Courageous Pugilist

by Hanna Grace
                During the greatest disaster and challenges that I faced;
          I am still fighting in spite of the difficulties that  bumped.
                Because of my motivation, I always there;
              Though I am far to my folks  who vanished all my fears.

              Every day for me before is constantly mind numbing;  
                      Because I cannot understand all the training.  
              But now, I am already standing and facing,
                  Struggling everything for I am always aiming.

              Every time I see my co-scholar over the moon;
                    I realized that why should I have to be forlorn?
                  They were banding together like a family;
                  During technical hitches, they have solidarity.

                    I was blind by my sulkiness and isolation;
                  Always asking and searching for attention.
              I never think it will cause me to a deep failure,
              How can I able to alter if I am always immature?

                  I was stirring while looking myself in the mirror;
              Recognizing that I am better than the pathetic battered poor.
              Now, I understand why I am in this kind of situation.
            Because many were hoping to enter this kind of organization.

                      No matter how complicated the Programming is;
                            No matter how tired our tasking is;
                            No matter how far our university is;
                            I am always there!  Saying, “I can do this!”
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