Let Us Talk

by Manahill Naik
I'm standing 
The wind is high
Like the tide 
Of the sea
We're drowning in
I'm talking 
To the tree
It's whispering 
I can't hear
Talk to me
I say
I can't hear nothing
But the whispers.
You're leaning 
By the door 
I scratch my arm
The mosquito bites begin to bleed red
I want you
To shut the door 
To come in 
Sit by the fire
But I know 
Behind closed doors
And me
You can't breathe 
I let you be.
You've stopped coming home
At night
I eat alone 
On the kitchen table
A piece of stale cake
A glass of sour milk
The other night 
When I came home
The bedsheet of silk 
Was crumpled in a corner 
You had come home earlier
I can tell
I sit on the egde 
I gather the silk in my lap
And I sleep
It's been a while since I've slept.
We used to 
 Cook peas and chicken on Sundays
With the doors closed 
It used to be 
So I cook
Peas and chicken 
And I set 
The dishes 
The food is warm
I'm hungry 
So are you
I can tell 
There's no one home 
But me 
I throw away the dishes 
And sleep
We sleep
On the same side
Of the same bed
At different hours 
Of the night
It's been a while 
Since we've held hands,
Looked each other in the eye
And talked
And smiled
It's making me sick 
In the head
So I write
Everything we haven't said 
Over the days 
I write 
I've missed you
I've loved you
And tack the tiny piece of paper
That can talk better than me and you
I tack it on the door of the referigerator 
It's time 
I leave a crumpled bedsheet of silk
For you 
To lay beside.
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