Her Hero

by Lea Ebio
Anne couldn't help sulking. Alone in her bedroom, she could hear her step-mother talking about her -- or rather -- criticizing her past behavior.
It was awful and so very uncomfortable; hearing your own name scrutinized behind your back yet not having the power to confront the person. Like a person in prison-- judged and restricted. Oh! It was gettng to her nerves!
Absent-mindedly picking a book, she tried to distract herself from the reality and lose herself in the escape world of the book. This is just one of her escape world when times get so down and frustrating like this.


Greg, the head of the family, and her step-mother's third husband ( she remarried soon after her father died) sat at the head of the table. He doesn't look at her direction when she enter but acknowledged her presence by saying " take a seat Anne."
Her step-mother also chooses to concentrate on her plate, but Anne knew for a fact that she had been keeping a one-eye on her. She can feel it.
But she also choose to ignore her presence. Just talking to her made her want to scream deep inside. She knows what she is -- a back-fighter and a great pretender.
Her step-brother just spare a single glance in her direction: and that was all. After all, he was also present when her gossiping step-mom is sometimes executing her mastery -- and that is judging others lives -- including hers.
Anne sit half-heartedly on the empty chair next to her, trying her best to be polite and calm. And they ate their dinner together in uncomfortable silence; until Ben, her youngest step-brother arrive complaining loudly about the weather.

"What is our dinner for tonight mom?" he saunters in the dining room looking over at the table and make a face. " Stewed vegetables again?"
"Why don't you change your clothes sweetheart and join us here?" her mother look at him taking in his office uniform.
Ben just smirks. "No thanks. I'm good," and take one last disapproving look at the table before heading to the main door again.


"So, how are you doing in your new 'home'?" .
She look up at Henry's inquiring eyes and sigh. "Ok?" sounding a little bit annoyed and slumped in her chair.
They had agreed to meet in the park together with their friends and only Amy had made it early.
They had been in a relationship for more than 3 years now, and sadly -- the feeling of belonging is slowly fading. Henry had been less interested in their love life now, but who's not? She's also slipping away from him too. Thanks to his friends and lack of interests in her, she seem to lose the magic of love too, yet they're still here - committed to their relationship...although half-heartedly.
And as she watch him from the corner of her eyes -- his attention is intently focused on the computer game he'd been playing-- she just let out a frustrated sigh.
"So, what are your plans for tomorrow?" she asked him while toying with her handkerchief, rolling it in circular motion in the air. Her apprehensive eyes swinging back from her handkerchief then to him, waiting anxiously for his answer.
"Nothing," he said after thinking for a bit second while his eyes remain on his laptop. "How about you?" he eyes are still glued to what he's playing before glancing briefly at her..
"None that I know." She stared at the traffic below them and frown. She was hoping they'll hang-out together, just the two of them, but she got disappointed.
Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Amy sipping her hot instant coffee while stealing a sympathetic look at her direction. She somehow understands what she's feeling right now. She’s pissed off! She didn't want anybody's pity.
She seemed to plastered her emotions on her face; when Luke arrived he throws a concerned look in her way but didn't start a conversation with her.
Ah, Luke. He was a different story. He was her savior in unexpected moments when she needed someone so badly to unleash all her bitterness in life, and even in unfortunate incidents. He always show up unexpectedly: despite the fact that they're not close -- not even friends. In fact, he doesn't belonged in their group. He was John's friend, their buddy who is a member of thesame band which Luke owned and lead. Yeah, he was also a member of the band. Amy thinks he's hot and--snob.
She laughed at her friend once. They were busy taking down notes in the library when John sauntered over to their place with a serious-looking Luke walking beside him. That's when they got acquainted and Amy swoons in front of him despite John's chastising her. She offered her hands out to him, gazing a love-struck eyes at him even before John made the introduction. And both he and John laughed when she was rewarded with a curt 'hello' from him. Amy return to her seat pouting and crossing her arms over her chest: obviously humiliated and annoyed.
She was still laughing at her friend's demeanor when she heard John proceed the introduction with her. She turn around and comes in contact with the most beautiful and nysterious eyes.
"And this is Anne, she's single ...but taken," he added the last two words as in second thought. They all laughed...except for Luke.

From that day on, Luke always turns up unexpectedly wherever they hang-out. But he always had a perfect excuse: like having a gig at the bar where they happen to be, or passing them on the way to a friend (and that's when he caught her in a damsel-in-distress situation when her one-word boyfriend didn't show up at their meeting place), or like this instance...and what's his reason this time?
"I was hoping to catch John here. We had a gig at the Retro House tomorrow." She heard him say behind her. Yet she had an uncomfortable feeling he was looking at her. Was she a pitiable sight by now to got his attention?
True to her instinct, she caught him looking directly at her, his deep black raven eyes shadowed with worry while his hands clutched casually at his guitar bag slunged at his lean shoulder.
She glanced away from his intent glare, feeling uneasy -- cheeks turning slightly red. She hope Henry didn't noticed it as she cautiously peek at him thru her lashes. And what she saw infuriated her-he was still focused on his goddamned laptop playing seriously on his m***** f***** game! He wasn't even aware of her little betrayal!
"John's not here, obviously," he managed to answer from his laptop.
Anne tried her best not to close his laptop on his head. She would feel triumphant if she could see his nice head being sandwiched by his own beloved laptop. Thinking of this, she couldn't help smiling.
Unfortunately, Henry choose that moment to immense from his online world--his favorite game-- and noticed her smiling. "Why are you smiling Anne?"
Anne stopped smiling but still contained the mirth in her eyes.
"Nothing that would interest you." She said trying to sound non-comitally and took one big bite of her sandwich and try to act unconcerned. 'Like shit you don't' she thought sarcastically to herself.
When her gaze turns back to them, it landed on Luke. He seemed to appeared amused at her.
Luke was smiling, obviously enjoying the way she handled herself. And she wondered why.
Henry's phone rang and he look at it for a moment, unsure it was important enough to be attended immediately or should he finish his game first. Anne had to grimace at this. She let out another exasperated sigh that became an annoyed pout when she heard his words.
"Tommorrow?" his eyes shift with unease when it came to her, "what time will you be coming over?"
His goodtimes friends again. Anne could tell it without needing to confirm it from him. Judging from the tone in his voice, it looks as though his goddamned friends are urging or the right word is -- asking-- him to hang out with them. She could guess by the pause and the uncomfortable look he throws her way that he would soon be agreeing. He never missed any invitation from them.
"Ok...I'll wait for you in our house. Yeah. Ok." She was right.
She was greatly annoyed! Here she was, asking him for his plans yet he never thought of asking her out. But just one call from his friends -- he easily gave in.
"What was that?" she asked, her chest heaved from contained anger. Somehow she already knew his answer.
Henry looked skeptical. "It's James."
"What did he say?" she asked, tapping her arms due to her growing temper.
"He said they'll be coming over at my place tomorrow."
She closed her eyes for a brief second, trying to stay calm and composed. God she wanted to scream and lashed at this man!
And Amy just made the situation worse. "But Anne asked you if you had any plans for tomorrow? Right Anne?"
Anne pressed her side-temple in obvious disapproval. She knew Amy was just trying to help her, yet... it is so humiliating in front of Luke.
Wait...why does it bothered her if Luke get to witnessed her misfortunes? They weren't even friends. She steal a glance at him but she couldn't read his mind. His face remains impassive.
"But if she could come at our gig tomorrow, will it be ok?" he was looking at her not at Henry so she couldn't find an appropriate response.
A defeaning silence follows.
Until Amy cleared her throat.
Luke laughed. "Off course she'll come with Amy."
"Well, we got a date then!" Amy breaks the tension and winks at her.
It seems Amy could grasp the situation here coz by the sound of Luke's voice -- the mention of Amy's name was just an afterthought. Yet she knew and completely understands...Luke was saving her ass again.

And I'd give up forever to touch you
Coz I know that you feel me somehow
You're the closest thing to heaven
And I don't want to go home right now

As soon as Anne heard Luke's voice from the microphone, she was mesmerized. Not only because he was a good singer, but also because his eyes captured her own...and right there in the stage while singing and playing the guitar -- he had stolen her heart away.

Luke on the other hand had been apprehensive at first. While preparing his instrument backstage, he keep glancing from the slightly parted curtains and scanning the crowd for 'her'. His offer was not planned. He never really attempted asking her to watch them perform, despite the silent pleas of his heart to do so.cIt was wrong. And he's not the one to go breaking other's relationship...not even when it concerned the only girl he loves and cared about. But that didn't also stop him from coming to her aide. It's just that--he knows where he should stand-- and he will not dare cross that line.
So, after seeing her walking uncomfortably with Amy, he couldn't supressed his smile. He was thankful she did finally come. He could get to play and perform for the woman he loves.

And all I can taste is this moment
And all I can breath is your life

Anne couldn't look away. She was captivated and their gazes locked. Right that very moment when their gaze connected, everything seems to fade away except for them alone. Like they were the only ones left existed. It must be love...Anne thought.
But somewhere at the back of her mind--this was wrong. She belonged to someone else, and still belongs to that someone. Yet as she thought of Henry, she couldn't feel any warmth and excitement. Like he was just an ordinary boy to her. There wasn't love.

hi guys. I'm back with a cute and dramatic love story.please comment and let me know your thought coz i'll have another second part coming! Thank you and happy reading! I hope you'll enjoy this treat for 2016!
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January 31, 2016 - 15:02 For the love of me, let Anne dump that idiot.....and take the man se loves......
Lea Ebio

Lea Ebio

January 31, 2016 - 16:33 don't worry friend..for u she will...check back the 2nd part..il dedicate it to u!tnx fot upvoting!


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