Life: curse or gift?

by arushi

‘Life is
the most beautiful thing that humans can ever have’, Sam said. ‘I just want to
end my life right now! There is nothing in my life for which I could even think
of living, I am nothing more than a burden on this earth’, James said.

Everyone calls
Sam the happiest man on this planet. He is always smiling and is a very cheerful
person. He always greets everyone with him warmest smile, from his seniors to
the watchman and janitor. He is very dedicated and hardworking towards his
work. People also say that it is very difficult not to like him.

On the
other hand, James who is always complaining about life and because of his
negative attitude towards life he is constantly complaining about his life and
also shouting on others about petty things which other people won’t not even
bother to notice in their lives. Nobody likes to talk to him because he is
always so negative and arrogant that he ends up being alone and then complaints
about being alone and hates people for making him feel alone.

So you must
be thinking that Sam has everything and his life must be perfect that is the
reason behind his happiness. He must have the perfect life, good friends,
earning well and has a healthy life. Whereas James must have bad luck, bad job,
no friends and nothing is going according to him or nothing is good in his
life. Well yes! It is quite obvious for anybody to think this way about these
two men according to their attitude towards life.

But my
friends, the truth is something else; Sam does not have a family, he is an old
man who is working as a clerk in a company for 20 years, he lost his family in
an accident and lives all alone whereas James is a young man who is working in
a very reputed company, earning a good amount and has a very happy and healthy
family but the only difference between these two is their thinking or their
perception towards life.

The old man
Sam says that “I cannot bring back my family and due to lack of education I
cannot earn much or work in a reputed company but the least I can do is; have a
smile on my face, make others smile and give my best efforts to my work”.

In life we
meet many different kinds of people, some who have a very positive perception
towards life and some who are extremely negative and on the verge of ending
their life. The negative lot is talking about how their life is so difficult
and why god is so unfair to them whereas the positive people are always talking
about how can they overcome the difficult situation in life and how grateful
they are for their life in every situation.

It is often
said that you should be with or surround yourself with positive people and try
to stay away from negative people because they will develop negativity in your
life as well but we never think that ‘Is our mind so weak that we can get
influenced by negative people?’

importantly we should stop labeling people as negative or positive because a
person is never negative or positive but his circumstances and his way of
looking into the situation is negative or positive. We should all at least try
to change or encourage a ‘negative thinker’ to see or observe the positive
aspect of life. Because just by changing your thinking you can not only change
your life but you will also have a positive effect on the lives of people
around you.

If a person
is very firm about his negative perception towards life then even God can’t
help him. 

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