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Although this story is in continuation of my last story “DESTINED PATH: PART 1” but the perspective from which I wrote it from has changed. The previous was written as a narrative from Mathias(cute brain) while this is written as a narrative from Zainab. I hope you get it now *winks


23rd of August this year makes it a year and 3 months that I have being married to Dennis and I can’t say that I want to continue in this union but I still pray daily that things would change for the better. Before our marriage, he was so caring and loving, he worshipped me like a goddess not until after about a some months ago when he totally changed into a monster. He would punish me heavily for any simple thing I say or do. Knowing its because I haven’t gotten pregnant what much can i do. He says all his 2 elder brother’s wife each got pregnant between one year of marriage but his case his the only different one amongst all of them and he blames it on me. When the worst started happening was the day he got home fully drunk and forced me into sex, he slapped, punched and tore my clothes off, he easily overpowered me and I let him have is way because in anyways he was still my husband. After that he told me that I must confirm that I am pregnant by the next morning. I was shocked and cried. I have seen him drinking alcohol many times but I have never seen him drunk before.
The next morning, I managed to pull myself up from bed in pain just to prepare breakfast for him but I didn’t even know when he left the house. By the time he returned in the evening, he wasn’t drunk but rather angry. He was talking at the top of his voice asking if I had the doctor’s report which should confirm that I am pregnant and when I told him ‘no’ he delivered a heavy slap to my right cheek which refreshed the pains gotten from the previous night’s battle. My spirit broke down in tears, ‘what kind of marriage is this? Am I who chose not to get pregnant? I asked my spirit self. After that day, he began coming home drunk more often and whenever he does, it always saddens me as I would be receiving punches and slaps, injuries and pain and sometimes again, it is forcing me to have sex and then unaccomplishable commands that I must be carrying a baby in my womb by the next day. I got fed up, people started asking me how I got the different injuries and scars and I would find a big to tell just because I don’t want to expose my family’s current problematic situation I couldn’t even tell my friends that I was feeling any pain in any part of my body.
Sometimes I just wondered how worst my situation would be if I didn’t have my own supermarket which was doing wonderfully well, I started it even before I ever met Dennis, I used my share of my father’s inheritance to start up the business and it has being a success story ever since although it started slowly but soon I got happiness afterall as I have 3 branches in three different states in the country and it is highly recognised amongst top leading supermarket. ‘it was all by the mercy of God’ I would say to anyone who asked me what the secret of my business success was and that is why I turned to the same God who has made my business a success to also make me a success as a woman but it seems all my prayers on that aspect are entering God’s voicemail and He isn’t even checking it.
Many professional and worldclass doctors have confirmed that I am fully fertile as a woman should be and there is nothing that could be done medically except that we kept trying, some even suggested that I should hire someone to help me carry the pregnancy but I wouldn’t concur to that. ‘That’s barbaric!’ I said and I meant it. The woman could end up marrying my husband I said and that was another worry for me because I know that there are million young ladies out there who are looking for a young rich business man like my husband and would do anything to get married to him but I tried convincing myself with his words which he once said that he can’t have a polygamous home and I still believe he would stand on his words. But for how long would he stand by that if i don’t get him a child very soon. I just couldn’t understand where this problem of been unable to reproduce is coming from, I have prayed and prayed, fasted and fasted, I have heeded many advices, swallowed many drugs and yet nothing is happening. It’s not that I don’t believe in ‘God’s time is the best’ but does my husband understand that, he just want a child so badly and that’s why he is torturing me.
One day, I decided to visit one of my supermarket’s branch in Ekiti state. As I was supervising how operations were being organised I noticed this very slender beautiful woman of about my age, she looked so familiar. I tried to place the face but I couldn’t really, this pushed me to move closer to her and as our eyes met she smiled broadly and screamed my name, ‘Zainab! Is this you’ she said and with the help of her voice, I knew it was Evelyn; my old school friend. I was really excited to see her after such a long time and Jo doubt, She was also happy to see me also. She had come to buy souvenirs for her son upcoming 1 year birthday party, I also find out that she was a loyal customer of my supermarket. She lived with her family in an estate not too far from my supermarket. We left for her place and we caught up on old times and gisted about what had happened to us after graduating from our respective universities and I also met with her husband. That day wasn’t enough to catch up on all the stories we had for eachother as I had to make sure I traveled back to Lagos as I didn’t tell my husband I would be spending more than a day, so I got her phone number, promised to call and left.
After that day, we called each other regularly, she also visited me at Lagos and I did when i also visited Ekiti.
My doorbell rang one saturday afternoon and I was surprised to see Evelyn and her son, it was a well planned visit as it was too late for me to hide the new bruise on my face which I gained from my husband drunk beating the night before and I narrated how I have being trying to cope with the punishment for not conceiving for my husband. There and then she told me the story of how she and her husband met. She was involved in prostitution in order to satisfy her needs while in the university but the last man she laid with had other intensions other than just having sex with her and when he was done with her, she was found laying by the roadside, almost lifeless and could have died if not for the timely arrival of a good samaritan who latter became her husband that rushed her to the hospital where doctors didn’t have knowledge on how to revive her and so he had to take her to his church. His pastor revealed that the man she had sex with that night had spiritually taken her womb to be used for rituals and she would have died by the time the man was through with it. After deliverance prayers from the prayer team, fasting included sh gabe her life to cgrist and became a christian. God restored her womb after that.
I was happy at the end of the story and quickly asked about how I could see the pastor and she didnt hesitate. So immediately we left for the church. According to her description of the man, he was a holy seer and also good dream interpreter.

When it was time for me to meet him, I felt a little join in my heart.

‘Young lady, I can see that the Lord has blessed you greatly, you are a successful business owner but the problem of your child bearing is the only stain in your image.’ He said
‘Yes sir’ I replied ‘please help ask God why, what have I done wrong to deserve this’
‘Let me ask you a question woman, is it possible for the king of Lagos to put on the the crown of the king of Ibadan?’ He asked
‘Not possible sir, there is no honour in that sir’ I quickly answered
‘Very good, one more question, if a child wants something from its mother what would it do?’
I quickly thought of this and replied ‘it would disturb its parents.’
The pastor sighed and nodded in agreement. Don’t think that I am lying when I say I have being expecting you for a long time.

‘Really sir?’ I said excitedly
‘You see, the Lord has revealed to me that you are putting on a wrong crown’
‘How do you mean sir?’
‘The crown of every woman is her husband and what i mean is that you and your husband are not meant for each other and as such there can’t be any fruit between the both of you’ he explained
I thought of this for some time and was still puzzled about what the pastor just revealed. So I asked what next I would need to do.

‘You see, the Lord said you should go on 7 days fasting and everything would be normal’
‘Sir, if it is that, I would start tomorrow’
‘Good, that is good but be prepared, you would loose some things’ he warned
I was shocked on hearing this but when I asked about what I was to loose, he didn’t say more than that I should be prepared.
I did as I was told and the following week after I end the fast, things started happening, my husband came home one day and handed some documents to me, they were divorce documents, he explained that he can’t get married to two wives and would rather divorce me then get married to another woman rather than having to face the burden of having two wives in his house, I cried and cried and after few days I agreed to it. Our divorce was finalized and we separated.
Few months after that, I was about driving out of my house when suddenly I drove straight into another car, as I wanted to apologize to the car owner, it was a familiar face.
‘Cute brain, is this you?’ I asked in amazement
‘Zainab! Oh my God, I can’t believe I am seeing you’
We hug and exchanged contacts. Luckily he also lived on the same street as I was now. When my divorce with Dennis was finalized, I moved into one of my houses I had rented out before. Cute brains also owned the house almost directly opposite mine. I was really glad to see him.
I told Evelyn and she was also excited to see him.
One weekend after some months, Martins; that’s cute brain, invited me over for lunch after which he reminded me of the past when he had wanted us to date, how he was hurt when I didn’t accept and how he had lived on trying to find his perfect match. He also added that there was a diviner who had told him to remain calm as his real wife was on her way soon. ‘I was really excited when I met with you the other day and I believe we were meant for each other from the onset.’ he said.
Indeed, watching him say all this really drew my mind back to when he had said almost same things back at the tutorial center and because of the situation which surrounded us then, I had to turn him down but really am happy I did.
I didn’t hesitate to agree but I didn’t want to rush things so I told him I would think about it and give him a reply the following day. This time he came to my house and that was where I gave him the YES. Within me, I found peace at last, although I don’t know if I had made a right choice as its being 6 months we met again after so many years and loosing contact. I don’t know if he had changed from the same calm, funny and intelligent cute brain I know back at the tutorial center but my spirit told me I wouldn’t regret this and I didn’t, between the span of six months we were already planning our wedding. It was really magnificent, and God blessed our union bountifully by giving us a beautiful set of twins, male and female. I am now a happy and successful woman and Cute brains is also a successful and wonderful husband. Indeed I owe everything I am today to God almighty who is the real destiny changer.


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