Legend of Terra: The Awakening ( Part 1 )

by natsume1988


"Jess, we're going to be late!"

Its seven in the morning.The air is a bit dewy from the light shower last night. However, the bright sun peeking through the high clouds, is a signal that today would be a fine day.

And like every morning in the Kreuz house, everything is in total chaos.

Linda hurriedly came down the stairs, her blouse still left unbutton. But she just ignore it. She has a very important presentation for today but she's still not prepared for it.

"Jess! What the hell are you doing? Its already seven, I'm going to be late?!"

Jess groaned, and roll out from his bed, annoyed that her step mother like always were yelling at him to hurry, even though its not his fault that she's always late at work.

With an annoyed huff, he drag his half asleep self, downstairs. "Linda, its only seven. What's the rush?"

Linda snap her head at the boy, but when she saw how he looked she almost lost it. Her face grew red, while a menacing glint starts to swirl in her eyes. She can't believe him! "Why are you still not ready? I told you that I'm going to be late! The hell Jess, can you please listen to me for once, and do what I say!"

Jess roll his eyes. "But its still early. School won't start until 8. If you want you can leave now. Afterall, I'm not the one whose going to be late, right?" He said with a shrug. Then he turn around, and starts walking back to his room. Leaving the fuming woman behind.

Linda grit her teeth, balling her small hand in a fist, she fought hard to control her anger. The boy clearly hate her and she can't blame him for that, but sometimes he's just too much.

With anger still burning deeply in her, she starts putting the important papers and documents inside her satchel. "Yeah, I'm gonna leave! Ugh, if I can just go away and not come back anymore! Damn it, why the hell I have to suffer like this? Shit! I'm not even your true mother!"

After putting everything in her bag, Linda angrily grab her keys and wallet, and storm out the house, slamming the door behind her.

Jess heard the door slam shut. And with a satisfied smirk, he push himself towards the window, and look down. His face grew smug when he saw his step mother seething, and cursing while she walk with hurried steps over her old beat sedan.

It takes a couple of minutes before he heard the engine came to life. Well the car is already old, and sometimes it takes a while before it ran. But whatever, its not his problem.

"Now that she's gone, I can sleep again. Screw school, it's as if I can graduate anyway..."  He yawn, and about to close the window but something caught his eyes stopping him from doing so.  "Huh? What the—"

Jess' words were cutoff when a blinding light suddenly strike from the sky. The light blind him, forcing Jess to close his eyes. Fear suddenly sprang inside his chest. He don't know what's going on. With wobbling legs, he force his self to move, lowering himself on the ground, finding his footing in hope to calm his nerves, but all of a sudden the whole floor starts moving.

"What the fuck?!" Jess scream in the top of his lungs. But he's horror don't stop there, he heard something snap then all of a sudden the whole floor  collapse. Still with eyes close, he brace himself for the impact. But unfortunately, Jess suddenly forgot what he's supposed to be doing, when he heard a large crack above him. He instantly open his eyes, and curse out loud. He can't believe it, the whole roof were about to collapse over him.

Jess can't help but scream. Then all of a sudden, pain erupted all over his body. But it didn't stop there, not a minute after, blazing fire suddenly erupted out of nowhere. The pain Jess was feeling intensify, and before his mind can think and process what's truly happening, darkness suddenly touch his heart, then it spread all over him. Leaving nothing untouched. And even though, Jess fought hard to remain conscious, he can't do anything but succumb. Until finally, the darkness have won..

Engulfing Jess wholly....


Chapter One

Ren Adolf, looked through the sandy air, watching their targets as they move within the shadows. He didn't move away his eyes away from them, while he and his group followed their every steps. Ren watched them carefully, studying them, searching for the holes, waiting for the right moment to attack.

Sweat starts to roll off his face, as the air become more humid. It's getting hotter, and the many layer of clothes they were wearing didn't help either. Its probably around noon, but inside this dark cave, they can't notice the difference.

"Captain, they're moving towards south." Tasha, one of his best tracker, suddenly said. Her voice, which comes from the small device in his ears, startled him.

"Eh, again! But they just went there not long ago.." Richy, a terrain expert suddenly pipe in.

"Maybe, they were lost??" Sandy exclaimed. She's the youngest, and a bit pampered by the others. A great seer, and telepath.

He waited for Craig to say anything but like always, he remain quiet. He took a deep breath and addressed them sternly. Telling them his plans. He's 100% sure that the enemies already knew their existence, hence the sudden change of their behavior. It won't be good, if they wind up escaping, so before that can happen they have to move fast.

The group disperse. Swiftly they scattered around, circling their targets. Ren smile inwardly when he heard collective gasp, followed by fearful screams, and heavy thuds.

After a couple of minutes the dark cave burst into light, then he saw his group huddled in a circle, while a group of five where lying on their feet. Already dead.

"Good job guys!"

"He he, of course. No one can escape from the Black Talons.." Sandy salute her hand in a mock way, and starts giggling like a small kid.

Ren shook his head, doesn't want to tell her off. The last time he did that, the whole squad almost skin him alive. He's fearless, very powerful, and can hold his own fight, but not stupid. If bottling his irritation can give him the peace he needed most, then so be it.

"Mission complete. Craig, let's go back.."

Craig quietly nod his head, and with a slight wave of his hand the whole group were enveloped by warm blinding light. The air shift. Different colors blend. The atmosphere change simultaneously, then everything, become black.

No one moved. Still waiting for the final phase, then like it always does, the darkness vanish, and all of them suddenly appear inside the Great Hall.

'The place is impressive as always,' Ren thought.

The whole wall were made of glass, overlooking the modernized world outside. The Cosmopolitan. A high end city where tall buildings, flying automobiles, modernized machineries can be seen. Cosmopolitan is the centre of technology, and power in Terra. An alternate world where technology and magic were molded to be one, creating destructive weaponry that changes the very foundation of magic.

And located in the very center of it, is the Vennaris, the tallest building where the mages and great soldier resides. The Great Hall is on the top of the building, with high ceiling made of glass, with a clear view of the vast reddish sky. However, because of the thick meteor dust, the sky is shrouded with sandy blackish particles, scattered and floating all over, hiding the beauty of the clear Terra's morning sky.

"Welcome back, Black Talons." A voice, said. Ren's wondering eyes sharply turn in front of him, and saw the familiar man who is shrouded in white clothing, except from the red glazing eyes, staring intensely to them.

The power emitting from his stares, make them all weak, forcing them in their knees. Even in their knees, Tasha, Craig, and Richy have a hard time controlling their bodies. The three of them are growing more weaker in each passing seconds. Their mana is not enough to cancel the Supreme Leader's power. Well, its the same with Ren and Sandy but anyone can see that they both have superior powers than the rest of the team.

"I guess, everyone's power is still not enough.." The Supreme Leader joked, but they all knew that its a facade. There are spreading rumor around Terra, that their Leader wanted to retire from his post, so he's searching for the most suited candidate. But unfortunately, no one passes from his secret tests to measure everyone's mana.

"I humbly asking for your forgiveness, oh Supreme Leader. However, we did finished the task given to us. My crew might not be the best in your eyes, but for me, they were the best I can hoped for."

The Supreme Leader let out a laugh. His voice were loud, vibrating to the walls with force, that even force the whole place to shake.

"Don't be so uptight, Captain Adolf, I'm merely stating a fact, not to discriminate. Though, if my wording might offended anyone. Then allow me to apologize..." Ren and the others were shocked to see the Supreme Leader bow his head to them, before he continue again. Addressing their group, using a different tone of voice. Its much heavier than before, full of power and authority that they can even feel the power from his every word, as he spoke. "As of the moment, your group holds the record for bringing the largest group of rebels. But its not enough. Terra, is still under their threat, and until they cease their rebellion, our world's utter destruction will prevail."

"Serra even reported just a while ago, that the Southern Land is starting to turn black. The dark miasma coming from the forbidden magic were already affecting the land, and it won't be long before it affects the other places."

Ren gritted his teeth. He's afraid, yes, but at the same time, he's also angry, to the ignorant fool, who stupidly using the forbidden book he acquired, just for his personal vendetta.

'Damn you, Faust!'

"What we have to do, grandfather?" Sandy suddenly said, in a very serious voice. Ren and everyone were surprised. They can't believe that the girl would say something so serious like that. "I might just appear as child in your eyes, but I'm also a citizen of Terra. If I can help everyone, then I will do everything in my power to help them."

"Spoken like a true warrior, my dear daughter. But quite unfortunate, you're not going to be a part of this." Sir Augustus states suddenly as he appear out of nowhere, then stand next to the Supreme Leader. Like, what Ren can remember, his voice still sounds cold, void from any kind of emotion.

Sandy abruptly stood up, and face his father. Defiant burning through her emerald green eyes. "No, father! I'm going with my group! I'm one of the best, and you can't force me to do what you want!"

Sir Augustus just looked blankly at her daughter. He didn't even utter a word, as if no matter what his daughter says, Sandy doesn't have a choice but to follow his every whims. Sandy must have felt it, as she become quiet. Though, Ren can saw her hands shaking from anger.

Ren can understand her. Because like her, he also came from the noble family. And in Terra nobility is everything. In the outsiders point of view, they might viewed as God's and Supreme beings. And because of that the commoners threat them as such, they respect them, they were loyal to them. They see them as their Guardians, their Protectors. Which is quite true in a sense, because they really did protect everyone, but a child born from a noble family regard those responsibilities as a curse. Force out from their home in a tender age of six -whether they were boys or girls, all of them were put in the Academy. Where they were force to learn and train until they bleed.

Those times, for Ren, were simply hellish. And aside to the commoners who were chosen to train with them, Ren felt envious to the normal and simple life the commoners always have.

But he doesn't have a choice. Its his destiny to become a soldier, and there's nothing he can do to change that.

"A month from now, I'm going to choose the group of people who will go to the South. The mission is to search for the cause of the land's sudden change. We know for a fact that it was an effect from using the forbidden magic. But we don't know what kind of magic they used. And your mission is to find that out." The Supreme Leader exclaimed.

"Yes sir!"

A cold gust of wind suddenly pass by. Ren shudders. He can feel an unknown feeling starts to bloom inside his chest. Stirring in the depths of his heart. Foreboding. Warning him of the dangers that may come.

He just knew that then, that something bad was about to happen. But at that time he still doesn't know how bad it will affect his life...


Chapter Two

Ren drag himself out of the Great Hall, and like everyone else who just hear the upcoming mission, he is frustrated, afraid and angry.

Frustrated because, once again he don't have a choice but to comply to the Supreme Leader's order. Afraid to the danger that he, and the possible chosen member from his group might face. And angry to himself, because even though he don't want to do this, he can't help but feel thrilled.

'A true hypocrite indeed.' he thought, bitterly.

"Let me go father! I'm not going with you!" A familiar voice suddenly broke Ren from his stupor. Turning his eyes from the source of the noise, he is surprised to see Mr. Augustus features contorted with fury while he drags his daughter with him.

He pity the girl, but even though he is her captain, he doesn't have enough power to stop his father from further humiliating her. After all, Mr. Augustus is the brother of the Supreme Leader, and also the Prime Minister here in Terra.

That's why like the others, he only watch her in silence. But still the look on his father's face, is quite comical, earning a lot of silent snickers from Tasha and Craig..

'Oh that's new, Craig is laughing..'

"Wow, that's a surprise Craig, I can't believe that you just laugh!" Richy suddenly mutter, cutting Ren from saying it first.

Craig stop laughing and suddenly his face turn blank once again, to their utter dismay.

"Wah! That's not fair!" Richy continue.

"Yeah, Craig..."

He didn't let them finish talking. He just shook his head, and chuckled under his breath before he turn on his heels and start walking away from them. The group didn't even notice him leaving.

His boots click in every steps while he walk down the empty hall. The fluttering feeling of happiness leaving him, as he drag his body towards his assigned quarter's. Even the beautiful view that he can see from the translucent walls in his right, didn't improve his mood. The only thing he can think about is the upcoming mission. He's dreading the possible events that might occur. Ren is scared that someone might get hurt...

Or worse, end up dead...

The door slam shut behind him, the noise startled him for a second. Ren can't believe that he alredy arrive in his room. Because his mind is pretty occupied,  he don't know what's going on around him.

"This is not good.. I have to remove this thoughts in my head. It is not healthy.." Ren sighed.

After awhile he slump his shoulders, and decided that a shower might help him, to feel better.

Taking a change of clothes, Ren went in the bathroom and starts showering. As the water washes a day worth of tiredness Ren's shoulder become more lighter. He pour a great amount of shower gel in his palm and starts running it all over his wet body, and then rinse it. When he deem that he's completely clean, he shove himself in the new set of clothes, then came out from the bathroom. Satisfied with himself.

Wiping his medium long blonde hair, with a towel Ren padded over his bed and pushes a button beneath the metal table, beside his bed. There's a soft click, then the window glass panels starts opening. Fresh breeze blew by, ruffling his still damp hair making it more messier than usual. The sky turning purple, as the red sun, starts setting. Lights all over the Cosmopolitan begun to glow, and like a little kid, a small sincere smile makes way on his thin pink lips.

Terra is quite a beautiful world. Million years had pass and its Citizens still can see it. The land still vast and rich with greeneries, minerals, and hidden treasures. The air is fresh, while the seas is clear and clean. Mountains were still in perfect shape, full with wild plants and animals.

Magic were still intact but not like in old days, not a lot can wield it anymore. Thus, why the noble families wanted to protect each and every one's legacy.

Research had made to preserve the magic. Hence, it resulted of the Knowledge of crafting magic mixed with the technology. Years pass, and the scholar's study bear fruits. Magic starts getting stronger, the balance were back. But sadly, though, like before, only a few chosen beings can wield its power.

The Kingston, Ren's family were viewed as the strongest, but not once did they took the position as the Supreme Leaders. His great great grandfather,  great grandfather, up to his father's generation, took no interest towards the position. Its on their blood to like the peace, the tranquility and the simplicity of life. However, their odd behaviour towards power, doesn't change the fact that their family were still the strongest in the Five Noble Families.

Well, as of now, that might be consider as true in every sense, but in reality, no one can be an equal of the Golden King. Even Ren's great grandfather who is known to be a dual wielder, were no match to him. The Golden King is considered as legendary. And the only Terranian who can wield the Five Elements; earth, fire, water, wind and metal. He was the hero of all times. The symbol of power of all Terranian. And the inspiration and goal of every mages and soldier of Terra, but sadly even after a thousand of years, no one still can become as him.

And now that the rebels, somehow got a hold of new power, Ren can't help but feel worried. He's aware that one of them can use the forbidden magic. A person he knew so well. That's why he's intrigue with this news. He don't know anything about this power. Knowing that he knew everything about magic. But to actually learn that a magic can be used, and even affect the element of earth, that's new.

There's a possibility that they're powers are getting stronger. Or a probability that they acquire a new gift. Or worse, they have a new powerful ally with unknown powerful dark magic that can affect the elements.

If ever the latter was the cause of this sudden change in the equilibrium, Terra has the possibility to be destroyed. The balance of  power will change. It will begin to affect not only the elements but also the Terranians. Throwing everything into chaos. And with no one like the Golden King, there were no hope for them.

Ren slacked his jaw when he came up with that realization, red hot aura starting to envelope him. His golden eyes begun to glow while the room begun to heat up. "Which what you wanted to happen...huh, Faust!"

A loud burst erupted from Ren, his room suddenly turn into a raging inferno. Fire sprout out from nothing, eating everything, turning all into ashes. Until nothing is left untouched...

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