Critical Bern

by ILLPolicy
Listen when I speak
I hold freedom in my speech
Like a lion on a peak
No limits on my reach
Write in pencil when you teach
You’re a fossil fueled leach
Washed up
Like a sea shell on the beach
Propped up
No movie set
Act up
Catch a drop
Now you’re falling up
See that’s misinformation
Led by congregation
Just a cult minded nation
8 years no change we’re very impatient
You’re ignorance is blatant
The rich only care about business relations
"We the people" they say
As they take rights away
It’s a game that they play
It takes lives every day
Then they tell you to pray
Until you’re a slave
Digging a grave
Giving nothing but praise to the brave who tried to lead us all out of this maze
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