I am so fatigue

by suman

Let me tell you about fatigue
What if you feel fatigue
What if you feel tired all the time
You can suffer any infection in the line
Tb hiv and many more
What if you are lethrgic and intolerant to snow fall
Or gaining weight without eating at all
Skin seems dry “I don’t know why”
It’s your thyroid is secretly getting small secretion to be The famous MR HYPOTHYROID
WHAT IF ITS NOT THE CASE YOU HAVE vision that’s double and you feel so weak in legs and even feel out of breathe
Yeah your cholinergic are playing a lot and make you tired as the day pass
Myasthenia gravis they call it here
What if you are tired and drinking a lot and peeing a lot yes ma’am that’s sign of dm without a second thought
What if you have nightmares flashbacks and even tired everyday I think it’s post traumatic stress disorder hunting you today
What if you snore at night and you feel restless and tired during day
Sleep apnea is being your diagnosis my bae 
Have you lost blood because you seem yellow and out of breathe even your run is shallow
Tired and complaining all the time
Because that’s Anemia time
Lost weight or apetite change 
Is it malignancy
No chance
I hope you didn’t necrosed pituitary may be Sheehan’s happened after delivery 
May be you have lost interest 
May be you lack concentration 
May be you are stressed 
May be you lack energy 
May be you are guilty 
May be you have decreased appetite 
May be you want to sucide
Let’s keep depression at a side

You can be fatigue because you think a lot
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