Long lasting love

by rama
Under the reflection of stars, in the little light of moon he was sitting alone.

A cell phone was trembling in his hand. Nothing to say, nothing to do.

‘’How much fever?’’ he asked himself

‘’Are you ready Raman?’’ she came to him and asked slowly .

He looked her deeply without reply any word.

‘’ I have something to ask you, will you reply Raman?’’

‘’Yaah please ask now’’

No, in the way. ok?


Both Ruhi and Raman were moviemakers. They always attend functions together. Raman loved Ruhi so much but never told her. But on this function he had decided to purpose Ruhi.

She went to the room for picking up the luggage.

‘’what will she ask me?’’, I think she had seen me with neha,

No, no it is not possible’’ (he was talking himself).

Without breakfast they put cameras and went on the bike. Neha was looking behind them as she didn’t want to see Ruhi with Raman.

On the way after a long silence Raman asked Ruhi for her question but she ignore with her beautiful smile.

‘’please Ruhi tell me what did you want to ask ?’’

‘’Nothing to say Raman. ‘’

How could she ask? she was very confuse

About to half time in the way she thought about it and questioned herself in her mind.

‘’what were you saying neha about to 1 pm in street ? no,
are you like neha? No, aaa Raman you are very nice but ………..

Shit . why are you asking Ruhi?’’

She asked herself and kept silent.

‘Ruhi please asked me if you have any doubt’’ Raman asked her again for her question.

‘’No Raman nothing to say please ignore this topic.’’

‘’Are you want to know about neha?’’

‘’Please don’t feel Ruhi and don’t think badly about me. When you have to leave us alone……..

We just talked all night. We were talking please believe me.’’

‘’Haha who am I to ask you about yourself Raman? It is your life. Please don’t think.’’

‘’ no, but I want to clear Ruhi.I did not wrong with neha, but she kissed me…………………………………………………………’’

By mistakenly he spoke those words which he didn’t want to say.

Ha-ha neha kissed you or you ….? Asked Ruhi

They kept silent about to twenty minutes.

‘’sorry Ruhi’’

‘’Why are you saying me sorry’’

‘’Actually Ruhi …… on this night I want to purpose you but neha came between………’’

‘’are you weeping Raman? Please ignore it’’


please talk to me……. Please stop the bike’’

‘’I am fine Ruhi’’

‘’no, you are not fine, change your mood, please’’

‘’please try to understand, I love you Ruhi’’

‘’but what can I do? You know he love me also……..’’

After a long sad breath he start bike again ’’ be happy Ruhi’’

‘’same you please don’t sad, you are so nice Raman and you need very pretty and nice girl’’

‘’can I ask name of that lucky person?’’


‘’I have decide that I will leave studio’’

‘’why? You are hard working . please don’t leave this work’’

‘’we earn to live happily without you I am not happy’’

She decide to leave Hassan for Raman because she did not want to broke his heart

‘’Hassan will understood me and he will accept any girl happily but Raman …………’’

On the next day she asked Hassan about Raman. Hassan replied

‘’You are the first and last girl in my life I will spend my remaining life by remembering you’’

‘’how could you think that I will be happy without you? You are so idiot Ruhi, I want to see you happy. If you like Raman …….

be happy with Raman’’

''I will not be back again in your life ''

On this night Ruhi leave a message for Raman on Facebook.

Raman replied that he will check it but he had also send a message for her.

On the next day she logging Facebook happily and shocked to read...


‘’Dear Ruhi I am going away forever ,I will not be back in your life, be happy with Hassan’’


love every one but don't wait for returning because it is a feel not a deal

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April 30, 2015 - 14:42 The story is OK... You should work on your English, it was quite difficult to follow!
katherine phang

katherine phang

April 30, 2015 - 17:13 Well.... I kinda like your story
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May 1, 2015 - 06:30 comment has been removed


May 1, 2015 - 18:10 Your story is nice.. .. but you should work on your English. :)


May 1, 2015 - 23:04 Nice story.nice thought. u can do one thing ,if u can ,get it corrected by someone whom u think is better in language before publishing. Yes it was difficult to follow. Am sorry but "massage Raman on facebook"made me burst into laughter. That is nothing every one has one or the other problem. U check it urself,use dictionary to correct the spellings. ... you will rock....yeah!

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