Friends...??? No...lovers...

by rekhanshiraghava

“Hey! Pritika, I saw Waseem” I said over the phone.

“Alright! Are you are again going insane for him?” she answered with indignation.

“No! I simply said, nothing being obsessed with” I said with an uproarious giggling.

It’s been years since we have even talked. I moved to Mumbai from Delhi not long after my twelfth grade exams. The connection which was at that point half broken ended totally. The second, I saw him, I reviewed my adolescence days. How I use to rise at a young hour in the morning just to see him; when he was about leave for his school. How I use to keep an eye over his window, just to take his look. I always wanted to see him, at whatever point he was playing cricket with his companions. I could watch him for a considerable length of time, remaining by my window.

Each time my companions find me taking a gander at him; they begin teasing me and make stories. Most likely they all say that I am frantically infatuated with him; yet story was minimal distinctive, he was never my affection; he was the one whom I respect and needed to be companions with. Dating and undertaking was never on my rundown. I was attached to him, however then that was definitely never love. Everybody around used to say, I am attempting to shroud my sentiments; yet it was no other feeling than being companions with him.

With the progression of time, I got included with my school and vocation. With classes and different responsibilities years cruised by, lastly subsequent to finishing my twelfth; Dad gave his choice to move to Mumbai. At that point, I was likewise over him; however regardless I appreciate taking a gander at him, just on the off chance that I can see him around. The wildness for him diminished with time likewise may be the feeling of development made me reconsider about my activities.

Amid every one of these years neither one of us endeavoured to talk, despite the fact that I got a chance to study in the same classes he used to. We met number of times there; however I never demonstrated to him my affection, never said a word about my friendship. In the long run, it was similar to that I have abandoned my choice to be companions with him.

When I realized that I need to move to Mumbai, it turned out to be more noticeable, on the grounds that now I am not going to stay here, so it’s over.

“Hey! How are you?” he said haphazardly.

“I am great” I answered with faltering.

“Heard you are moving to Mumbai”

“Yes, who let you know that?”

“Just became acquainted with from some place”

“Alright, so what are your plans?” I enquired.

“Well! As of now into graduation, first year”

“Incredible, all the best”

“Much obliged to you, look you up some other time”


It took nearly five years for him to say this, and when I was about to leave the city perpetually, however even that made me feel happy. At some point or another at any rate he required a push to converse with me, for every one of these years it was me who was in steady inquiry of him, and for motivation to talk.

“Hey! Going someplace?” he said. (As I was returning from market)

“No, simply meandering, went to market to get some stuff” I answered.

“Take my number, ring me, we will meet some place outside” he said with a wonderful grin.

“Alright, much appreciated” I said with a brighter face.

I had his number, for quite a long time, still never had fearlessness to ring him and talk. May be on the grounds that I wasn’t certain of what to say and how to start, in addition to this, I was likewise frightened that he may not care for it. I never needed him to get into a bad situation, only on account of me. My guardians were constantly liberal, yet wasn’t certain about his parents.

That night I called him, and we chose to meet some place close. He let me know, he was dating somebody; I was glad to hear that. I let him know, I am single and specified that I generally needed to be his friend just that. He let me know about his school, companions. It was a lovely meeting; I was happy that we met. In spite of the fact that I never understood that it was the first and the last time, I am conversing with him; then after this we never met, never talked.

Presently following 10 years, I saw him once again; I was again into my adolescence, all recollections flashed before my eyes. As I began to walk towards my home, I pivoted and took a gander at him. Again I began to walk, yet again I pivoted, and afterward I could feel something in my heart, torment…? Bliss…? Uneasiness…? I had no clue. In any case, it was serious. I called Pritika once more, since I hung up amidst our discussion; she was attempting to ridicule me, which in the long run I didn’t care for. Why should she say that I am going insane once again?

“Yes! I am sorry, I hung up” I apologized.

“It’s alright” she said gradually.

“All fine?”

“Yes, totally, what’s up with Waseem?”

“Nothing… . Well catch you in a while”

“Certainly, at whatever time dear”

I hung up, this time little tolerably.

I was in no state of mind to discuss him, since my heart was at that point that pursue seeing him. Discussing him will make me crazier, however I won’t carry on absurdly, similar to what I used to do, yet then he was the one regardless I have that urge left in me. I generally thought it never matter; however I wasn’t right, it does make a difference, even now it’s essential for me.

Sudden change in the atmosphere of two distinct urban communities was driving me insane, Mumbai being sticky and Delhi was so dry. I was feeling choked out at home. In addition staying alone was another issue, I had nothing to do, was totally exhausted. Mother proposed me, why don’t I go for a walk? It seemed well and good, so I chose to go out for a stroll at our focal park.

I saw Waseem, sitting on the swing with his companion. Firstly I considered running back to home, yet then why would it be advisable for me to be doing that? I haven’t done any wrong, and after all I am just as a major aspect of the flat and I can walk wherever I need to, without anybody questioning me. Just to redirect my consideration from him, I chose to call Pritika.

“Hey! What are you up to?” I inquired.

“Indeed, I was simply thinking to ring you” she answered with delight.

“Something critical?” I answered with uneasiness.

“No, simply needed to know your story, Waseem, did you talk?”

“Indeed, no. I believe it’s not needed. He won’t considerably recollect me”

“It’s impractical, no one is so neglectful”

And afterward the talk proceeded, about him for 60 minutes. I regularly take look at him; he was sitting and chatting with one of his companions. I thought he may have seen me around, yet he never required a push to talk. Number of times I thought I will go and converse with him, yet I generally confined myself from doing as such. I never needed it to get unbalanced for us.

I had no way out, but to stroll back home. I wasn’t certain about conversing with him, not at the top of the priority list, not in heart. I generally accepted, there is a perfect time to do things that makes them advantageous. Furthermore, that was not an ideal opportunity to talk. From that point forward, there has not been a solitary night that I haven’t gone out for walk, not even a solitary day that I have not admired his window while crossing the street. It was similar to my every day custom to do as such. Each night I go for a walk just to see him, and with a trust in heart, possibly he converses with me at the end of the day, the same way he did ten years prior. I additionally trusted, that perhaps some time or another I may have courage say him “hi” or give away a grin. In spite of the fact that I knew it was not significantly about courage but rather the response that I am going to receive consequently. I generally kept myself down considering it.

“Hey! When did you come to Delhi? What’s more, to what extent are you going to stay?” Waseem asked while I was standing at the general public entryway and searching for a watchman.

“Hi! Well I have migrated for all time here.” I answered with a dithering and excitement. I never anticipated that this would happen, I generally needed him to talk only the way he did ten years back, and god will give me this wish so soon thus effortlessly, I never thought I was so fortunate.

“Goodness! That is stunning, great that you are back. We should make up for lost time by sipping a coffee soon together.”

“Yes, beyond any doubt; at whatever time you let me know? I am free nowadays”

“Tomorrow? Morning eleven?”

“Alright, OK” I said as I waved bye.

Now and again when you truly need something, and all of a sudden you get that, is the best feeling that is past portrayal. Each time I was going for a walk, I generally implored that by one means or another Waseem converses with me. This is the wish work out as expected in a minute. Somebody once told me; “everything you need is a fantasy, and the minute you have it, you know how to make it genuine”. This just worked flawless for my situation. It was genuinely a sublime feeling.

“Hey, have you been holding up long?” Waseem asked, as he entered coffeehouse.

“No, only from recent minutes” I answered with distress.

“I am sad for kept you holding up”

“That is alright, it worth sitting here” I said with a grin.

“Goodness! Much obliged to you”

He looked into my eyes straight away as he offered me a seat to sit, just like a gentleman. It scared me a bit, because his eyes were looking desperate, looked as if he wanted to say something really serious. Though I had no clue, what he was thinking.

“What would you like to have?” he enquired.

“Irish coffee” I replied.

He got up for placing the order over the cash counter. He turned around while walking and gave a gentle smile. I was already getting confused, because this was different from what I have imagined. The gesture was different, not what we usually see when you are meeting a friend, especially when you are meeting for the first time after such a long time.

“So how have you been?” he inquired.

“Totally great” I answered with energy.

“So how’s your life following returning to Delhi?”

“It’s very fine, however I think Mumbai was a superior spot, more liberal and more fun.”

“Delhi is fun as well; in any case I attempted to get in touch with you such a variety of times through sends and person to person communication destinations, yet couldn’t reach.”

“What? You attempted to discover me? I mean you really needed to get in contact?” I said with an astonished look.

“Yes! I attempted, not promptly after you cleared out but rather might be following a year, I trusted our discussion and talks were left in the middle of and we have to talk further.”

His eyes were stating he ached for me, to converse with me. I was cheerful to see this and to know, he needed to be in touch; however it similarly shocked me. Why was he so edgy to talk, since I generally felt an interface, I generally loved him; however this was my story not his. He was constantly uninterested, he never demonstrated any hobby, and rather he pushed me away by saying he as of now had a sweetheart; so I better not attempt to hit on him.

“So, here is the coffee.”

“Yes! So what do you want to talk about?”

“Well! I think I wasn’t fare on your part, I should have been more considerate.”

“Considerate? For what?”

“Tune in, I am not getting of anything that you are stating. There was no proposition from my side. I let you know I needed to know you and be companions. Just that, I preferred you.” I said with a confounded face.

“Things being what they are, that was not a proposition? I thought you were searching for a relationship?”

“Relationship? Companionship was the main relationship on my head and heart. I never said, I need you more than a companion.”

I could see his appearances transforming, he was moved. At that point I attempted to review, have I said something that made him feel along these lines. I recollect extremely well, I never said something to that effect. From the very first moment, just thing that I ever needed was his friendship, his kinship. He kept very after that, I could hear hush between us. I was not understanding, what to do or say.

“Waseem, how about we discuss this all the more transparently and let me know what is going in your psyche? Try not to stress over anything and don’t relate it to past. Talk up! That is going in your heart at this moment. I believe it’s imperative for the two of us, and in the event that you have kept this in your heart for so long, I have to know.” I said holding his hand.

“I cherish you, I understood it once you cleared out. I had no idea where to discover you, I attempted each conceivable approach to contact you; however all I get was a disappointment. I needed to converse with u severely. It took just about a year to understand this. From that point forward, I haven’t been in any relationship. You were uncommon to me, however I understood it late. The minute I saw you, I needed to talk. I kept myself down, imagine a scenario in which you are backpedaling and our discussion again suspend.”

“So you asked about me leaving back?”

“Yes! This time I wanted to be sure before I say something to you.”

I attempted to solace him, I said we will deal with this together and discuss it. I didn’t need him to feel rejected or heart broken, in light of the fact that the actuality was I like him, I truly need him to be glad. Truth was I never felt being enamoured with him; it was not under any condition at the forefront of my thoughts. I needed to regard his sentiments; after all he was uncommon to me, probably.

I attempted to think objectively with respect to Waseem’s proposition, I was single and in the event that I wish we can really be as one. I enjoyed him generally, and realizing that he made a decent attempt made me consider it with more noteworthy force. My just piece of concern was; the means by which might he be able to feels so much thus solid when we really haven’t known each other that well. At that point I understood, even I felt that solid associate so what’s wrong in the event that he feels the same, just what he calls love.

Waseem calling… . As my mobile phone rang.

“Hi!” I said as I grabbed his call.

“Hello there! How are you?”

“I am great; you say what’s up on your side?”

“Not a lot; simply once again from office. Will you turn out; would we be able to go for a walk?”

“Indeed, see you at the entryway in two minutes.”
“Hello there! Should we walk?” I said.

“Yes! Beyond any doubt” he answered.

As we strolled, he held my hand. It felt odd before all else, however then I could feel the interface. I loved strolling that ways, and didn’t understand when I began to make the most of his vicinity. I was feeling cherished, he was minding and chivalrous. Before long it got to be are custom, we went for long strolls, cheerful examinations, extraordinary meals, evening espressos.

I understood he is an astonishing man, authentic on a fundamental level and extraordinary by nature. Most likely, I generally needed somebody like that. I never considered him that ways, so never had any such emotions; however the minute I felt his affection around me, I saw nothing can be superior to this.

Life regularly gives us shocks and this is the best one that I have gotten. Gradually I began to look all starry eyed at, on the grounds that I knew he was the right one. I generally venerated him; however it was never about relationship. He made me trust his intensions, his affection and responsibility.

“Waseem, where are we going?” I enquired as we strolled out and about holding hands.

“Some place, I require you to meet my companions, so simply walk and trust me” he said with a wide grin.

It was a little garden where individuals were occupied with doing their night walk. His companions were sitting tight for us to arrive, they looked energized. I knew some of them already, have played with them in adolescence; however this was distinctive. I was going to be presented as Waseem’s young lady. It frightened me a bit as I wasn’t certain about their response subsequent to seeing me.

“Folks, she is the one” he said in a noisy voice.

“We as a whole knew it” they all thundered.

“Hello there! Everybody” I said as I waved my hand.

“Tune in, I don’t have the foggiest idea, how you will respond to this yet I need to say something” he said looking straight at me.

“Yes! What is it?” my heart skirted a beat.

“Will you marry me? (Kya mujhse Nikahh karogi?)” he asked kneeling on the grass with his all friends around.

“Yes! (Qabool hai) ” I said as I hugged him tight.

I always wanted his friendship, but we were destined to be lovers.
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