by kiran jwala
From childhood I am a girl of Imagination, full of thoughts, story-reading lover, I always watch serials and discovery event about angels and spirits, as I am very much interested in this. I enter in the world of spirituality, and almost took information from all holly books. I always trust that god is there, there is a power which is handling all activity of every creature and we are watched every second for any activity. I trust angels are there which help people if you are pure from heart and if you request deep from your heart.
This story took birth when I am in 6th standard and stared taking interest in all such hidden activities in this world. My interest goes on and I started collecting information as much as I can.
Now I am in 10th standard, as my father was a defense service man we always shift from one place of India to another after every 3-year. Now I am in Nagaland, my elder sister she is in 12th standard of schooling CBSE board.
Those days Nagaland was full of terror all terrorist activities. The capital Dimapur was in terror, its by order at 5:00 pm whole Nagaland is used to close, after that if you find on the street, its on your own risk, you can be shoot to death any time, government is not responsible. Those days we are leaving outer region of defense family premises.
My sister got birthday invitation of her best friend miss, bhumika we had a party after school. We dressed up and my sister took me as her companion, we had a great party, dance and food, but that day we get late, its already 5:30pm and we are not getting any convince to go back to home, Even defense cars are not allowed to go out after 5:00pm. We had no option we want to reach home; we both took decision to go by walk home back.
Bhumika offer us to stay there for a night, those days there was no phone connection or mobiles phone, and we don’t want our parents bother about us,
We start walking, we are afraid filled with terror and we are little brave too, we are chanting god name repeatedly, holding our hand, we cross the whole defense area now its turn of non-military area, as we are on 10 step back from that dangerous area, its dark now hardly we see any face, its very weird environment and air around us, we saw a lady, very bulky, wearing a sari and tied her hair properly.
As we are 5 steps back, she gave us a message said come along with me, she moved her hand and she started walking very fast. We are already very much afraid due to high alert area we ran behind her, she was walking very fast, she is not talking, we are confused if she really spoke to us and offer us to move with her. We were very thankful to god and without any question or voice we followed her and managing speed with her, she was the only lady there at that time. The way is weird and there is no sign of any human being on that particular way.
With lots of question in our mind, about that lady, along with happiness as we are escorted we are walking and our heartbeat was on boom.
Now its time to turn for our home through a narrow passage, and after that turn its all safe area, it’s a colony which is safe and 3-minute more walk and we can reach to our sweet home, as we look toward the turning and we again look back for the lady she was not there.
She has not taken any turn, even she was not found on the straight way, and it’s very weird she disappears with in a micro second blink. We tried to watch here and there in a big confusion, we are in Hurry so we ran away toward our home.
We cross the small bridge and we enter our home premises, we knock the door, as door opened we found our father moving out for our search to brought us back home.
We narrate the whole story about our journey; they loved both of us and thank the god for their mercy and sending us back to home safely.
The very next day, our parents searched about the lady, we don’t find any sign of that, no such person leave in that area, even the near by area.
Its an miracle for us, she is a angel who bring us out of that terrific situation. We are safe on the way and the dangerous part we have cleared without any problem or terror. This is the god grace and my angel work. It’s my faith, which comes true, and I experienced the real angel.
After a week of this incident, I have started feeling uneasy, suffocated, I have started living in memories of the incident I am puzzled what exactly was happen with us on that evening, is my statement is really true or something else behind the scene. I could not sleep for many days and always thinking about the incident.
Very next morning I decided to get into the matter, I myself inquired about my case with few people, out of that one lady narrate me same incident happen to one of the colony member who where no more living in that colony more.
I took address of that family and after school I went there with my school friend, from there I come to know that there is a list of people who has experienced these kind of activities with there own children too. Few left colony in fear of that place. This topic again given me a stress, what kind of fear was in the people minds that make them to left the colony?
From there I got more references and I heard all other people stories. I met with one woman at last who dared to tell me the truth. And the truth is unreliable.
Once there was a poor lady living in that colony she is having a small family two daughter and one boy. She was very happy with her family. Her husband was died many years back by the terrorist of that area. She is doing labor work in Army area and she took a rented home, children go to school, happy in colony. One day his son was went out with a goat they use to keep at home, that day he get late to come home, he was trapped by the terrorist and killed by stone attack. He was a 12-year boy. Whole colony searched for him and at last they found the dead body.
This incident put mother in terror, what they have no option to go anywhere and they have to service there.
She is now left with two girl of teenage, she was very worried and fall under depression for his only son. The days passed on, now memories of the incident was fading she got normal now she want that her daughters get good education and get married and live happily.
She was doing hard work and giving all need for her daughter development and education.
One evening both the girls are coming from the tuition, its near by area, they are trapped by the local terrorist, without any reason they shoot both the girls just for there fun and to maintain a fear in the mind of the civilian people. They want to create the terror in peoples mind.
Near to home they where shot dead, nobody could say anything.

As mother comes to know about this, she fainted, she was admitted to the hospital.
As she wake up she was only taking her daughters name. She cruse the all people involved for her whole family death. She wakes up from the bed without looking to her daughters dead bodies she committed suicide and pledge to kill the evil people. Her last word was revenge.
Colony people they burn three dead bodied together. From that day not a single killing or miss happening was happen with any of the colony or near by area people.
What many weird things started happening there, few get illusion of finding that lady on the street. The environment was become very badly, people started getting fear from her.
Once a religion ritual is also done for her but all in vein.
It was said by the lady that she is now a spirit who help every people of the colony from the bad people, she never get peace of soul and wisdom, she help people like this, but she also horrify some people.

This was a very sad story behind my own incident, I was speech less, and my breath chokes I feel difficulty in taking breath. That lady pampers me, she said get out of your horror, she is a nice spirit who is wondering here and there she is frustrated spirit and only helps people. So be cool, they are foolish who left the colony, she was the colony woman and those terrorist groups killed her whole family, she committed suicide and her last word to kill them.

This is not the end, the people who are involved in killing of her family one by one it where died, and nobody knows the reason. Now she only helps people.
I pray for her peace of soul. If you ever face her don’t be afraid she is a good spirit, pray for her and remove your terror, thanks her for her help.
This is all god grace, all happening are already mended, this incident has to be changed in reality and this is the destiny of that lady. Her family had a destiny.
She said me you believe in God than what fear; all are creation of this almighty god. She was 95 year old.
Her talk given me relaxation, Now I am no more irritated and frustrated, I got my answer; I got the reason for that incident.
Some how my faith still exist for me she was helped both of us and for that she is my angel.

Angels do exist………….

Kiran Jwala
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August 2, 2015 - 14:44 Nyc... story.... Just one suggestion... please take care of the tenses and the form of verb you are using.... Since story is narrated in first person, use grammar accordingly. Else the plot is good....
kiran jwala

kiran jwala

August 3, 2015 - 11:54 thanks dear, i will take care in next story.................

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