

I know you too love me,

Then why are you making me to wait,

So please let me know someday.

If you dont,

Along with my love take my life from me.

I will be with you till my last breath leaves me,

Letting someone you love to go away is not true love.

And I promise you i'll never let you go.
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