by dotdotdot
Damsel in distress
All she knows is how to dress!
Always walking round in that hair.
My word, it'll catch fire, so beware!
Oh, you people should've seen,
She could never be a queen.
Crooked as a boomerang
Skittish as me first mustang.
The day her hair caught a dragon's breath,
She put me ears to horrible death.
'Oh, no! It's on fire, my toupee!
'My shiny spot is for no display!'
Out of my camo there i jumped,
Prompt and psyched and pumped.
'Your highness, I'm here to save the day!
'Fret not, your knight will take your pain away!
'Oh clouds of earth that I choose,
'Do kindly spare some spray and dews.
'This hearth on her head makes me ache,
'So now I beg you to give her a break.'
Down splashed a gush of droplets
Wiping Her Highness' head spotless.
'Oh, Your Highness, you look like you might bawl,
'Are you quite alright after all?'
Cold in my face, shouted she,
'Why, can't you see?
'Whatever did you intrude and intervene for?
'You should be locked up behind a prison door!
'Threatening a dragon pup like that!
'What are you getting at?
'Now off you trot!
'And shall I caught
'You telling a soul about my hair,
'You will have to take care.'
I suppose Ma was right.
Why be a belittled knight,
When I could be a plain farmer,
Who needs no shining armor.
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January 5, 2016 - 17:35 you are killing me. dead...... I love your poems, never in my whole life have I enjoyed anything more than reading your poems. you always make my day and you made mine a millions time better today.


January 6, 2016 - 16:37 great rhyming scheme
Lea Ebio

Lea Ebio

January 8, 2016 - 13:32 i like the humor in ur poem...and the real essence of it...witty and brilliant and entertaining...


October 2, 2019 - 14:19 Hello i am miss Brenda i have private discusion with you via at(

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