by lynda
Sandra luca, a young lady of 23 years old and a fashion designer lives a life of nonchalant attitude, so jovial, playful and a scattered life at Los Angeles. She is the team manager of their company. She has been looking for a life pattern, but all she has gone out to a date with, always breaks up with her, either her room is messy or she drinks and talks alot, or she talks when having sex. She has gone on a date with at least 20 men and all rejected her that same day, have also had a serious affair and relationship with 10 men and would still not last up to a month or months.

One faithful night, she went to her company's end of the year party. There she meet Eric Kent. Eric looking at her with those great curves, a slender neck, her full breast pointing out from her straight cut red gown, her curled hair dangling around her shoulders, with those big blue sexy eyes and her pinned little mouth. There Eric was tempted to have a taste of her, he gasped a breath and wispher to her "you are gorgeous lady", may I have the pleasure of knowing a damsel like you?. " I am Sandra Luca working at zites company. Wow, said Clark, " am Clark Kent new CEO of zites company, the company's only son and successor.

"Good morning, all the staff greeting Clark , when he was been introduced to them , not only is he mean and intelligent, but also handsome that all the female workers started rasing their skirts and gown trying to let him notice them". Clark saw Sandra again, she greeted him and he walked passed her.

It was raining and the ground was all wet and the street lonely. Clark trying to go home, saw Sandra waiting for a bus and already wet, stopped and dropped her at her apartment. Clark drove off to his place.

"Were is my god damn phone, ohh!, I forgot it in Clark's car". Clark coming out from the car saw her bag and decided to take a shower first and go return her purse to her.

Krimm...... Bell sounding on Sandra's door, she went to open the door , to her greatest surprise, clark was at the door, because she thought that it will be next morning that she will take her purse. Clark came inside and Sandra jammed the door, he was dump founded at what he saw, though he didn't notice that her apartment was upside down (scattered), what he saw marveled him, seeing her nipples plucking out and pointing at him like a criminal from her light and see through fabric she was putting on. He saw the lines of her pants and her smooth body inviting him to touch. He went closer to her, and before he could understand himself, he was already head on and dick hard.

He brought her closer to him and kissed her like no one have ever done before, "sorry Sandra dear, I don't mean to......" Sandra couldn't wait any longer and kissed him back. Clark curdled one of her breast with his palm and bent down and kissed her nipples, Sandra gasped a breath and moaned so lightly, that she started wetting herself, Clark pulled down her light gown and tore her pant off. He touched her thighs and brought it down to her genitial and slot in one of his finger deep down her vagina and Sandra couldn't hold it again and escaped a sound," hmmm uhhh, Clark. yea baby said Clark" please go inside me.

Clark carried her to the bed, laid her on it. And gently went inside her, slowly slowly they climaxed.

Next morning, Clark said to Sandra, I hope you are aware I didn't use condom on you, Sandra was so confused that she started blaming herself," what if i become pregnant? Before that I will get you engaged and marry you, because the first time I might you, I fell in love with you. "You can't love me Clark, because you can't put up with my flaws. I talks alot, scattered and...." Shhh dear I already knows your flaws and still came to you. In fact all these are what made me fall in love with you, you are real and not fake.

Five months later Clark engaged Sandra, and they got married.
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