Don't ever give up !

by arushi



Do you ever
feel that you just can’t find the one thing that you are really passionate
about and can do that one particular thing all your life? If your answer is
yes, then you are among the luckiest people on this planet and if no, then
welcome to the world of confusion and curiosity.

I always
envy those people who are sorted, they know what they want to do, what they
want to achieve, how they will achieve it whereas I am a very confused soul.
Initially I thought its fine to be a little confused about things then the
slowly when I started trying and experiencing a few new things like
photography, editing, videography and much more but every time I was asked to
do something in these fields, there was always a tiny voice coming from inside
saying, ‘no, you don’t want to do this, don’t force yourself, this is not what
you want to do then why are you doing this’.

But I used
to scold the ‘voice’ saying that ‘you anyways don’t like anything so at least
let me do some work, so shut up and go away!  Like this I spent 2 years doing what I
absolutely hated. While doing all this I never realized that how long I can live
a life like this, maybe one year, two years or ten years. One day I will have a
saturation point and I will get fed up of my work, my life and the worse is

There are
people who work 9 to 5 jobs, the same thing every day, the same people, same
environment, basically a monotonous job. I am not criticizing anybody, if they
love this kind of job, where there is job safety, security and known people
then nothing can be better. But never do something that you don’t like, I know
this has been said a thousand times in books, movies and all but it needs to be
reminded again and again because this is the most important thing in your life.

So finally
my saturation point came and I quit my job. Fortunately it came early but the
time I was jobless was the most difficult time of my life but I was so sure
that I will never go back from where I started because I want to move forward
in life not backwards. So for almost a month I thought what should I do, soon I
will spend all my savings, I will be left with no money but my passion is
equally important. So I thought of doing some freelance writing as I used to
write journal daily but never thought it as my career.

So just for
earning a bit and to bear my daily expenses I thought of doing freelance
writing but the unfortunate thing was that I had no experience in writing to
display in my resume, so for first 40 to 50 days I did writing free of cost and
gained a little bit of experience, eventually I started getting work of small
amounts. I was not very clear but there was a certain kind of satisfaction and
relief when I used to write even free of cost. Slowly and gradually I started
getting more and more work, I kept doing it with full heart and was getting
quite a lot of appreciation. So I decided to gain more and more experience in
field of writing. If are doing something free of cost but still like doing it
so my friend, congratulations! You have found your passion.

So this is
how I found my passion from the most unexpected means. The main thing is to
take risks and keep trying unless and until you don’t find the one thing you
love the most and even the things you hated will teach you a lot of things. Always
keep moving forward and never stop trying, one day everyone finds their

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Teddy Kimathi

Teddy Kimathi

June 6, 2017 - 21:31 I love the message portrayed in your work.


October 1, 2019 - 22:20 Hello i am miss Brenda i have private discusion with you via at(

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