My Life

by Icadz
I came here in the world with unknown reason

I strive and follow the flow of changes season

I am grown happy, lonely, angry , miserably

I walked through my journey that full of Mystery

Trying hard to understand for everything happened

Hiding , laughing , Crying because of heart’s pained

Seeking, searching to achieve a peace of mind

but i cannot found no matter what kind

I decide to do a things with my own decision

without asking to anyone’s opinion

for the belief that I'm right and they are wrong

Not knowing that it can be brought me to my dreams so long

The color grey of my life turns into black

I got mistake to make it white

but I know one day I can bring it back

Not a grey but the color of LIGHT

I can clean the Dust up and high

I can clear the stormy sky

Even i don't how how

but i know i can do it somehow

To give-up is nothing in my heart

To fight is forever in my mind

You can show me down behind

But not a break apart

Just call me Crazy and stupid

I am not affected if what other's comment

As long as my heart will still beat

This words will always keep
till my last breath
Let others and the author know if you liked it

Liked it alot?


June 5, 2015 - 17:04 Except for some minor grammar issues, you really took me with the emotion in your poem. Whatever you are going through, you certainly can overcome it because of your spirit! Keep going and keep on writing... :)


June 6, 2015 - 03:54 Thank you, and God Bless
Manahill Naik

Manahill Naik

July 30, 2015 - 13:05 i completely agree with manelyn.. some minimal grammar probs but still u instilled loads of emotion in it :D keep up

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