Industrial calculator

by industrialcalculator

A portable
electronic device that is used to perform calculations ranging from arithmetic
to complex, is known as an electronic calculator. The first electronic
calculator was developed in the early 1960s whereas calculators in pocket size
became available in the 1970s.


calculators are somewhat different from these electronic calculators. They help
you to perform daily routine calculations such as pipe fitting dimensions,
calculating building material, or tank’s volume and its very useful of">construction.




There are a lot of
features that you get with this industrial calculator. These features are given


Concrete calculations: With industrial
calculators, you can calculate steps, column, slab, and footing type of
concrete mixer, volume, and weight. It also provides you information about the
brick’s quantity and its cost.


Tank volume calculations: You can easily find
out the volume of vertical, horizontal, rectangular, and elliptical type of
tank. You can convert this volume into various SI units such as the metric cube,
litre, U.S. Gallon, or U.K Gallon. Tanks can be further divided into various
types: conical bottom, torispherical head, elliptical head, flat bottom, and
hemispherical head.


Length and metal weight calculator: This
industrial calculator can help you to calculate the weight as well as the
length of 20+ different metals in 11 different shapes. By the way its can used a">brick calculator


Fasteners dimensions: Dimensions of nut, bolt,
pin and washer in ISO, JIS, DIN, and ASTM standards can be calculated using
this industrial calculator.


Pipe fitting calculations: It helps in the
calculation of various pipes and fittings. These dimensions include pipe size,
pipe flange, pipe fitting, pipe clamp, pipe nipple, pipe plug, pipe branch,
pipe cap, pipe tee, pipe elbow, pipe union, pipe gaskets, and pipe reducers.


Beam load calculations: Find out the
applicable load on 19 different beam combinations by using this industrial
calculator. Load diagrams and load calculation formulas are also added in it. 

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