Mean to me

by Mahoobee

Never knew the right words.

Always kept a lid over my cuts.

Didn't tell anyone I was bleeding.

Didn't like the fact that you were mean.

But now I see (clearly)

Remember that misty December?

Your hands over mine.

I knew all the signs.

But, I didn't speak.

Back then,

I was kind of mean.

But, you used to be so meek.

(And kind)


One wrong word.

And you came out like a geyser.

Burning me.

I had to go out.

Look for a new soul.

Cause you were fine,

Without a hi..

Could live a day,

Without walking by my side.

I knew I lacked speech,

But you were so mean to me.

Didn't know back then,

But now I see.

Is it the end of our story?

(at least answer me)



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