by Lea Ebio
Oh hear ye
the messenger she comes
with news to relate to everyone in town
Hear oh hear
the gossips she mumbles
taking joy in her unlucky neighbor's trouble...

Did you know this woman
so famed for her virtue?
In kindness and gallantry, in hospitality she knew
Smiles all over her face when she looks at you
but the minute the backs are turned
she'll shred your image to pieces and have your name - burned.

What measures someone's loyalty?
the truth is --money
the more you lavishes it on your neighbor
the more she'll have you befriend
and speak praises of you til the end.

Let respect be given by freewill not by demand
But such rules did not apply in this land
I am superior in age and rank
so give me my due respect and I have the upper hand
such were the common demand.

Half-truth, half-lie
this is the truth she knew and she swear she don't lie
but her eyes are so full of mystery
yet when she look at you she swore honesty
and if arguments arise
her lies she would somehow deny.

I know this, I know that
listen to me but I cannot listen to you
My mouth are non-stop
I will tell my own story even if you interrupt
I am not tired of talking so much
but do I even know if you are tired listening to such?

I should be more
more than what you are
so I try to raise my score and be the star
I will not take defeat so you shouldn't be the winner
I should be the greater so that next to me..
you'll look lesser
oh I could not care
as long as I am more than what you are...

I knew someone who cannot decide
where to rest their loyalty and loses some pride
her pasttime is not idle, spent outside
Chatting and taking joy in talking about other's lives...

so tell me...
to what kind of mankind do you belong?
Let others and the author know if you liked it

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