For mama

by Lea Ebio
Mama..when I cry you run to me
you feed me at my first cries
and change my diaper when I cry endlessly...
Mama I'm lonely I want to see you
so cuddle me and comfort me coz Im feeling blue...
Mama...I feel pain but I don't know to feel this...
express this pain.
so I cry and cry til everyone run to me
then you carry me in your arms and rock me gently...
sing me lullabye that calms me....

Every month I grew
you're so happy...I'm happy too
I smile
I babble kiss me
I hug me..
oh mama I never feel so loved like this
I will forever long for that gentle caress...

I feed me..
no mama I'm not hungry!
so I shut my lips and hold out my arms instead
please please mama...cuddle me.
Morning comes..I look at you
You're still asleep so I roll over to you
you open one single eye and look at me
and smile came across your lips and feed me...
Im full so I keep staring at you...
til you guess my cue...'s morning..I want to play with you
and afterwards I got tired I held out my arms to you
and I was thankful because you pick me up and carry me to.

Mama I love you..these are the words I want to say
But all I can utter are mama...mama
Mama I'm delighted to see you
I want to hug you but all I can do is touch your smiling face.
How can I ever say thank you mama for everything
for taking care of me and being patient every hour..every day
I love you mama..forever and always....
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