by KayleeMumba
Rose had been struggling with her emotions after her husband; Jake had spent four days away from her and their precious son. She wasn’t sure if he still loved her. She could see by his actions that he was no longer interested in their relationship. He had drawn away from her slowly ten years ago after the birth of Jaden. It was now five years and a half after he had last made love to her. It was killing her inside. She knew he was seeing other women because she was sure men never survived without sex. Today, she had decided to go to and drag some hotties’ and have some fuming sex for she was tired waiting for Jake for five years. She had dressed like a bitch, with some red lipstick, red nails, her hair tumbling around her shoulders, a red mini dress revealing her white gleaming thighs and long legs in black heels. At 30, she was still breath-taking and looked even younger that no one thought she had a son at home and a rogue husband. She entered the Cheng Chui mini bar, walking gracefully and confidently. She was sure everyone was looking at her at the same time grabbing the attention of the hot hunks who were now drooling, seeing her long sexy legs. She asked for a bottle of beer from the bartender and sat down alone on one of the so many tables. She poured the beer in a glass, placed her bag on the table and started sipping slowly. Her head swam and her throat burned at the taste of the blue beer. She placed the glass down in disgust. A certain young man approached her. He was a hottie, wearing some faded jeans and a golf t-shirt, which was tight enough to outline his taut muscular body. His sexy lips danced in a smile and Rose’s stomach clenched at the sight of his lean arrestingly handsome features.
“Drunk already, are you?” he asked as he sat opposite her.
“No,” she shook her head.
“I’m Luke Randall.” He extended his hand and Rose hesitated a little before putting hers’ into his big and warm palm.
“Nice to meet you. I’m Rose H...” No, Huggins? She couldn’t use her husband’s name. She did not want to. “Rose Coleridge.” She finally said.
“What a beautiful name! Just like the owner.” He smiled.
“Thank you.” She quickly let go of his hand and Luke noticed something, the ring on her hand.
“You are married?” he asked, his voice a little lower.
“It’s complicated...” she averted he eyes from his gaze.
“What do you really mean?”
Rose sighed.
“I don’t want to talk about it... I came here to enjoy myself. Can we at least talk about something else?” Luke was perplexed for a moment.
“Sure, Rose!” he said later. The way her name sounded on his lips made her stomach tighten.
“Can you take me to a nightclub?” she asked looking at him closely.
Luke couldn’t believe his ears but because he wanted to know Rose more he agreed and took her hand, leading her out of the bar. He was sure every guy envied his luck in finding a beautiful and sexy woman that night. He opened his car door for her. Silently they drove to Chiang night club. When they entered, it was crowded with people dancing as couples at the soft sounding music and no one really took notice of them.
“Do you want to dance with me?” Luke asked Rose.
“Sure...” they hit the floor as Luke placed his arms around Rose’s tiny waist and she placed hers’ around his neck and they started moving swiftly.
“So what do you do?” Rose asked whisperingly.
“I am a medical doctor at Kowloon and you?”
“A psychiatrist... got something in common?”
“In the medical field...” Luke nodded his head. “Do you have parents?” he asked searching her face.
Rose’s smile faded.
“They died in a plane crash when I was eighteen.” Her eyes were now full of tears.
“I’m sorry.” Rose nodded at his concerned sounding voice. “If it’s hard for you, let’s not talk, okay?” she nodded again. “Good...” Luke whispered.
They moved together, dancing, their bodies against each other and Rose felt somewhat secure and comfortable with this stranger, holding her. She wanted o know more of him. On the other side Luke was feeling protective of Rose and this shocked her. Maybe; because, he had felt this nymphomania in her. Rose looked at him in the eyes. She had come to this place to get what she was craving for. She wanted sex with him and was determined to go to bed with this Luke, Mr-Oh-So-Perfect-Handsome stranger. As Rose looked at him, Luke couldn’t take his eyes of her moist inviting lips. Damn, he had to control himself but he could not. Slowly he moved his hand to her cheeks, stroking them, moving it down as he lightly touched her lips with his thumb. Rose drew in a long breath at the feel of his fingers on her lips.
“Are you married?” Rose asked Luke.
“No, not yet. I’m not even planning to get married soon, Rose.”
“Oh, really? Why not soon?”
“I need to enjoy my quality time as a bachelor, doing lot’s of funny stuff you know...”
“Wow!” Rose exclaimed. “Ever thought of making babies?”
“I do a lot but I am still looking for the right woman, Rose. A woman, who can love me unconditionally and not because of my money.”
“It seems like you dated a lot of goal diggers.”
“Yeah, I did and I don’t plan on making the same mistake, marrying a goal digger.”
“Sure...” Rose smiled at him. “You will find the right woman Luke.”
Luke smiled at her too.
“Why do you enjoy night clubs yet you are a married woman?” Luke asked Rose.
“My marriage is complicated Luke. I don’t know what to say about it.”
“Please Rose tell me, feel free to tell me whatever is happening in your life.’’ Luke pleaded with her.
Rose became quiet for a moment hesitating to tell him her private life. She thought of how he sounded so free to her like they had met before and he decided why not tell him.
“My husband cheats on me with different women and to become worse he does not satisfy my needs. It’s like no sex for five years now.”
Luke was shocked.
“Oh, Rose! That is terrible. Why can’t he to a beautiful and sexy lady like you?” he asked
“I just don’t understand it. Maybe, he has grown tired of me...”
“Well, don’t worry about that Rose. You can find someone who may satisfy your needs...”
Rose looked at him with belief in her eyes. She really wanted him to kiss her. Luke now clearly knew what Rose was looking for and that was something she was lacking in her life. He wanted too bad to give her all she was craving for. Slowly he moved his head and lightly touched his lips with hers. They tasted good and warm as he deepened the kiss and Rose responded, feeling wanted and aroused for the first time in five years.
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