MyBestEssays - is it scam? I will try to answer that question in this review article

by Mandy Elwell is a fresh addition to the
pool of papers writing services that do their business on the Internet, as it
was founded this year.


The thing is, it already got a couple of
reviews already and naturally, I was requested to see what the deal is with My
Best Essays and whether it lives up to its namesake or not. This review will
focus on the most important aspects for students:


Services and quality of the papers,
feedback on MyBestEssays from previous customers and of course, the efficiency and
amicability of the Customer Service. Let’s not waste another minute and get
right to it.


My Best Essays offers a vast selection of
academic papers, from innocuous essays and homework to more serious ones like
dissertations and theses. The service also provides some services that don’t
pertain to the academia.


For example:
CV and resume writing, resume design, customized cover letters, LinkedIn
profile creation (now this is a first) and web copywriting, blogging, SEO,
marketing e-mails, and social media
posts. These merely comprise the tip of the iceberg.


It would take me a while to enumerate all
the services puts at people’s disposal. When it comes to the
writers, these are ENL and some of them are specialized in copywriting.


Writers are assigned to papers depending on
the word count and complexity. From what I’ve learned, the guys are bulletproof
and return some amazing papers. You are allowed to talk to your writer, by the


The prices on MBE are totally in line with
the average of the industry. This came as a surprise for me. More often than
not, the services that are legit charge some cosmic fees.


Before you place an order, you can use the
calculator in order to see what price you’d be charged for your paper. The
service has a few freebies like free title, bibliography, and table of contents.


First-time users can benefit from discounts
and coupon codes. Once in a while, a promo code is posted on the website. There
are all sorts of discounts going on: volume (you get a discount if you order a
paper that’s going to have more than 20 pages), customer loyalty and even for




The rating of the service is extremely
high. All the student testimonials praise the wit of the writers and their
willingness to cooperate to the end of writing A+ papers. They always respect
the guidelines student give them, as well as the deadlines.


I am shocked,
to be fair and square with you. I’ve waded my way through hundreds of subpar
services throughout the years. It just feels nice to stumble upon one that
doesn’t make me want to jump from the balcony.




This is one of the few instances in which
the representatives of the Customer Service actually deserve their paycheck.
The operators are friendly and natural-born helpers. There is absolutely no
question that could remain unanswered.


Before I end this review on a positive note
– there is a God, after all – I should probably mention that the service is
registered with the BBB. If you didn’t know, if a service has a BBB membership,
chances are that you’re dealing with a company that’s worth its salt.


All things considered, I am happy to
announce that for once, I am 100% willing to endorse a service. You’ll be taken
care of properly here and you can take my word for it – you’ll get what you pay
for. Nothing more and nothing less than that. 

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June 21, 2018 - 15:13 I wrote an article on on this theme and we can order essays, be patient It isn't scam because of it's own choice of everyone person.

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