by ethiraj.r

                                                                       MAY DAY MAY BE

May Day,2005 

Hai Sam  tomorrow is May day,


Yes, it is May day,


You  loof(reverse form of fool),don’t repeat what I say,


Ahai you asked me to follow your words just now,


So you will follow my words only for just now or forever,


Hai darl, how you ask me such silly question?


Ok,don’t change the topic,tomorrow is May day,and you should take leave from your work and come


with me for a movie,


sorry dear,my boss will not allow me to take leave,only on second Sunday and last Sunday he gives me




I don’t like you to work on May day,you know what is May day/


Sam,don’t put your face as if you don’t know what is May day/


It is not like that easy for a ordinary unskilled worker like me to take leave as I please,


May be May day is workers day,but I cant help escaping from work,please  forgive,

So you are not going to hear my words,hereafter don’t come with me for romance you

 loof,sorry fool.


That was the last day of Sam and Jane’s love story,


After three months Sam resigned his job and was seeking for a new job,he pleaded her many times


whenever she  comes  to her sister’s house.


One day in October 2005,he unexpectedly saw her in a church ceremony with some of her relatives,


Jane how are you,it has been so long for us to meet,


What for,asked Jane,


Why you seem to be so harsh to me?


Sam you don’t have guts to ignore your boss or shall I tell you don’t have that much of love to hear my





Jane please understand me darl,now I have left ther job and looking for better placement,


This you should have done it before,now it is too late,moreover for God sake don’t call me darl,I am not


 your darling anymore,


Please Jane,don’t make me cry,I love you  verymuch,I cannot live without you honey,


No honey bunney you have gone after money so you should suffer you funny creature,


Sam could not help crying,as he loved her verymuch,not knowing that she is going to get married soon


after this incident within six months or so,



jane married her far relation Phil,at that time she did not know that he is working in a company which


doesn’t give leave even on Sundays,in three shifts which will change every week making no gap for leave



at all,if he needs leave for some important days,he had to compensate working continuous shifts,



jane realized her stupidity with Sam and longed to see him and ask him to get married to a better girl


who understands him best, and not like her with short temper which made her lose such a loving fool.


Though she leads good life with her husband Phil,she longed for the love of Sam,some how Jane had a


baby girl with her husband and leads an ordinary middle class life,



sam first meets Jane in a hospital where his mothr was  admitted for chest pain,


jane had come to see a relative in the hospital and stays one night to take care of her relative,while Sam


also stays  there in the hospital verandah as he is not to go near her mothers bed in night,thus Jane


helps Sams mother in bed,doing all necessary things a lady needs,Sam’s mother feels very good in Jane’s


care and without words she proposes Sam to Jane,though Jane has a slight liking for Sam takes some


time to love Sam,but later approves and they love each other,Jane’s parents also wishes Jane to marry


Sam,they both meet once in a week or ten days,just rome in parks or on roads wher there are not traffic


Once when Sam took her to his house for Jane to see his mother,


Jane it is nearly two years we are in love with each other,


Yes,what is in that,you said you have to stabilize yourself first and then we will speak about our




That is ok, we and our parents agreed,


No,make a correction mister,only we agreed because ther is lot to face after marriage,


Jane,please don’t remind me all those things,


Then what?



Hmm, I need a kiss,shall i?


Go,go and get it?



You are fooling me girl,shall I kiss you?


You ‘madrascalcutta’it took two years for you to ask for a kiss,


Jane moved closer to Sam and kissed him not allowing to mutter any nonsense,


What you said before,asked Sam


Before what?


Before we kissed,



Oh no only now we kissed for the first time,


Please don’t change the topic,tell me what you called me now,is it a bad word?


You,”MADRASCALCUTTA”,it is not a bad word,


I called you….,I hope you wont get angry,




You called me dog in hindi cutta,saying this Sam once again moved close and kissed  Jane with slight




Now you prove you are a mad dog,saying this  Jane runs away from his house,


Now today MAY DAY 2019


Sam is now a business magnet and not married,his mother died after some years when he left her alone


and went to Bombay seeking job,and learned many business tecnics,and began own business and


earned in lakhs and crores,while he heard Jane has married someone and lives her life.


Today Sam had come to inaugurate the new building of this Girls higher secondary school in which


Jane”s daughter is studying tenth class.



Jane not knowing this comes with her daughter for the school function and really feels proud and


shame,proud of Sam’s victory and shame that she had left him and married someone.


While giving  a speech and giving out prices for the students,Sam sees Jane with her daughter,and not


 knowing what to do he stammers on the stage with guddiness and falls down,


Jane rushes to the stage and holds Sam on her lap,they sprinkle some water and get him to drink


soda,while drinking soda,Sam says to Jane,now I will take leave for this MAY DAY,are you happy  Jane?


His heads slips down on Jane’s lap,he is no more.

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