Forgotten Wife.....

by rekhanshiraghava
"Hey dear! Telephone"
"Nearing soon, father"
She grinned at the client as she gave over the some espresso.
Strolling past her dad as he left the workplace to assume control at the counter of the café, she headed around the work area and got the telephone.
"Anjali talking."
Hush. Indeed, there was most likely somebody on the flip side on the grounds that she could hear the hitch in relaxing.

"Look! If you don't feel like talking, then don't....."
"Hey! Anjali"
Presently the ball was in her court to fall noiseless. Her hush was purchased about the voice that made her blood run frosty.

"I am sorry to aggravate you...."
"Simply get to the meaningful part, what do you need?"
"Might we be able to meet?"
"No ways! There is nothing that we have to discuss"
"If you don't mind Anjali……"
"No, is that all?"
What's more, she again met with the hush at the flip side.

"Anjali, Amol ..... He's began to recollect"
"Bravo. Is that all?"
"Anjali, you don't comprehend, he recollects you"
"And...." her fingers held the telephone.
"He needs to know where you are. You need to come and see him."
What's more, Anjali began to snicker.

"Is it true that you are not kidding? You have tossed me out of the house in light of the fact that you posture to be my spouse's wife and now you need me to go and see him?"
"If it’s not too much trouble Anjali, specialists are concerned on the grounds that he declines to do any further medicines until he sees you"
"Goodness! Alleged wife is concerned, ha-ha- now is that all?"
“You are so coldblooded"
"Me.... Coldblooded? Shouldn't something be said about you...? You tossed me out of the house when I was expecting a child. You lay down with a wedded man, and as a result of you Amol met with a mishap and lost his memory. You exploited the circumstance and labelling me as inhumane"
"You... what....." Pooja spluttered.
"What Pooja? You clearly didn't consider that when you called yourself his wife. You made your bed now don't hesitate to have Amol lie in it with you.... Regardless of the possibility that he has broken."
Hammering the telephone down so hard that it resounded through the calm room.

"Hey, you are doing OK?" Her dad asked.
"Definitely," she grinned tragically at him.
"What are you going to do?"
“Cross dates off the datebook, until I get separated”
Anjali woke up to hear the adoration for her life, squealing his requests for her consideration. She hasn't rested soundly after Pooja's telephone call.
She took a gander at his child, he was the picture of his dad, and it terrified her now and again. To start with Amol lay on the ground, so she didn't need to stroll on mud; he was much infatuated with her He made her vibe like a pixie princess. Knowing how significantly things change made her extremely upset.
"Mum, I essentially don't appreciate why Anjali wouldn't come and see me. It isn't like her. None of this bodes well. Tell me what happened?"

"You need to review everything yourself" mother replied.

"Did I hurt her? Did I hit her? Did I yell at her? I deceived her didn't I?"

"Yes tyke, you tricked. Without further ado please just… "

"Who? Tell me who? Wouldn't you agree I have a benefit to know?"

He looked at his mother and subsequently to Pooja and after that back yet again. His mother declined to look at him yet again. So he looked at Pooja again and looked as the smile tumbled from her face. As she comprehended the fierceness that Amol was in, by the derisive expression.

"Amol… ." She started uncertainly.

"Don't; how the hellfire did you and I end up in bed together"

He'd known Pooja all his life and being honest he knew she was great woman yet… the considered being with her in the bed made his blood run colder. He expected to see his wife. The accident has changed such a lot of his life and he was set out to get it back afresh.


He knew from the discourse of the restorative guardians that Pooja had been in the auto with him and his mother said that they chipped in. The incident happened amid the evening time. Why did he work amid the evening time?

"Look it's faultlessly trademark to be bewildered as your recollections… " authority begins.

"I remember my wife, Anjali"

"Pooja, she was in the auto with you" the expert said unpretentiously.

"I understand that" Amol felt to hit the man of his word.

"When you came in, she said she is your wife"

"What the hellfire, she is not my wife"

"I don't perceive what happened before you came in here, yet if you really are hitched to Anjali and you were screwing Pooja then you don't ought to get Anjali back. Deceiving is the leftovers of society. Bona fide men don't undermine their women"

What might he have the capacity to say to that? He agreed with every word the man of honor said. He believed that it was hard to acknowledge that he was a con artist… . Disregarding the way that he was, on the other hand, he was bewildered what made him do that. Right when man tricks; this is an aftereffect of a weakness in him, not because of his wife or what she did or didn't do. He settles on a choice.

"I have to see my wife" Amol asked.

His watchmen looked at one other restlessly.

"Any reason you can consider that I shouldn't? I mean isolated from the way that she never treasured me, enough. She didn't swing up to see you after the accident; I mean what sort of wife does that? Plainly Anjali is the best yank on the earth."

"Goodness hold up… . She did. She came and was discarded. My pregnant wife was sent a long way from her life partner's side. I contemplate who had the ability to make that demand."

His watchmen both looked at risk. An energetic restorative chaperon came in quickly and he demonstrated his watchmen.

"These people are not any more permitted in this room. Do whatever you have to do to discard them" Amol shouted.

"Amol please… ." His mother inquired.

"Discover my wife and I may consider you,”
"Anjali, how are you?" her dad inquired.

"I am doing incredible, father" she replied with a smile.

"Listen dear; I need to talk with you concerning you and Amol, if it doesn't inconvenience you much"

"Yes father, you are my father, you have all the benefit to get some data about my life"

"Anjali, time will pass however recollections of Amol will reliably be with you, the security you once granted was exhibited by kid"

"Yes father! In the meantime I don't know what happened between us? What was the deal? Is it exact to say that it was with me? With him? Pooja? What pushed him a long way from my bed to hers?"

"Young lady, don't consider this. Something that I recognized much sooner than you both got hitched"

"What is it father?"

"Remember the day, we all went to Amol's home for a little social affair assembling before your engagement, I found something"

"What is it?"

"A compartment, in his room, which enchanted me a bit"

"By then? Did you open it?"

"I know it's shocking, yet I did open"

"What did you find?"


"Of whom… .."

"Amol and Pooja, pre-adulthood pictures; which showed clearly the fondness they had for one another. I could sense their tangibles and the quality in their relationship."

"What are you saying father?" a tear slowly slid down her cheek.

"I could see the same love in his eyes for Pooja as I have seen it for you"

"Regardless, why now father? Why are you telling this now?"

"Since it's the fortunate time; he revered you, I never scrutinized his companionship for you and may be that is the reason I made him marry my young lady even in the wake of something offensive I have seen"

"Father! So I was the other woman not Pooja"

"No, it's not about the other woman. It speaks the truth the feelings he for the most part had for Pooja"

"In a matter of seconds, whether he reviews that me or not, has no impact. He misled; there is no pardon for his unfaithfulness"

"That is the thing that you pick; my vocation was to tell you this, and one more guide that I disregarded toward notification"

"Besides, what is that?"

"Anjali, I know you are over with Amol, however notwithstanding I require you to see him once, banter with him and clear up"

"Explain....? Do I need to unveil anything to him, father?"

"Yes! Tell him that he conferred a slip and it is over. Do these not for him, however for yourself, doing this will comfort you. Trust me Anjali; it is basic that you meet him once and talk."

"Okay! Father in case you say as much"

"Be solid and gigantic hearted, I know he submitted a colossal mistake that can't be pardoned, yet recall, to make it clear for yourself, you need to understand that Amol ought to be with Pooja now."

"What are you saying, father?"

"Anjali, I am your father, and I have seen the world, I know, occasionally it's basic to discharge people, it will help you to progress"

"Alright father, I agree" Anjali said while taking a full breath.
Amol sat in the seat close by his bed with his head in his grip. The misery encountering his head was like a jack hammer endeavoring to move beyond steel. Hard to happen. Hard to neglect.

For late days his head a little bit at a time hurt more and love and looks of recollections flashed before him. Recollections he didn't grasp and left him offering the conversation starter such a mixed bag of others had asked him in the later past. The photos he saw weren't of him and Anjali however of him and Pooja. Seeing himself, move her into arms and bending to kiss her. He didn't understand it. He venerated Pooja, why did Pooja agree to be his escort?

His eyes sight started to fall level as the shadowiness he so hayed started to wash at the end of the day. He woke up with a wheeze in the faintly lit room. Gauze wrapped around his head and a tube driving from the back of his skull.

"Hey! Amol" said the orderly staying close by his bed.


"Would you have the capacity to tell me your name?"


"Incredible, you've had surgery."

His eyes opened wide and he drew back as more light filtered in.

"What happened today? What unfolded?" Amol inquired.

"You had impact a vein and it made the torment in your brain. The sweep results showed to us the spot and we worked it"


Worship isn't there to make us content. It exists to show to us how we can continue on. Affection is divine just and troublesome dependably. On the off chance that you think it is simple, you are a moron. On the off chance that you believe it's characteristic, then you are unquestionably a numb-skull. It is found out application without reason or thought process expects that it is god.

"Hey, Anjali! How are you? Is this current Amol's tyke?" Amol's mother enquired.

"Hey! Mrs. Sharma. Yes! He is our tyke" Anjali replied with a deferral.

"Come, we'll go upstairs. He had cerebrum surgery."


Anjali was finally getting over Amol, and the moment she started to climb stairs, she was again on the same piece of the book; the area she never expected to examine. She remembered all the anguish she felt, couple of months back when she was hurled out of the house. The most exceedingly terrible thing was she was at the same time holding tight Amol, when there is nothing gotten out. She felt reluctant to lose him again, really when he was no more hers. Finally, she comprehended that whatever Amol did was his incident, not hers. She did whatever she would, yet its him who altered his course and picked Pooja over her. Regardless, million words wouldn't enhance this, I know because it's over.

"Amol… " provoked Anjali.

"Anjali… .." Amol looked astonished and chipper, he in a split second grasped her.

"This is your kid, Amay"

"He looks exactly like me, would he say he isn't?"

"Yes Amol, this thing frenzies me now and again"

"Anjali, I can fill a colossal number of pages telling you how I felt and I know you would not see even a touch of it."

"Amol, there is an explanation for why I would incline toward not to get it. You have hurt me more than that I merit. In what way would you have the capacity to be so ruthless? I have esteemed you more than what you truly merit."

"You say you cherish me more than anything on the planet yet if you feel that way then why you would hurt me?"

"Hurt you… .. Do you have any idea what you did to me? In case you say that you worship me so much, you wouldn't have done, what you did."

"That was an oversight, I don't recall why absolutely I did that, yet I am sure that I worship you."

"I wish I could agree to that, I can't overcome everything that we have been through. You left me unexpectedly, I had no option. I was pregnant. You knew I revered you, you knew I minded, then why when I obliged you the most you were not there? In addition, you are drawing nearer me a statement of expression of remorse, in what capacity would you be able to request that?"

"How might I say the words I'm sad when I know words are deficient? Moreover, by what means would I have the capacity to demand that disregard me when I know I can't absolve myself?"

"You know Amol, you exercises have hurt me to the inside. In a matter of seconds words are irrelevant."

"What might it be prudent for me to do to make it right?"

"You can't set aside a few minutes; you starting now did whatever you expected to,"

"So now, what might it be prudent for us to do?"

"Amol… ghastly things happen; how we choose to handle them describes our character. I have comprehended life; it goes on."

"What do you mean?"

"Try not to nag what happened. Maybe, focus on what to do next. Spend your imperativeness in making progress. See yourself with Pooja."

"Anjali… . Is it genuine that you are insane? I venerate you. What makes you think accordingly?"

"Amol, it is crucial to have a conclusion in any relationship. You should reliably know why it began and what made it end? You oblige that in your life, it makes life fundamental. It's fundamental; you agree or deny; you adore Pooja. That is the reason you picked her over me. Endeavor to recognize this. I know you are fighting with the memory disaster, however at any rate see and acknowledge what is going ahead around. Try not to attempt to keep running over."

"Anjali… . You came here to do this to me?"

"You can't start the accompanying area of your life, if you proceed with re-scrutinizing the same one."

"I would incline toward not to start the accompanying area, Anjali… . I have to continue with you, the same book, the same part, the same page."

"Amol… one day you hurt me by picking Pooja over me. You bamboozled, and you know there is no announcement of disappointment for that. We are simply couple of days from our detachment. It is clear and will happen point of fact. You need to grasp, I am over with you. Presently at the end of the day in the event that you choose to beguile Pooja, you are reiterating the same stumble second time. Endeavour to live with what you have made around you. I know it extraordinarily well that you appreciate her, since your childhood, you are likely planned to be as one."

"Anjali… . By what strategy would you have the capacity to say that?"

"I can say, in light of the way that I have seen your childhood pictures. I can sense your affection towards her. Furthermore I can see she adores you too. Everything, awesome or terrible, happens intentionally. You need to recognize it. Continue ahead Amol… . Settle your presence with Pooja. I know she will manage you, as it is she is being doing that even right now. Try not to hurt her, it's not her accuse, this is an aftereffect of you she is here."

"Anjali… .. My youngster?"

"He is your youngster Amol, and will reliably be. You can come and see him at whatever point. At any rate for us it's over."

"Generous disregard me,"

"You know, I can't. May be time will retouch, however for the present I have nothing to give. Once in a while we essentially need to discharge things, in light of the way that the hardest part is the right part. Fare thee well, Amol." And she left the room without turning back.

We are not given a fair life or a ghastly one, the sum total of what we have is life; it's we who make it that way. Life is an energizing ride, with great and awful times, it's us who decide to yell or appreciate. Anjali knew it well, to enhance her life she needs to make Amol grasp that it's over. It's by and large harder before it makes strides. Despite how hard it shows up, however Anjali knew it will make her future better.
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Manahill Naik

Manahill Naik

July 25, 2015 - 18:47 too much confusing.. i still cant make out who's talking to who :/


July 25, 2015 - 18:49 Oh... Thanks for reading, will try to improve.


July 27, 2015 - 17:39 A bit confusing like who's talking to who but over all I like the general idea, there's a plot. :) A Little work on your dialogs and everything would be good. Keep it up. Hope to read more from you :D


July 27, 2015 - 17:44 Sure, I will try to improve my writing skills. Thanks for advising, it will help me to write better


July 27, 2015 - 17:53 Your very welcome :D

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