by Dahmie
David drove down to Greater heights hospital, Mowe Ibafo.
He prayed to God for forgiveness, the last thing he wanted was the death certificate of the only person in the world who had ever loved him. He had dialed his father's number as he drove to the hospital. An action he had denied to take when thinking how to approach Simi for forgiveness.

He dashed into the reception sweating despite the cold weather and driving in a fully air conditioned vehicle.
"Where are they, nurse where is my wife and son?" He asked
The nurses concluded that he would be related to the woman and boy that were rushed in moments ago.
"Please sir relax, the doctor would like to see you first" one of the nurses said while another picked the phone and dialed the doctor's office.
"He is waiting for you sir" she said as she dropped the receiver and pointing to door that lead to the doctor's office.
As David was about entering, he heard his name from behind, he looked back and saw his father and mother looking tensed and frightened.
"What happened, where are they" they asked simultaneously.
"I haven't seen them either, the doctor wants to see me first" he explained
"Oya oya, let's go" maami said,
"Ahem, I don't think you should go, let I and David go and meet the doctor. OK?" Baami said to Maami, trying to keep her away from any sudden news the doctor might have.
"Why? Shouldn't i go, isn't it my son's wife and son? that he his going to talk about? Am I not concerned?" She said fighting back but Baami's commanding voice echoed in her ears as he told her for the last time to stay in the reception while they go and meet the doctor.

"Which one of you did I call?" The doctor asked in confusion upon seeing two men enter his office together.
"I, I mean it was I" David stammered
"And who is he please?" The doctor asked pointing to the more older man.
"I am the lady's father and boy's grandfather" Baami said authoritatively.
"OK, good, please do have your seat"
"How are they doctor?" Both men asked simultaneously
"Please be calm" the doctor advised
"I will be calm when you tell me their current state" David said cutting the doctor's speech.
"They are both alive but the boy needs immediate blood transfusion as he has lost a lot of blood"
"Am here, my blood is his blood, take it and transfer it into him" David said stretching his right hands to the doctor while using the other to hit the doctor's table. The doctor swiftly took the table phone and dialed the lab to prepare for immediate blood transfusion.
He dropped the receiver and told David to go to the lab where his blood would be tested before being transferred into his son.
"Can I see them for now" Baami asked the doctor as David vacated the office hurriedly.
"Am sorry sir but you can't see them for now but we are hopeful that in a few hours the woman woman would be awake. She has being stabilized, she needs rest, that's all but the boy needs .. . . prayers and quick blood transfusion" the doctor explained nodding his head in pity.


"What!, how can that be, thats impossible? Am his father?" David screamed, questioning no one in particular upon hearing that his blood doesn't match that of Benjamin, his son.
"See, doctor, I am O+, I believe I can give him" Baami said
"Very good sir, follow me" said the doctor and they left.

* * * * * * *

The doctor came out of the lab with the results and gestured to David to follow him into his office which David quickly obeyed in anxiety. He was anxious to know the results of the DNA test the doctor carried out.
He wanted to confirm if he was actually the father of James since the doctor said they both didn't belong to the same blood group.

David slammed the door to the doctor's office close as he entered. The doctor was already sitted by then and he sat

"Mr. David am sure you know why I called you here" the doctor said as soon as David sat

"Yes, I know, tell me what you know doctor am anxious" David said

"Sir, after the carrying out the DNA test as you requested, we found out that your DNA's didn't match"

"WHAAAT!!!! Does that mean ......." David flared

"Yes sir, it means you are not the father of James" the doctor completed.

"Damm it!" He cursed banging his fisted hand on the doctor's table.

# # # # #

Like I said earlier, its just a tip of the ice am freezing. I hope you enjoyed this piece, please let me have your reviews, comments nd criticism.

You're welcome.
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