He wanted to remain ORPHAN

by rekhanshiraghava
“Happy Birthday ! My boy” Anuya said.
“Thanks Mom! I need a special gift” Anuj replied.
It has always been this way, as the clock strikes 12, Anuya wishes his son and he demands his gift.
“Here is a gift, New bike keys” she replied with a smile and hugged him.
“Thanks Mom! But this time I need something else” Anuj said with a stern look.
"What is it sweetheart?"
"Answers to all my inquiries" he said looking straight at her.
"Would could it be that you need to ask, and about whom?" she answered.
Anuya knew she wasn’t the perfect mother but she has always been real to his son. She was not really aware about her strength until she became mother. She had fears, but slowly she realized she had the courage to overcome them. Ever since she accepted herself as mother, all she thinks was about his son. This wasn’t the first time that Anuj had questions, he being an anxious kid often troubles Anuya with his questions. But she sensed, this time it was different.
"Mother, who am I? Where have I originate from? Whom precisely I have a place with?" He asked in a moderate pitch.
"Anuj! I as of now let you know this, you are my child. You have a place with me. You know, I haven't given you birth. I received you when you were five months old from a shelter." She answered.
"What settled you to take this choice? You could have hitched and after that have your own baby, how can it be that you never got hitched?" he said indignantly.
“I am a single mother by choice. I decided to raise a child and not marry one.” She replied with a smile.
There is no one more grounded than a solitary guardian. Single parent has a spine of steel and kind nature. Despite the fact that being like this pairs the anxiety and fears, yet it additionally gives a chance to twofold the adoration since it's not being shared between two. It resembles you are a super lady, with super powers.
“This is what you have told me all this while, I have been hearing all this all my life. I had enough of this. Now be true and tell me clearly.” He shouted.

“When I think about the hardest thing i ever had to accomplish, being a single parent is what comes to my mind. It is all by my choice, and i have taken this decision on my own considering all the pros and cons. I always knew, it’s never going to be easy and as you will grow, things will get little more difficult. I still opted this because, more than a wife I wanted to be a mother.” Anuya replied with a strong tone.
Certain choices are truly difficult to make, and it's considerably harder to keep them going. At the point when Anuya chose to receive a child, she knew nobody is going to bolster her, not by any means her parents; even when they have been steady all through her life and regarded each choice of hers. She was tired of being in relationships and feeling condemned every single time. She knew, living alone won’t be possible and so she decided to go for an adoption process. It was hard at first but she was sure about her decision and she wanted it, no matter what her parents and society says.
"Mother, my companions frequently ask me, where is my dad. Why didn't my mom wed and afterward received me. They take a gander at me with suspicious eyes. At times they even ridicule me; by saying I don't have a place with anybody. I never have any smart responses to make their mouth close. You have been out of line to me; you kept me far from having a father." Anuj said in lack of awareness.
“If I have ever been unfair, I apologise. I never knew you required father to such an extent. It looks I haven't done what's necessary for you, to keep you cheerful and fulfilled. I have given you everything that you have ever imagined or needed." She said with tears moving down her eyes.
It wasn’t easy for her to explain why she chose to adopt a child and became a single parent, since even after 21 years she wasn’t able to convince her parents and society about her decision. She had been in relationships, she knew what it was to be with a man, but none of them worked. All betrayed her trust, left her in pain, even the last one she had at the age of 30. She had major trust issues, even from the one she expected to stay, betrayed her. She was tired of giving chances to men, understanding them and seeking companions. With all her heart and mind, finally she decided to give up on this whole man thing.
Not everybody around her was content with her choice, however then she had effectively made her psyche. Most troublesome inquiry she was confronting was the manner by which she is going to live if something incorrectly transpires guardians, who are going to deal with her, and more than that she would have no one. On that note she chose to adopt a child, and change into a man whom she generally needed, give him all the considerable qualities, and above all teach him how to respect relationships.
In this voyage of embracing and building values in Anuj, she didn't understand that he was longing for a father. As a child, he frequently used to ask her, about his dad, which she overlooked at times and later she let him know reality that he was embraced and she was a solitary guardian. She let him know that she needed to me a mother, and she had no man that she could trust with all her life, so she went for reception. It was basic for Anuya, yet got to be muddled for Anuj.
Anuya did all what she could to make Anuj happy, she made every effort to provide the best of everything to him; whether it was education, sports, toys, bike or the values. She had only Anuj, he was his life and she gave everything to him, her world revolved around Anuj. It was like was breathing because of him, for him.
“Mom! You wanted to be alone, so you didn’t marry?”Anuj asked slowly.
“Not exactly, but yes. I was tired of seeking companion. So I decided to be on my own.”
“Oh! Then I should leave as well. You be on your own. That was such a rude and selfish thing to say.” Anuj replied angrily. He stuffed his clothes in his bag and walked out of the door.
She waited for him to come home, she wanted to talk and explain him, what exactly she means but all in vain. He didn’t turn up for two days. She tried to contact his office personals and his friends but none of them knew where he was. She left number of messages for him, but his phone was switched off.
After a month….
She received a message saying…
Mom, I loved a girl, named Priya and wanted to marry her. She was not comfortable I being an adopted child of a single parent, instead she was okay with I being an orphan.

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