Mud stained sleeve

by Manahill Naik
I meet my eyes
Before the frosted mirror
Wiping the condensed water tears
From my palm
Covered by mud stained sleeve
And my ripped skinny jeans
Can't keep me warm enough.
I tie my shoe lace
That keeps on untying
As I run across the cotton fields
And when I'm in the woods
My hair gets caught
In the branches of the trees
And I run
But I can't run far enough
I free my hair
And let the tresses whisper
Behind my ear
I wash my face
And scrub the mud off of my sleeves
I let my lips look as pink as they really are
And I trim my finger nails
So I can build sand castles
And you're peeking at me
All of this
Is enough to make your head turn enough
You have made me
Put my lipstick
Inside the "give-away" box
And my lips are still as pink
You let your finger tips flow up my cheek bone
Which doesn't stain anymore
We're just building a castle
With hot red bricks
We're painting all the walls white
And when we sleep at night
The fleece blanket we share
Can keep us warm enough

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